2024 International Jazz Day Festival @Dongduk Women’s University

05/02 13:00

Dongduk Women's University Performing Arts Center


It is a one-day, four-part music festival at the beautiful 450-seat concert venue Cotton Hall, in Dongduk Women’s University’s Performing Arts Center in the heart of Seoul. The first half of the festival will be a student concert featuring undergraduate jazz ensembles. The faculty concert with special guests will be joining in the second half of the festival. A performance clinic will be in session next, followed by an open jam session where everyone is invited to sit in, to bring the finale to the 2024 IJD Festival @ DWU.


Dongduk Women's University
Contact Person: Zach Hahn
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Performing Arts Center, Dongduk Women's University
Cotton Hall
134 Donsung-gil
Dongduk Women's University Performing Arts Center, Seoul 03084

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