IJD Events in Serbia

Country/Territory Event Venue
Serbia International Jazz Day – Nis 2016

Nisville Jazz Festival is organizing International Jazz Day celebration in Nis and several cities at South of Serbia from 2012.
(Coorganizer : “Feeddback” club)

Moba (Nis)
Naissblue (Nis)
Jam session

Contact: Branislav Dejanovic | +381 64 88 50 551
Official Website: http://www.nisville.com/

Feedback Club


Event Time: 22:00
Serbia [email protected]

Moondance, the famous band of Užice, well known for constantly organizing live shows, will perform a jazz jamm session, playing hits of world music in the jazz manner. Earlier during the day, the 2015 Global concert will be played on a big led screen, as part of the celebration of JazzDay.

Contact: Uroš Antić | +381 64 213 98 92

[email protected]
Užice, Srbija 31000

Event Time: 9:30
Serbia Jazz Day in Užice

Organizers screened the 2014 Global Concert from Osaka as a preparation for the main event – the live webcast of the 2015 Global Concert from Paris.

Contact: Uroš Antić | +381642139892

Gradski Kulturni Centar Užice
Trg Svetog Save 11
Užice 31000
+38131 601534

Event Time: 10:00 - 23:00
Serbia JazzEra

A jazz jam session was held at the Gradski Cultural Center in Užice as a warm-up for the 2014 Osaka concert.
Performing musicians: Zoran Vukovuć-Trunto, Nikola Pejović, Rale Radojević, Mato Zumber, Dario Milosavljević Band, Jazzerica-Savo Bondžula, Mire Ostojić, Veco Gerza, Arhivska zabava Band and The Highlanders.

Contact: Uroš Antić, Marketing Kulture | +381642139892
Official Website: http://www.gkcuzice.rs

Gradski Kulturni Centar
Trg Svetog Save 11,
Užice 31000
+38131 601534

Event Time: 8:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Serbia Nišville Jazz Festival

Nišville Jazz Festival has organised traditional celebrations for Jazz Day 8 years in a row.

This year features two gigs for Jazz Day. One at Nišville Jazz Museum starts at 1:00 PM, and other at Club Feedback in Niš starts 9:00 P.M.

Contact: Dalibor Popovic Pop | +381 18 533 022
Official Website: //www.nisville.com

Event Time: 13:00
Serbia International Jazz Day

For the fourth year in a row, we are celebrating International Jazz Day! On April 30th, we are all talking in jazz language, universal language of freedom, listening to world class artists and welcoming passionate new fans. We are becoming part of the global event, glorifying creativity and diversity.

Contact: Vladana Šistov | +381 62 871 14 75
Official Website: http://www.jazzbasta.com/

Jazz Bašta
Karađorđeva 43
Male stepenice 1a
Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 21:00

For 30 April, International Jazz Day, Belgrade Youth Center presents a very special, double music experience, showcasing all the diversity of jazz as art, exiting and true to prevailing 21st century trends, close to all generations. Ulrich Drechsler and Peter Zirbs, spearheads of fresh Austrian scene trends will present an exciting duo Azure program, while one of the key new generation Serbian jazz musicians, the EYOT band leader Dejan Ilijić will present for the first time his latest piano solo album DYAD.

Ulrich Drechsler, one of the most important contemporary musicians from Austria, will exclusively present the Azure program. This duo, in cooperation with Peter Zirbs, the legend of the electronic club scene in Vienna, is part of a major project – LIMINAL ZONE. This is Drechsler’s monumental work in progress, brings together a large number of artists and blends his eclectic music interests: classical music, jazz, pop, funk, film music, drum’n’bass, hip-hop, Scandinavian minimalism, Persian soufi music, British trip-hop, Eastern European contemporary romanticism, Mediterranean music… Using his sophisticated skills of a true artist, Drechsler joins seemingly incompatible areas into three music fields: Chrome, Caramel and Azure, creating the Liminal Zone Universe. Belgrade audience will witness the creation of this project, scheduled to be completed for the Belgrade Jazz Festival 2020. Ulrich Drechsler (tenor saxophone, electronics) and Peter Zirbs (electronics) together in Azure scope explore the boundless world of sounds, beats, electronic atmospheres and melodies blending them with their musical roots. With their personal rendition of jazz through electronics, they bring a new dimension and a fresh view on the future of this music genre.

Dejan Ilijić’s career has been tied to Belgrade Youth Center from the very start, for this is the venue where he and his band EYOT performed some of the career-defining concerts, therefore it is only natural for him to present on this very stage his fourth solo album. DYAD brings 10 new compositions by Ilijić, with English trumpet player Pete Judge from the band Get the Blessing as the guest artist. It is supported by SOKOJ and scheduled for release in late March 2019, under the Metropolis Jazz label. As a solo artist and as the leader of the band EYOT, Ilijić performed in more than twenty five countries all around the globe and composed music for documentaries and TV shows. He released three solo albums for the American market so far: Eyot (2006, Ninety and Nine Records), The Journey (2011, Magnatune), Sun (2012, Magnatune), as well as the album I am Here (2009, Ninety and Nine Records) marking his collaboration with Kent Gustavson. Ilijić’s performance is defined by his emotional and energetic approach to every show, making this a trademark of the music by EYOT, and of his solo work. 

