Global Celebrations 2021

Country/Territory Event Venue
Germany Blog Cinema with Paul Hubweber Virtual

For the lockdown weekend in Berlin, we’ll have virtual open access to short video collages made with music by German trombonist and composer Paul Hubweber. Some of the videos by filmmaker Ebba Jahn are shown at film festivals, art exhibitions, or London’s Mopomoso tv, and some are straight from long-distance lockdown collaboration endeavors with Paul Hubweber made for your desktop enjoyment.

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Blog Cinema Ebba
Germany Jazzzz Lunch*Break. In memoriam Manu Dibango Virtual

On the occasion of International Jazz Day 2021, the German Commission for UNESCO invites you to 60 Minutes for Eyes and Ears as part of the UNESCO ResiliArt series. This hour will begin with a tribute to Manu Dibango, who, as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, has been passionately committed to the goals of UNESCO with his artistic and personal work since 2004. He succumbed to the Covid 19 virus in March 2020. With a view to the former German capital Bonn as a genius loci, a jazz trip will take you figuratively and musically to places of democracy. We’ll make a foray through Baden-Baden, take the ‘Steamtrain’, and ask how far gender equality has progressed in the German jazz scene. We look forward to your participation!

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Bonn and the Internet

Event Time: 12:00

A collaborative video contribution by Massimo Magee and Alfred 23 Harth for the Concert Series “Chamäleon Verbindungen”.
Video Premiere at 20:15 (CET) at

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Event Time: 20:15
Germany KAVD STUDIO SESSIONS mit Stefan Kuchel und Peter Ortmann Virtual

In celebration of International Jazz Day, we present the KAVD STUDIO SESSIONS No 54, 55, and 56 with three great songs – “Summertime”, “Now’s the time”, and “Triste” – performed by saxophonist Stefan Kuchel with pianist Peter Ortmann.

The KAVD Studio Sessions were designed in April 2020 to help artists from around Lübeck to get through these times without any public and paid gigs and appearances. In cooperation with the Musikhochschule Lübeck and through the help from the Possehl Stiftung, the KAVD was able to produce digital concerts and pay at least a small fee.

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Triftstr. 139a 23554
Lübeck, Germany
Germany Tuija-Komi-Duo & Angela-Avetisyan-Quartet Virtual


Im Rahmen des Internationalen Jazz-Tags am Freitag, 30. April präsentieren ab 20 Uhr der Moosacher Kulturverein „DIE LINIE 1“ e.V. und das Kultur- und Bürgerhaus Pelkovenschlössl zwei renommierte Jazz-Musiker*innen via Livestream aus dem Kulturhaus. Zu Besuch sind das TUIJA KOMI DUO und das ANGELA AVETISYAN QUARTET.

Das erste Set um 20 Uhr spielen Tuija Komi und Stephan Weiser und das Publikum darf sich auf „Those Fantastic Songs“ freuen. Wenn die großartige finnische Sängerin und Wahlmünchnerin Tuija Komi die Bühne betritt, dann tut sie das mit ungeheurer Präsenz. Allein die Kraft ihrer Stimme schafft eine Atmosphäre, die dem Publikum Zugang zu der Welt des nordischen Landes der Mitternachtssonne gewährt. Tuija Komi tritt im Duo mit dem sympathischen und versierten Musikerkollegen Stephan Weiser auf.

Um ca. 20.50 Uhr startet das 2. Set mit dem Angela Avetisyan Quartet. Die armenische Trompeterin bringt ihren eigenen Klang auf die Bühne. Mit ihrer Musik spielt sie sich in die Herzen der Zuhörer, mit höchster Virtuosität und klarer Einfachheit verwischt sie die Grenzen zwischen Menschen und Musikrichtungen. Misha Antonov, Maximilian Hirning und Simon Popp komplettieren das Quartet.

