International Jazz Day @ Association Int. School: “Jazz Jamboree”

05/11 10:00



A celebration of Jazz with school children, their parents, teachers and local musicians through live concert, dances, poetry, video screening and a jam session. A wonderful way to celebrate international jazz day at Association International School (AIS) Accra. AIS, a school that combines cultural diversity and excellence in all areas of knowledge will host Ivorian Jazz musician, educator Constant Boty, British Jazz vocalist, educator and actress Tamara Raven and ace Ghanaian guitarist and educator Caleb with the ensemble of the school's orchestra, dance group and most talented artists. Together, we will celebrate their passion through jazz and jazz jamboree. Happy International Jazz Day 2022 !

*Master class by Tamara Raven - "the Joy to listen and sing "*

*Master class by Constant Boty - " what is jazz and why it is important to the world " according to JB Dyas. Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz."*

*Master Class by Caleb - " Jazz language is in Ghana in Highlife "*


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Association International School Accra

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