Abu Dhabi - 2025 Global Host City

“International Jazz Day heads to Abu Dhabi in 2025, infusing new energy and basking in the mélange of cultures. The celebration in this cosmopolitan city will embody the power of jazz to unite and delight in our shared humanity.” –Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO

International Jazz Day Retrospective

International Jazz Day 2024

International Jazz Day 2024 Worldwide Celebration Concludes with All-Star Global Concert from Tangier, Morocco

2024 Education Programs

On International Jazz Day, free online education programs were presented via jazzday.com and the International Jazz Day YouTube and Facebook pages. An array of acclaimed artist-educators presented a multilingual selection of offerings that emphasize the richness—and relevance—of jazz to learners at all levels.

Global Events

Independent artists and organizers on all continents present an astonishing array of performance, educational and community outreach programming each year for International Jazz Day.

Educational Library

On April 30, teachers and students around the world use International Jazz Day as an opportunity to learn more about the empowering history and legacy of jazz music. Check out our growing library of free educational videos and resources.

Global Videos

View hundreds of videos from past International Jazz Day celebrations, including official clips from the All-Star Global Concert and incredible submissions from our partners in more than 190 countries.

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