2011 ernannte die Organisation der Vereinten Nationen (UNESCO) den 30. April offiziell zum Internationalen Jazz-Tag, um den Jazz und seine diplomatische Rolle bei der Vereinigung von Menschen in allen Teilen der Welt hervorzuheben. Der Kulturverein „DIE LINIE 1“ e.V.  und das Pelkovenschlössl beteiligen sich erstmals am Internationalen Jazz-Tag.

Der Eintritt kostet 15 € (ermäßigt 10€ – für Schüler*innen, Student*innen und München Pass Besitzer*innen) pro Link – gerne auch pro Person. Anmeldung und Bezahlung bis Freitag, 30.04.21 um 14 Uhr unter; via: Überweisung:  IBAN DE58 7015 0000 0028 2741 40 (Stadtsparkasse München); Empfänger: Gesamtverein Moosach e.V.; im Verwendungszweck bitte unbedingt Mail-Adresse angeben. Der Link wird ca. eine Stunde vor Konzertbeginn verschickt. Weitere Infos unter oder .


As part of the International Jazz Day on Friday, April 30th, the Moosach cultural association “DIE LINIE 1” e.V. and the Pelkovenschlössl cultural and community center will present two renowned jazz musicians via livestream from the Kulturhaus. The TUIJA KOMI DUO and the ANGELA AVETISYAN QUARTET are visiting.
Tuija Komi and Stephan Weiser play the first set at 8 p.m. and the audience can look forward to “Those Fantastic Songs”. When the great Finnish singer and Munich resident Tuija Komi takes the stage, she does it with a tremendous presence. The power of her voice alone creates an atmosphere that gives the audience access to the world of the Nordic land of the midnight sun. Tuija Komi appears in a duo with the sympathetic and accomplished musician Stephan Weiser.
The 2nd set with the Angela Avetisyan Quartet starts at around 8:50 pm. The Armenian trumpeter brings her own sound to the stage. With her music she plays her way into the hearts of the audience, with the highest virtuosity and clear simplicity she blurs the boundaries between people and styles of music. Misha Antonov, Maximilian Hirning and Simon Popp complete the quartet.
In 2011, the United Nations Organization (UNESCO) officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role in bringing people together in all parts of the world. The cultural association “DIE LINIE 1” e.V. and the Pelkovenschlössl take part in the International Jazz Day for the first time.
Admission costs € 15 (reduced € 10 – for schoolchildren, students and Munich Pass holders) per link – also per person. Registration and payment by Friday, 04/30/21 at 2 p.m. at; via: or bank transfer: IBAN DE58 7015 0000 0028 2741 40 (Stadtsparkasse München); Recipient: Gesamtverein Moosach e.V .; Please make sure to include your email address in the intended use. The link will be sent about one hour before the start of the concert. More information at or

Contact: | +491756375422
Official Website: Click Here

Kultur- und Bürgerhaus Pelkovenschlössl
Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz 2
München, Bayern

Event Time: 20:00
Germany YogaLoveJazz Virtual

Still in organizing the project the idea it´s born to to emphasise the connection between the two passions of yoga and jazz, highlighting the forces generated by one hour of yoga and one hour of listening to jazz. The combination of the two opens up frontiers in the heart and soul and leads us to a healthy inner world, which is expressed in the realisation of an equally healthy outer world… Jazz represents music where each musician is closely connected in a domino cascade with the sound of the others, each time creating a different version of the same music, it sustains a unique and profound rhythm that opens sound barriers for the listener. Jazz tempos caress the deepest emotions, supporting the performer, the sound, the listening…

Contact: | +49015736364410

Wiesentrasse, 7
Berlin, Brandenburg

Event Time: 19:00

BEST OF THE LOCKDOWN SESSIONS | live @ Quasimodo Berlin

For this special occasion we made a selection of some of the best tunes played the last months at the Lockdown Sessions. We hope you enjoy them!
You can find a link to each one of the full shows by scrolling down.

Angele Tremsal’s ENIVRANCE-

Quasimodo Club & Bar:

Official Website: Click Here

Quasimodo Club
Kantstr. 12 A
Berlin, Germany

Event Time: 20:00
Germany jazzahead!

