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Diana Pirags is a talented professional singer, composer, producer and the owner of a strong and recognizable voice with a touch of a Latin charm. Besides the vocal arts, she plays flute and piano. Diana takes part in many local and international projects in cooperation with major artists of Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Brazil, Cuba, Chile & Spain, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Japan and many other countries.

Diana Pīrāgs – talantīga, profesionālā dziedātāja, komponiste, spēcīgā bals īpašiece ar izteikto, latīnamerikas šarmu. Spēlē flautu, klavieres.
Ieejas maksa 20EUR/1persona
Galdiņa rezervācija +371 24553797


Blues House
Contact Person: Zane Logina
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Blues House
2 Jura Alunāna iela
Centra rajons
Rīga, Latvia 1010

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