IJD Events in Macedonia

Country/Territory Event Venue
Macedonia International Jazz Day Bitola – Macedonia

Youth Cultural Center – Bitola UNESCO Club in partnership with Porta Jazz are celebrating International Jazz Day in Bitola, Macedonia with live performance of Sasho Popovski Trio.

Sasho Popovski – guitar
Ivan Bejkov – contrabass
Goce Stevkovski – drums

Contact: Zlatko Talevski | +389 75 407 169
Official Website: http://www.mkcbt.org.mk/

Porta Jazz


Event Time: 11:55
Macedonia Next to Silence

Трета година Џез клубот Тејк фајв ќе го одбележи меѓународниот ден на џезот 30-ти Април и тоа во еден продолжен викенд. Ќе настапи џез составот од Скопје кој им е добро познат на прилепската публика.
Александар Николовски
Филип Димишковски
Драган Стојковски
Гоце Наумов

Contact: Кирил Јандреовски | +38171208975

Џез Клуб Тејк Фајв
Илинденска бб
Прилеп, Македонија 7500

Event Time: 22:00 - 1:00
Macedonia International Jazz Day Bitola – Macedonia

Youth Cultural Center – Bitola UNESCO Club in partnership with Kamarite are celebrating International Jazz Day in Bitola, Macedonia with the live performance of Sasho Popovski Quartet.

Sasho Popovski – guitar
Goce Micanov – saxophone
Ivan Bejkov – contrabass
Viktor Filipovski – drums

Contact: Zlatko Talevski | +389 75 407 169
Official Website: //www.mkcbt.org.mk

Event Time: 11:30
Macedonia International JazzDay Bitola 2019

Youth Cultural Center – Bitola will celebrate International Jazzday 2019 with concert of Oliver Josifovski Quartet at Kamarite – Bitola – Macedonia.

Tuesday 30 April, 2019 at 10 p.m.

Free admission.

Contact: Zlatko Talevski | +38975407169
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/413986346101287/

Event Time: 22:00
Macedonia Micanov, Popovski, Josifovski, Stevkovski Quartet concert

Youth Cultural Center – Bitola UNESCO youth club in partnership with Porta Jazz – Jazz Club will organize the live concert of Micanov, Popovski, Josifovski, Stevkovski Quartet.

Thursday 30 April, 2015 start at 09.30 pm in Bitola, Macedonia

Contact: Zlatko Talevski | +389 75 407 169
Official Website: http://www.mkcbt.org.mk

Porta Jazz - Jazz Club
Sv. Kiril I Metodij 12
Bitola 7000
+389 47 208 033

Event Time: 21:30 - 01:00
Macedonia International Jazz Day 2014 Bitola, Macedonia

The UNESCO youth cultural center in Bitola, in collaboration with Porta Jazz, organized a live concert by the Popovski, Josifovski, Sekulovski Trio featuring Kiril Kuzmanov on saxophone.

Contact: Zlatko Talevski | +389 47 233 020
Official Website: http://www.mkcbt.org.mk

Porta Jazz
Sv. Kiril I Metodij
Number 12
Bitola, Macedonia 7000
Porta Jazz

Event Time: 09:30 pm - 01:00 am
Macedonia Live performance of “Ivan Ivanov Quartet”

UNESCO Club in Youth Cultural Center – Bitola, Macedonia will join the global celebration of the International Jazz Day, 30th of April 2013. We announce an evening concert on Tuesday 30th of April 2013 at 9 p.m., in the cafe bar “Porta Jazz” in Bitola, Macedonia, with the live performance of “Ivan Ivanov Quartet”.
With our event we will contribute in highlighting its important role of encouraging dialogue among cultures and civilizations, eradicating discrimination and promoting human dignity.


Official Website: http://mkcbt.org.mk

Porta Jazz
ul. Kiril i Metodij 12
Bitola 7000

Event Time: 9pm
Macedonia International Jazz Day Bitola 2018

Youth Cultural Center – Bitola in partnership with Kamarite will celebrate Jazz Day with live concert of Belicanska Quintet. The event will take place at Kamarite Bitola, Macedonia on Monday April 30, 2018.

