All Day Long Jazz at Sigedon Books and Antiques




Join us on Tuesday, April 30th 2024 for a special day that beautifully blends the timeless charm of books with the soulful melodies of UNESCO International Jazz Day. We will be paying tribute to some of the masters jazz while exploring living history with us. Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of jazz music, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance within the bookshop. Our visitors will also enjoy our modest attempts at renditions of some of the genre's most iconic songs. Come to Sigedon Books and Antiques for a delightful celebration of literature, music, and the timeless elegance of jazz on this year's UNESCO International Jazz Day.


Sigedon Ltd
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Sigedon Books and Antiques Bookshop
Global Gateway 8 Rue de la Perle
Providence, Mahe 1234

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