BLACK AMERICAN MUSIC – music as social redemption

05/03 20:30

Città di San Marino


Concert lesson with the professors and students of the Band Leading and Jazz Singing Course of the San Marino Music Institute.

This concert lesson will focus on the main stages of Black Music, capturing the melodic, rhythmic and above all expressive peculiarities, in relation to the main historical events, understanding how it finally came to be considered among the most influential musical cultures of the ' 900.

Introduction by Sara Jane Ghiotti, teacher of Jazz Singing.
Simone Migani, piano; Mauro Mussoni, double bass; Pasquale Montuori, drums. With the San Marino Music Institute Jazz Singing students.

Event Sponsor(s)

Ministry of Education and Culture; San Marino Music Institute; Rimini Jazz Club


Permante Delegation to UNESCO
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Teatro Titano
5 Piazza Sant'Agata
Città di San Marino, 47890