Global Celebrations 2018

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The “Caribbean Jazz Report” concert is an orchestral sounding Jazz assemble that is based on hot Afro-Cuban rhythms (Salsa, Rumba, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Conga, Latin-Funk) and performed by virtuoso soloists from the “top list” of the Russian Jazz scene.

For many years this orchestra has been performing regularly at the Jazz Philarmonic Hall – the main Jazz venue of St. Petersburg.

As a guest soloist, we also welcome Robin Blakeman, a well known British flutist, saxophonist and composer.

Contact: Alexandr Vasilevsky | +7 (904) 551-93-39
Official Website: Click Here

St. Petersburg State Jazz Philharmonic Hall
Zagorodnyy Prospekt, 27,
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia, 191180

Event Time: 19:00
Russia International Jazz Day Easy Winners Ragtime Band in JFC Jazz Club

Совершенно уникальный состав. В России существует великое множество коллективов, исполняющих джаз 40-х -70-х, но почти никто не обращается в своём творчестве к истокам и корням. Easy Winners – исключение из правил. Помимо оригинальности музыкального репертуара (джаз 20-х – 30-х и его истоки), “Easy Winners” выделяется самобытностью своего музыкального инструментария: вместо привычных широкой публике барабанов – стиральная доска, вместо контрабаса – уникальный самодельный инструмент.


Absolutely unique composition. In Russia, there are a great number of bands performing jazz from the 40s to the 70s, but almost no one turns to their sources and roots in their work. Easy Winners is an exception to the rules. In addition to the originality of the musical repertoire (jazz of the 20’s and 30’s and its origins), “Easy Winners” stands out for the originality of their musical instruments: instead of the drums that are customary for the general public, a washboard, instead of a double bass, a unique homemade instrument.

дом 33
Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Contact: Народицкий Феликс/ Felix Naroditsky | +7901374478
Official Website: Click Here

JFC Jazz Club
JFC Jazz Club
House 33
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Event Time: 19:00
Russia International Jazz Day with Amur Jazz Band orchestra

The Amur Jazz Band is the only professional jazz orchestra in the Russian Far East. Amur Jazz Band every year in Blagoveshchensk is holding a big concert dedicated to the International Jazz Day. The concert gathers thousands of people from the Amur region and other regions of the Russian Far East, who are in love with jazz. Musicians and soloists of the orchestra, guests of the festival will perform jazz music of different eras.

Contact: Alexandra Rikhnovets | +74162528918
Official Website: Click Here

Armur Regional Philharmonic Hall
Pionerskaya, 1
Blagoveshchensk, Russia, Amur Region

Event Time: 18:00
Russia Jazz Concert and Art Gallery of Oleg Mokhov. Photo exhibition WORLD JAZZ PHOTO

Арт Центр Олега Мохова и Генеральный Партнер мероприятия Электронный Журнал KUB.CITY (Бизнес платформа для предпринимателей) организует серию мероприятий в г. Краснодаре в рамках Международного Дня Джаза 2018. В ТРК”Сити Центр” 29 Марта состоится открытие фотовыставки WORLD JAZZ PHOTO: примут участие известные Jazz-фотографы мира. John Watson Великобритания. Igor Snisarenko Украина. Тim Motion Великобритания. Dragoslav Nedichi Румыния. Tim Dickeson Великобритания. Oleg Mokhov Россия.


Oleg Mokhov Art Center and General Partner of the event KUB.CITY Electronic Magazine (Business Platform for Entrepreneurs) organizes a series of events in Krasnodar for International Jazz Festival 2018. The opening of the WORLD JAZZ PHOTO photo exhibition will take place on March 29 at the City Center showcasing famous Jazz-photographers of the world, and then a jazz concert on April 30 featuring John Watson (United Kingdom), Igor Snisarenko (Ukraine), Tim Motion (United Kingdom), Dragoslav Nedichi (Romania), Tim Dickeson (United Kingdom), Oleg Mokhov (Russia).

Contact: Oleg Mokhov | +7 9183350722

City Center Mall
350007, Краснодар,
ул. Индустриальная, 2
Krasnodar, Kuban Region

Event Time: 19:30

An edutainment event for kids of 7-13 y.o. including talk on the history of jazz through the 20th century up to the modern times; interactive assignments to learn new vocabulary on jazz topics, e.g. musical instruments, musicians and bands, and jazz styles; listening to the most influential and prolific jazz bands and solo-players; quiz on new lexics; photo-session. A most enjoying event to get acquainted with the world of jazz.

Contact: Ilya Fedorov | +79284430458
Official Website: Click Here

Premiera Musical Theatre
Krasnodar, Krasnodar Krai,
Russia, 350000

Event Time: 16:00
Russia Всемирный день джаза в Махачкале / International Jazz Day in Makhachkala

30 апреля в кафе Якорь Малик Мустафаев (клавишные), Шабан Абдуллаев (ударные) и Артур Зайдиев (бас) будут играть традиционный джаз. Восточного калорита добавит Шамиль Шерифалиев (тар).


On April 30, Yakor Malik Mustafayev (keyboards), Shaban Abdullayev (drums) and Arthur Zaydiyev (bass) will play traditional jazz in the Anchor Café. Shamil Sherifaliev (tar) will add an eastern flavor.

