International Jazz Day in ChiangMai City #1

04/30 18:00

Chiang Mai


‘International Jazz Day’ Chiangmai #1

Chiangmai Street Jazz joins 5 Chiang Mai's jazz bars (The Mellowship, Moment's Notice, Thapae East, Noir, North Gate Jazz Co-op) and 3 cultural music networks (Old Chiangmai, The Fox's Den, The Departure).

This year, our team has announced #Start as part of #International Jazz Day or (International Jazz Day).

with the idea of ​​protecting Promote the fundamental human rights of multicultural expression through universal music. both representing liberty

April 30, 2022, ChiangMai Street Jazz invites friends. Let's celebrate this music of freedom together. with jazz concerts at 5 jazz bars in Chiang Mai

The Mellowship
Moment's Notice
Thapae East
North Gate Jazz

Including #Jazzducati


ChiangMai Street Jazz
Contact Person: Pharadon Phonamnuai
Tel: + 66 98-156-1519
Email: [email protected]


North Gate Jazz Co-op, The Mellowship, Moment’s Notice, Thapae East Venue for the creative of art, Noir, The Fox’s Den
Main stage
Moment's Notice Jazz Club 082 168 3029
The North Gate Jazz Co-Op 081 765 5246
Chiang Mai,

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