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Blue Note Japan honorably hosts “JAZZ AUDITORIA ONLINE” for International Jazz Day, where you can enjoy jazz by online streaming with cooperation of Japanese and overseas artists. We hope this event will bring out the new communication opportunities for the artists, and everyone else who have been exposed to jazz before or not. We are looking forward to creating new music experiences with you.

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Chiyoda City


Event Time: 09:30
Japan Music is Magic! Jazz has no borders~International Jazz Day 2020

Jazz has no borders!
This year, international exchange by Jazz at the long-established jazz school “Fuji Jazz School” in Kyoto! The performances will include “Aya Sekine & The Jazz Party” from Singapore and the legendary pianist Sadayasu Fujii Trio from Japan. gig, jam session and talk sessions are also available!
How can jazz musicians get along well regardless of language, country, etc? What kind of mind do you have in jazz as communication music? Why don’t you enjoy jazz together and unravel the secrets?
Of course, if you are musician let’s interact with each other while jamming together!
Sadayasu Fujii /pf
Aya Sekine /pf
Ben Poh /ba
Ting Wei Yap /ds
Michi Fujii /tp
Tadatsugu Mune /ds

Contact: Kyoto Music Channel
Official Website: Click Here

Fuji Jazz School
Fuji Jazz School
538 Nakano-cho Shinkyogoku Shijo
604 8042

Event Time: 14:00