Contact: Георгий Гарунов / клуб Георгия Гарунова | +7 9285210123
Official Website: Click Here

Ulitsa Abubakarova, 2
Dagestan Republits

Event Time: 20:00

Jazz club “Guitar forms” under the auspices of people’s artist of Russian jazz guitar player Aleksey Kuznetsov for the second consecutive year, marks the world jazz day. The musicians prepared a concert program of jazz themes, in processing for guitar duets, trios and quartets.

Джазовый клуб “Гитарные формы” под патронажем народного артиста РФ джазового гитариста Алексея Кузнецова уже второй год подряд отмечает всемирный день джаза концертом джазовых пьес.

Contact: Evgeniya Bragantseva | +7 9169456743

Библиотека №9 имени Гоголя
Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street, д. 39,
Moskva, Russia, 123056

Event Time: 14:18
Russia Esse Jazz marathon

For the 4th consecutive year, Esse presents a 7-hour music marathon to celebrate  International Jazz Day on April 30. In 2018 we will present different styles of jazz, like main-stream, bebop, funk, fusion, modern & free jazz, etc. The best jazz musicians of Moscow will appear on the stage of the Essе to tell their story about jazz. Like every year we will have 7 hours long concert, which will end with jam-session till  sunrise.

Contact: Anastasia Ivanova | +79168464630
Official Website: Click Here

ESSE Jazz Club
ESSE Jazz Club
Pyatnitskaya str. 27/3A
Moscow, Moscow

Event Time: 19:00
Russia Jazz in Motion celebrates International Jazz Day – Tais Urumidis, Moscow jazz singer

“Jazz in Motion” is a club concert project of the tMotion production company since 2008. It invites international and Russian jazz artists to perform in the most popular Moscow jazz venues.
Singer Tais Urumidis is well known to admirers of jazz music. She exudes the power: hypnotizing and revitalizing from the first seconds. Tais has a strong, deep sensual voice and natural bewitching musicality. Unique actor’s play, ability to improvise — all this is about Tais!

Contact: Max Timoshin
Official Website: Click Here

Scenario Cafe
Scenario Cafe
Tverskaya, 22a
Moscow, Moscow

Event Time: 19:00
Russia Alexei Kozlov & Arsenal

We start celebrating the International Jazz Day with the legend of soviet jazz, innovator, saxophonist and composer Alexei Kozlov and his legendary band Arsenal.
Arsenal was the first in Soviet Union band who started playing jazz-rock. The band and its leader still perform each Friday at Kozlov Club and each Friday is sold out!

Contact: Sveta | +7 (926) 952-00-77
Official Website: Click Here

Kozlov Club
Moscow, Moscow

Event Time: 20:00
Russia Together with Mummy Project – Evgeny Baranov & Alina Larina Quintet

#Together with Mummy Music Project (based in Moscow) will feature the concert of Evgeny Baranov & Alina Larina jazz 5tet at 11:30 am at Krivokolenny pereulok 5|4. The project is targeted at children aged 1-5 and their parents and includes concerts of traditional jazz. Children enjoy themselves & can dance and jump around. They get used to jazz music from “the cradle”. Evgeny Baranov played in all Russia-famous dixie bands. Alina Larina sings trad jazz and more.


5/4 Krivokolenny pereulok
5/4 Кривоколенный переулок
Москва, Moscow

Contact: Alla Eskina | +7 9857615084
Official Website: Click Here

VmesteSMamoi venue
Ulitsa Pokrovka, д.4, Moskva, Russia, 101000

Event Time: 11:30
Russia Sugar Jazz Music Fest

The Festival will take place at Noginsk urban park in Moscow region, in collaboration with the municipal administration and production center «Infest Group», on Saturday, May 19 th, 2018 from 12 a.m- 23.p.m.
Jazz is a symbol of freedom in general, freedom to express oneself through music, freedom to express ones thoughts, to respect human rights, to eliminate discrimination! «Sugar Jazz Music Fest» is the «ambassador» of this mission. Also the festival

Contact: Arrtur T | +7 9266107466
Official Website: Click Here

Noginsk urban park
Lesnova str., 2
Noginsk, Moscow region

Event Time: 12:00
Russia Jazz & Funky @ International Jazz Day

Stupino Jazz Idea band continues the established tradition to join musicians around the world and dedicate this concert to the International Jazz Day.

Well known and new tunes performed by seasoned band members and also by newly-joined youngsters.

Come and celebrate with us. We hope for outdoors but look inside in case of rain.

Contact: Mikhail Pokutny | +79852442464
Official Website: Click Here

Sunshine Cafe
Ostrovskiy Park
Sunshine Cafe
Stupino, Moscow region

Event Time: 19:00
Russia LADA Jazz Jam

Jam-session held by musicians of Tolyatti Philharmonic Big Band at the Arts Square.

This is the first time musicians of car-capital get outside to celebrate this holiday.

This is a part of large-scale project of rethinking public spaces via Music.

Contact: Vladislav Radkov
Official Website: Click Here

Togliatti Philharmonic Hall
42 Pobedy st.
Tolyatti, Samarskaya

Event Time: 01:30
Russia Jazz club EverJazz will celebrate International Jazz Day with a concert in the Weiner garden

On April 29, 2016 at 11:00, the first professional jazz club of Ekaterinburg, EverJazz, will celebrate International Jazz Day in the Weiner garden (intersection of Pervomayskaya-Turgenev street) with a free jazz concert featuring Russian and Ural jazz stars and general garden cleaning.

Белинского, 54
Екатеринбург, Свердловская

Contact: Anastasiya Pushina | +7 9530560199

EverJazz Jazz Club
Ulitsa Belinskogo,

Event Time: 11:00