Chiang Mai International Jazz Day 2024

04/30 08:00

Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai International Jazz Day 2024

At North Gate Jazz Co-Op
19.30 Mango Tumbao(4th floor)
20.30 Sanpakoi Combo
21.45 NG brassband
22.00 Jam-session
00.00 Momo Pixel

At The Mellowship
19.40 Sura Collective (contemporary jazz)
20.45- Soul Out (latin jazz)
21.50 The Stolen Moment (standard jazz)
22.55 Cherie Pops (city pop)

At Mahoree City of Music
19.15 Joshua (Jazz piano & voice)
20.30 Nym & Ken (musical)
21.45 Sourbitter (standard jazz)
23.00 Rootless jazz band (modern jazz)

At Moment’s Notice Jazz Club
15.00 Jazz Bass Essentials (Masterclass)
19.45 Frankie Hong (Standard Jazz)
21.30 Abandoned Town (Smooth Jazz & Neo Soul)
23.00 Del Ritmo (Latin Jazz)
00.00 Eyestyles (Pop, Jazz, Variety)

Event Partner(s)

Chiangmai Touch, Chiangmai Street Jazz, North Gate Jazz Co-Op, The Mellowship, Mahoree City of Music and Moment's Notice Jazz Club


Chiang Mai Touch
Contact Person: Pharadon Phonamnuai
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


(1) North Gate Jazz Co-Op, (2) The Mellowship,(3) Mahoree City of Music, (4) Moment's Notice Jazz Club
91/1-2 Si Phum Road Si Phum Sub-district
Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Province 50200

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