Jasmina Belicanska – vocals
Stefan Tasevski – alt & sopran saxophone
Goran Dimitrovski – bass
Risto Krstevski – keyboards
Zoran (Ozo) Ristevski – drums

Contact: Zlatko Talevski

Event Time: 22:00
Macedonia Concert Filip Stevanovski Band

Celebrating 10 years on stage, Macedonian musician, pianist and trombone player Filip Stevanovski and his band will perform on  International Jazz day in Kumanovo, R.Macedonia. The place of the concert is “Zanaetciski dom” Kumanovo.

Contact: Filip Stevanovski | +38978424980

Event Time: 20:00
Macedonia Skopje Jazz Festival celebrates the International Jazz Day

The event at MKC Club & Restaurant in Skopje started with a screening of the documentary film “Thelonious Monk: Straight, no Chaser.” It continued with a concert by Macedonia’s most renowned and accomplished jazz musicians and bands: Toni Kitanovski Trio, Letecki Pekinezeri, Marija Jazz Duo, Jazzobell Quintet Deux, and the bands of students and professors from the Jazz Academy in Stip (Percussion Ensemble & Goce Micanov Quartet). The evening concluded with a jam session.

Contact: Oliver Belopeta | +389 75 220 740
Official Website: //www.skopjejazzfest.com.mk

MKC Club and Restaurant
Kej Dimitar Vlahov 15
Skopje 1000

Event Time: 8:00 pm - 2:00 am
Macedonia Vladimir Mandicevski

A concert in honor of International Jazz Day with performances of the best known Macedonian jazz artists, DJ’s and guests from abroad.

Contact: Vladimir Mandicevski | +389 7532 8989

Skopje City Mall

Event Time: 7:00
Macedonia Petite Cinematique a Menada Skopje

Concert promotion of a new album release feat. INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY CELEBRATION!
Unprogrammed – program: ,”The World According to John Coltrane”

Contact: Dona Organdzieva | +38978383826
Official Website: http://www.sethstat.com.mk/

Menada Club Skopje
Ul. Kazandziska No. 2
Skopje 1000

Event Time: 7pm - 1am
Macedonia These days is all about jazz!

“These days is all about jazz” is an event organized by the Macedonian Association of Jazz Musicians on the occasion of International Jazz Day.
Our manifestation will include concerts of various jazz bands coming from the region, including the ZJM Jazz Orchestra (the big band that works within our Association), all enriched with workshops lead by Macedonian and foreign moderators, and mini conferences and discussions on topics related to the place of jazz music in the media space in Balkans.

Contact: Marina Tufekchievska | +389 70748288

Event Time: 21:00
Macedonia Jazz concert at Nova

Macedonian eminent jazz musicians, “Marija Jazz Quartet”, will have a concert for Nova middle school and high school students

Contact: Sanja Panovska Milanova | +38975550336

Event Time: 14:15
Macedonia Today it’s all about jazz

“It’s All About Jazz” event is organized by the Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists.
Before the official program, the event will start with students from the Jazz Academies in Macedonia.
Exclusive, in Skopje are the contemporary music artist Don Menza and the exceptional Austrian conductor and saxophonist Sigi Feigel. Top jazz groups from Macedonia and Bulgaria will also perform.

Contact: Goce Stevkovski | +389 70 748 288
Official Website: //www.zjm.com.mk

Event Time: 18:00
Macedonia Jazz Assembly at Nova

Early morning all school assembly will be devoted to promoting and celebrating Jazz.

Contact: Sanja Panovska Milanova | +38975550336

Event Time: 08:30
Macedonia Jazz Week at Nova

Students from Nova International Schools will have a chance to listen and learn about jazz music throughout the week prior to April 30th. At the end of the week, a renowned jazz musician Toni Kitanovski will be a guest speaker and will talk to the students about jazz.

