Celebrating International Jazz Day with Teodora Enache-Brody and her special guest Norbert Kael

04/30 20:00



Teodora Enache-Brody, one of the best known Romanian jazz musicians, dedicates this concert to the memory of Johnny Raducanu - the Jazz Father of Romania, according to L. Feather. Having played jazz for over 25 years, Teodora Enache returns to the pieces that influenced her beginnings. Together with the renowned Hungarian pianist Norbert Kael, as a voice-piano duo, the two artists will go back to the iconic jazz standards, in a concert full of joyful moments. "Then And Now" could be a good way to summarise this International Celebration of Jazz


Fundatia Muzza
Contact Person: Bogdan Enache
Tel: + 40722351040
Email: [email protected]


La Mama: Clubul Taranului / Muzeul Taranului Roman
Muzeul Taranului Roman
Soseaua Pavel D Kiseleff nr 3
Bucharest , 011341

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