Jazz for Peace

04/30 19:00



The International Jazz Day in Armenia will be celebrated in the area of the Cascade complex in the very heart of Yerevan, the favorite entertainment & cultural place for Armenians and tourists. Artsakh State Jazz Orchestra, together with the popular music band “Dialog Project” & other famous jazz bands, will perform at this venue at 7 pm (local time).
The first jazz orchestra in Armenia was created in 1938 & since then, Yerevan has been considered the most jazzy capital of the region. Armenian jazz art has developed so that it has acquired a unique style since the Soviet Union times, due to which the phrase “Armenian jazz” came into use, and now Armenian jazz is widely spread both in Armenia & in large international music platforms.

Event Partner(s)

Mezzo Production


Artsakh State Jazz Orchestra
Contact Person: Tigran Suchyan
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


The Cascade Complex
10 Tamanyan Street
Yerevan, Yerevan 0009

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