Jazz Piano Concert

03/26 18:00



In the hands of the maestro, the piano becomes a magical instrument. Mike Kaufman-Portnikov paints with notes and transports you to different times, eras. The only thing that is constant during his performances is the vibration of light.
You will hear Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, George Gershwin, Oscar Peterson, Leonard Cohen, Lloyd Webber, Igor Poklad, Vladimir Ivasyuk and Mike Kaufman-Portnikov's original music during the concert. You will hear music that has inspired you to live from ancient times and continues to work wonders today.


RoyalWhite corporation
Contact Person: Elyzaveta Borovtsova
Tel: +380 668600298
Email: [email protected]


6 вулиця Козацька
Вільнянськ, Запорізька область 70001

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