“JAZZ IS A CHANCE” – the new hymn to Great Jazz! On-line broadcast of the live recording.

04/30 21:00



JAZZ IS A CHANCE is the new anthem of the Jazz. The song is specially written and performed by the Alex Fokin RadioBand from Ukraine for the annual International Jazz Day. Dedicated to His Majesty the Jazz!

Alex FOKIN - music
Mykola BROVCHENKO - poetry
The State Academic Orchestra ”ALEX FOKIN RADIOBAND”
KHRESHATYK Academic Chamber Choir led by Pavlo STRUTS

Jazz is a Chance
Open up your heart and let the music be your master there
Close your eyes and spread your wings to fly away from here on air
Got the inspiration
To improvisation!
Be as light or water for the world and you can hear it once again:
Jazz is a chance
Music's just an echo of your love to fill your life with sense!


The State Academic Orchestra "Alex Fokin RadioBand”
Contact Person: Olha Voznesenska
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


The State Academic Orchestra "Alex Fokin RadioBand”
7 Kruglouniversitetskaya St., Apt. 23
Kyiv, Kyiv 01024

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