Global Celebrations 2021

Country/Territory Event Venue
Slovenia School Jazz Ravne Virtual

A short video made by participants and mentors of the School Jazz Ravne during the Coronavirus lockdown in 2021.

Contact: | +386 31629914
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Event Time: 20:00
Slovenia Igor Matković – Ephemeral Virtual

Solo performance of one of the most creative and innovative Slovenian jazz trumpet players.
Linep: Igor Matković – trumpet, electronics

Contact: | +386 31629914
Official Website: Click Here

Event Time: 20:15
Slovenia Jure Praper: Liquid Carpet Virtual

Jure Prapper: Liquid Carpet – closing concert of the 16th Slovenian Jazz Festival.

After twenty years of cooperation in many casts of various musical genres, Jure Praper finally manifested the idea of his entire author’s cast. Liquid Carpet isn’t just a band, it’s Prapper’s media through which it can be musically expressed in the purest, primary form, unbothered with musical genres and guidelines. Spontaneity was the only one when writing music for the first-grader – indulge and give room to the idea, develop and nurture it. The jazz approach was present in open form and improvisation. But music doesn’t go into free jazz, because it’s always backed up with strong rhythmic basics that draw from funk, blues, rock, Balkans,… That’s why experienced musicians coming from the same environment were invited to realize the idea, known each other for years, and performed together in many other characters, recordings, and projects.

Cast: Jure Praper – guitar, music, arrangements, Matja ž Mlakar – saxophones, David Novak – bass, Matic Črešnik – drums
Guests: Alia Cycon (USA) – oud, Timotej Kotnik – trumpet, Sašo Vollmaier – piano, Vid Jamnik – vibraphone

Contact: | +386 31629914
Official Website: Click Here

Event Time: 21:30
Slovenia Vid Jamnik: Urgent Detergent Virtual

Urgent Detergent – a quartet of vibraphonist Vid Jamnik, which in its newest formulation contains some of the finest young Slovenian musicians, who until recently lived in New York City.

Founded at Berklee College of Music, the band has toured in France, recorded for the compilation CD of Berklee’s Jazz Revelation Records, been featured as the best student compositions and groups, was a finalist of the European Jazz Competition in Holland, and took 2nd place in the 7 Virtual Jazz Competition.

In spite of the changes in the line-up, the quartet stays true to the instrumentation of vibraphone – piano – bass – drums and to playing original music, which, quite contrary to popular belief, bears no similarity to soap opera jingles… most of the time.

Contact: | +386 31629914

Event Time: 20:00
Slovenia Imago Sloveniae International Jazz Day 2021

Foundation Imago Sloveniae – Podoba Slovenije is once again joining the celebration of Unesco’s International Jazz Day. Due to the still valid measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 infections, we have postponed the planned concerts to summertime (July, August). However, on the April 30, International Jazz Day, we invite you to the Cobblers’ Bridge, Prešeren Square, Town Square, and Old Square at the Hercules Fountain, where you will be able to listen to spontaneous street performances of young Slovenian musicians, which will fill the streets with jazz and conjure up a special atmosphere.

Contact: | +38612416600
Official Website: Click Here

Ljubljana Old Town - Cobblers' Bridge, Prešeren Square, Town Square, and Old Square at the Hercules Fountain
Cobblers' Bridge

Event Time: 13:00