JAZZDAY avec de Vinci, 500 ans apres ! (JazzDay w/ de Vinci, 500 years later !)

Musique Universelle Arc-en-Ciel 2019 JazzDay event will be a CONFERENCE, also celebrating the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s passing on May2nd. Speakers/Artists/Team include Marybel DESSAGNES, Isabelle DESROCHERS, Tigranna ZAKARYAN, Yasmina GRANGER, Marie TROUSSARD, Lamia Djoudi-Atma, Georgette Louison Kala-Lobé, Michèle deGASTYNE, Fatima CHENNOUFI, Laura VALENTIN, Tomomi OKUBO, Amokrane MOUDER, Achilles “The H”…Between speakers discussing topics from “The Universal Vision of Leonardo” to “Genocide awareness month of April”, “Humanistic Education” and the UN SDGs, there will be African dance mixed with Rennaisance music, modern music, poetry…MiniReception following. Reservations obligatory by sending email to:[email protected]

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