Balkan Jazz Connections: Mimika Orchestra in Podgorica

04/30 20:22



We celebrate UNESCO International Jazz Day in the frame of the annual Jazz Appreciation Month in Montenegro - JAM 2022 series of events. The motto of this year's JAM is "Balkan Jazz Connections." During the month of April, we present to our audience young and up-and-coming artists from Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia, and Turkey. Mimika Orchestra, led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Mak Murtic from Zagreb performs for the first time in capital of Montenegro, crowning our month long jazz celebration and providing a majestic closure of our JAM.


Jazz Art Association
Contact Person: Maja Popovic
Tel: +382 67811011
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Cultural Information Center "Budo Tomovic"
Main Hall
12 Vaka Đurovića
Podgorica, Podgorica Municipality 81000