Contact: Sanja Panovska Milanova

Macedonia International Jazz Day 30 April

Open air, free of charge for the audience concert in honor of International Jazz Day.

Contact: Vladimir Mandicevski Mande | + 389 75 328 989
Official Website: http://www.bagicommunications.blogspot.com/

Skopje City Mall
Skopje City Mall
Ljubljanska 4
Skopje 1000
+389 2 32 53 990

Event Time: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Macedonia International Jazz Day Skopje

For the third year in a row, Bagi Communications joined the global celebration of International Jazz Day. This year the celebration event was a concert of three Macedonian bands:

o Bass & Glas
o David Neskoski Trio
o Adi & Dino & DjoleTrio

supported by the best known Macedonian Smooth Jazz radio DJ – Marti Ivanovski.

The event was free of charge for the audience.
This year’s celebration design was created by Marko Mandicevski.

Contact: Vladimir Mandicevski Mande | + 389 75 328 989
Official Website: http://www.bagicommunications.com/

Skopje City Mall
bvld. Partizanski Odredi
st. Ljubljanska
Skopje 1000
00389 75 20 54 53

Event Time: 16:00 - 22:00
Macedonia Jazz Day at the Home of Culture – Stip

This year we will host the best International Jazz Day program so far. The Micanov Quartet is best known for it’s Saxophone and Piano improvisations, perfect drumming and guitar. We have the pleasure to host them as one of the greatest Jazz performers in Macedonia and the Balkans. The Program is below:

  • 18:00 – Reading jazz literature cooperating with the city library and the American corner and a workshop lead by a professor from the Music Academy. Drinks and refreshments available.
  • 20:00 – Official start of the event
  • 22:00 – 24:00 Jazz jam session where musicians will perform on stage.

Contact: Vidan Lazarev | +389 7520 4840

Aco Shopov

Event Time: 21:00
Macedonia International Jazz Day / Светски ден на Џез Музиката

We are happy to announce that we are hosting the international jazz day in Stip, Macedonia. As every year, we gather a large group of quality performers. Everybody is welcome!

Contact: Vidan Lazarev | +38975204840

Piano Bar
Kuzman Josifovski
Stip, MK 2000

Event Time: 20:00 - 1:00
Macedonia Jazzday – Macedonia

Organizers will present a concert program featuring Macedonian musicians.

“Like every year, we tend to have the best musicians from Macedonia gathered in one place. From the experience of last year’s event, every year we approach Jazz Day with more enthusiasm and love towards Jazz and what this day represents. We look forward to this year’s event! We will offer a great program with great musicians!”

Contact: Vidan Lazarev | +389 75204840
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/jazzdaymacedonia/

Event Time: 17:00
Macedonia JazzDay – Stip Pt.1

We celebrate jazz together with Toni Kitanovski Trio for the first time!

Contact: Vidan Lazarev | +38975204840

Event Time: 21:00
Macedonia JazzDay – Stip Pt.2

We celebrate jazz with the Saso Popovski Trio for the first time!

Contact: Vidan Lazarev | +38975204840

Event Time: 21:00
Macedonia Concert of The Flying Pekingese – International Jazz Day

Honoring jazz, we announce that we celebrate the International Jazz Day in Veles, Macedonia.

This year the event will be a concert of one of the best jazz bands in the country – The Flying Pekingese (Letecki Pekinezeri)

Contact: Borce Pejcev | +389 76 365 336

Naroden Tearar - Dzinot
Blagoj Gjorev 41
Veles, Povardarie 1400

Event Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Macedonia International Jazz Day – Veles, Macedonia

Municipality of Veles celebrates this year’s International Jazz Day with a jazz trio concert featuring Aneta Kachurkova – piano and vocal, Zoran Pavloski – double bass, and Slacho Kocev – drums.

Contact: Opstina Veles
Official Website: http://www.veles.gov.mk

Drama Caffe
Blagoj Gjorev 89
Veles, Povardarie 1400

Event Time: 20:00