The concert for the International Jazz Day is only a first of many events scheduled to mark the anniversary, 35th edition of the Belgrade Jazz Festival, organized by Belgrade Youth Center and under the City of Belgrade patronage, from 22 to 27 October 2019. As every year, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to more than 20 performers and meet the top and latest achievements on the international and national jazz scene.

Contact: Aleksandra Kovač | +381 11 306-8498, 306-8692
Official Website: http://domomladine.org/koncerti/svetski-dan-dzeza-azure-ulrich-drechslers-liminal-zone-dejan-ilijic-solo-piano/.

Event Time: 21:00
Serbia O.U.R. Jazz Champions

The great Serbian jazz musicians Misa Krstic, Bata Bozanic, Strahinja Banovic and Pedja Milutinovic, gathered under the name Banovic Strahinja Quartet and Loud Minority Belgrade DJs, presented a live performance and DJ set to celebrate International Jazz Day 2014.

Contact: Aleksandar Djelic | +38163661928
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/499198086782931/

O.U.R. Bar
No. 71 Beogradska street
Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 2:00 am
Serbia Jazz day at “Jazz Basta”

Local venue Jazz Basta hosted its second annual International Jazz Day celebration, featuring live music performed by Serbian groups.

Contact: Sanja Milicevic | 381648238224
Official Website: http://jazzbasta.com

Jazz Basta
Karadjordjeva 43 Male stepenice 3a Belgrade,
Belgrade 11 000

Event Time: 21:00 - 02:00

Open air jazz festival in the city center organized by the City of Belgrade’s Secretary of Culture. Performers included Jazz Section of Music School “Stankovic,” Belgrade Dixileland Orchestra, Luz Azul band and Big Band Quintet “Adderley.”

Contact: Jovan Radulovic

Akademski Plato 1
Belgrade, Serbia 11000

Event Time: 03:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Serbia Jazz Crawl

Jazz Crawl is a festival concept that involves the movement of both performers and audiences from one venue to another. Unlike the big jazz festivals whose program is conditioned by the music market, Jazz Crawl is an intimate musician story in which jazz artists are incorporated by organizers into exclusive small combos only for that night. An additional dynamic of the event is obtained by exchanging artists between two concert blocks.

This event is organized by professional jazz musicians and enthusiasts gathered in the association called “Belgrade Jazz Service”. Besides Jazz Crawl, we are also planning other projects that affirm the jazz culture in Belgrade and communicate with cultural centers in the region and beyond.

Contact: Dragan | +381643049101
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/322294878471007/

Event Time: 18:00
Serbia International Jazz Day / Belgrade – Lia Pale, Miona Deler Babic

Belgrade Youth Center and Belgrade Jazz Festival have been celebrating this day since 2012 by organizing jazz concerts. With the program for the International Jazz Day 2016, Belgrade Jazz Festival presents a double concert in which two artists will shine: Miona Deler Babić and Lia Pale

Contact: Dragan Ambrozic | +381 11 322 01 27 / +381 60 510 20 62
Official Website: http://www.domomladine.org/

Belgrade Youth Center
Makedonska 22
Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 21:00
Serbia Jazz Crawl Festival

For the third time in Belgrade: JAZZ CRAWL FESTIVAL
One night – 25 musicians – 5 clubs!
Unique musical event in Belgrade.
A grand jam session celebrating the International Jazz Day:
All the performers as well as the audience are “crawling” from place to place during the festival night. In every club there will be quintet playing and after the first set, musicians will rotate between clubs. International guest: Anna Lauvergnac. Free entrance.

Contact: Dragan Milovanovic | +381 64 3049 101

Event Time: 21:00
Serbia Međunarodni dan džeza 2016

Once again, Belgrade joins the world in celebrating International Jazz Day with an open-air jazz concert by RTS Big Band and the renowned Duško Gojković, held under the auspices of the City Assembly of Belgrade, City Secretariat of Culture and the Commission of the Republic of Serbia for UNESCO.

Contact: Vladan Djurkovic | +319 6 323 96 79
Official Website: http://www.dadov.rs

Trg Republike
Republic Square
Desanke Maksimovic 6
Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 19:00
Serbia LEILA Records – Zeljko Kerleta

Local music shop LEILA records will host a jazz vinyl show in honor of Jazz Day.

Contact: Sasa | +381 653247258

Event Time: 20:00
Serbia Jazz With Attitude

Loud Minority Belgrade in cooperation with PTICA, the only genuine Jazz club in Belgrade are organizing concert / Misa Blam on bass, Misa Krstic on piano and Ljuba Paunic on saxophone and a DJ set by Jovan Radulovic aka DJ Machiavelli (the groove justifies the means).

Contact: Aleksandar Djelic - Aki Loud Minority Belgrade | +3816366198
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/33566236259/?fref=ts

PTICA Jazz Club
Caara Urosa 19
Belgrade 11000
381 11 3287925

Event Time: 6pm - 11pm
Serbia Fish in Oil – International Jazz Day Celebration Party

The explosive energetic band Fish in Oil was the host in Dobrila Klub Beograd on International Jazz Day 2014. Their music, imbued with the best heritage of different world cultures, was a real and appropriate gift made especially for that day.

