Azerbaijan – Jazz Day

04/30 20:00



Jazz in Azerbaijan is one of the most beloved genres of music. That is why the new generation of jazz musicians strives to be like their idols. The White Angels of Jazz are the rising stars of Azerbaijani jazz music. They teamed up to celebrate International Jazz Day on April 30th and present a new project called Ekalogic. There is electronic music and a unique style created as a result of the synthesis of jazz with the traditional improvisation music of Azerbaijan - jazz-mugham. Performing at International Jazz Day is a great incentive for young musicians who feel like they are part of the global jazz family.


Baku Jazz Festival
Contact Person: Leyla Efendiyeva
Tel: +994557742623
Email: [email protected]


Jazz Club by Beer Hall
Aqil Quliyev 11
Baku, Baku 1023