Contact: Marin Kresic | +381 65 8595 983

Club Dobrila
Dobracina stret 30
Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 22:00 - 02:00
Serbia Jazz day at “Jazz Basta”

We organized a live performance by Serbia’s finest jazz musicians. The live gig was characterized by a colorful mix of jazz, interesting for all generations.
Event #Basta featured VALENTINA’S BAND and a presentation of “Zvonko Bogdan Winery,” wines full of harmony of tastes, a perfect match with jazz.

Contact: Sanja Milicevic | +38164 823 8224

Jazz Basta
Karadjordjeva 43
Male stepenice 1a
Belgrade, Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 3:00 pm - 2:00 am
Serbia International Jazz Day @ Jazz Basta

Jazz Basta will host the fourth annual International Jazz Day celebration, featuring live music performed by Serbian groups.

Contact: Sanja Milicevic | +381628711475
Official Website: http://www.jazzbasta.com

Event Time: 22:00
Serbia Cekaonica Belgrade and Trondheim Jam Session

International jam session with students and professors from TRONDHEIM JAZZ CONSERVATORY and Belgrade jazz academy. Jam session will attend more then 30 musicians.

Contact: Marko Berkes | +381641985362
Official Website: http://jazzclubcekaonica.com/

Jazz Club Cekaonica / Jazz Club The Waiting Room
Bulevar Vojvode Misica 17/8
Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 10pm - 4am
Serbia Bridging the gaps between east and west, past and future

Promo event for releasing of SASTANCI U STUDIJU-3CD Box – Masterpieces of Ex-YU jazz. Apart from the music, this edition has huge historical importance: these releases are the first true YU Jazz vinyl, originally released in 1960/61 and the first published colaboration of Yugoslav and foreign musicians.

Contact: Jovana Jaramaz | +381 64 1647855

Leila Records and Books
41, Kralja Petra st.
Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Open air jazz festival in the city center organized by the City of Belgrade’s Secretary of Culture and Belgrade Jazz Festival. Performers include Jazz Section of Music School “Stankovic,” Ana Lovernjak and Aleksandar Grujic Trio, Brazilian Jazz Collective feat.Sunya and Vasil Hadzimanov Band.

Contact: | +381658349066

Republic Square
Republic Square of Belgrade
Republic Square
Belgrade 11000

Event Time: 19:00 - 22:00
Serbia Jazza vu 1927-2017

At 15:00 open bus with all musicians (more than 50 participants) will start and drive through the center of city of Belgrade. Musicians will play at the top of the bus. After they finish their drive, short break will follow, and jam session will start at 22:30, unlimited time.

Contact: Markus Blam | +381613338040

Event Time: 15:00
Serbia International Jazz Day – Nisville – South Serbia

Nisville Jazz Festival will organize two gigs for Jazz Day:
Nis, club Feedback, April 30, 9:00 PM – Vojislav ilic Jazz Quintet & Jam Session with many jazz & blues musicions from City of Nis.
Vranje, City Gallery, April 30, 6:PM – Youth Jazz Band – young musicions from Vranje, Leskovac & Bujanovac

Contact: Veroljub Radojkovic | +38118220992
Official Website: http://nisville.com/index.php/sr/

Feedback Club Nis
Balkanska 2a Davidova 5
Nis 5H7979

Event Time: 21:00 - 02:00
Serbia Nisville Jazz Festival Celebrating International Jazz Day

Nišville Jazz Festival has organised traditional celebrations for Jazz Day 7 years in a row.  This year’s concerts will be performed in 5 different countries in 10 cities. Besides Serbia, Nisville is organising concerts in Lituania, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. Concerts will be held in Kaunas (LTU), Turn Severin (ROM), Sofia (BUL), Tirana (ALB), Serbia – Novi Sad, Kladovo, Leskovac, Vranje, Bujanovac and Niš.

Contact: Ivan Blagojevic | +38162775029
Official Website: http://nisville.com/en/home-2/

Event Time: 12:00
Serbia Nisville Jazz Festival Celebrates International Jazz Day

Nisville jazz festival (Nis, Serbia, www.nisville.com) joined celebration of International jazz day from very start. Like last year, Nisville organize concert ( bands: R – Trioa and Jazz Station) and jam session in club Feedback with participation of all jazz and blues musicians in this region.

Contact: Branislav Dejanovic | + 381 18 533 022
Official Website: http://www.nisville.com/

Club Feedback
Balkanska street 2
Cara Dusana 19
Nisville 18000

Event Time: 9pm - 12am
Serbia FKVSV Jazz photo exibition and Aleksandar Dujin trio concert

Traditional exibition of jazz photos followed by the concert of Aleksandar Dujin Trio (Aleksandra Dujin-piano, Fedor Ruskuc-double bass, Ljubisa Ponjevic-drums). Exibition open until Mondey, May 1st. Working hours 8 AM – 8 PM.

Contact: Dusan Zivkic | +381 64 888 45 31