Bremen, Germany-based jazzahead! is the world’s largest jazz trade fair and one of the most significant annual events on the global jazz scene. Set for late April every year since 2006, it temporarily coincides with International Jazz Day. This year we started a partnership with IJD, including diverse showcases that you find on our website and an interactive zoom concert with Tin Men & The Telephone from the Netherlands.

Contact: | +491755604221
Official Website: Click Here

Bremen, Germany

Event Time: 16:30

The jazz.grafing association is participating on IJD. The jazz.grafing association is participating in this global event for the fourth time and will be presenting four young jazz musicians who swarmed from their Bavarian homeland to establish oneself in the international jazz scene.

Alma Naidu, 25, born in Munich, with her expressive soprano voice together with the 30-year-old Augsburg bassist Julia Hornung and pianist Niklas Roever, born in Ebersberg in 1998, completed by the 29-year-old drummer Johannes Rothmoser (grown-up in Grafing).

In addition to the live music, which is the focus, there will also be interviews and surprise guests. Due to the pandemic-related restrictions, the event must be broadcast from the Grafing town hall

Contact: | +49 171 3343572
Official Website: Click Here

Stadthalle Grafing
Jahnstr. 15
Grafing, Bavaria

Event Time: 20:30
Germany Jazz goes to School

Our online-project is titled “Jazz goes to School”, with which we present educational videos and material for schools and teachers based in Hamburg but also to whom it may interest. There are four videos of different musicians of 5 – 10 Minutes with supplementary educational material. The musicians will interpret the standard Jazz tune “Body and Soul” in their individual mode and will be interviewed about their musical understanding, their everyday life and connected questions. If teachers like the material will be presented online or analogue by local professionals. The project is co-financed by a local foundation with additional means of our volunteer organization. The URL address to find the documents and videos is:

Contact: | +49 172 67 08 429
Official Website: Click Here

Hamburg, Germany
Germany International Jazz Day – Doppelkonzert

Opening/greetings by FRANK MEYER
Lord Mayor of the City of Krefeld

TOBIAS KLEIN saxophone
JOHN DIKEMAN saxophone
BART MARIS trompete

PHILIPP GROPPER tenor saxophone, composition
ELIAS STEMESEDER piano, synthesizer

Contact: | +491722661732
Official Website: Click Here

Burg Linn, Krefeld
Rheinbabenstr. 85

Event Time: 20:00
Germany Christoph Spendel Electric Group | Online Concert Virtual

A new chapter in the history of the legendary Christoph Spendel Group, with international musicians from around the world. The “CSG” has been touring Europe in the eighties and nineties and is now back on road with new music from contemporary influences, between jazz, latin, pop, and world.

Peter Klohmann – sax, flute
Christoph Spendel – keyboards, piano
Thomas Heidepriem – electric bass
Martin Standke – drums

Contact: | +49 15152717078
Official Website: Click Here

Ella & Louis
Rosengartenplatz 2

Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg

Event Time: 20:00
Germany International Jazz Day Concert 2021 by Enjoy Jazz Festival Virtual

A concert with Alexandra Lehmler and other German Jazz musicians.

Enjoy Jazz Festival wants to support musicians in times of the pandemic. The musicians will be paid by the organizers plus all funds collected during the broadcast by way of donation will go to the artists.

Last years’s edition raised nearly 5000 Europe donations for the participating artists that barely had and have other income due to the Corona lockdown regulations.

Contact: | +4962216470425
Official Website: Click Here

Alte Feuerwache Mannheim
Brückenstraße 2
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg

Event Time: 20:00
Germany Paul Zauner’s Blue Brass – Freedom Now Virtual

Paul Zauner’s Blue Brass is the musical base for contemporary Jazz expeditions. The program Freedom Now is to inspire every single person to go a peaceful way.

The Band:
Paul Zauner-tb
Barney Girlinger-tp,flgh
Klemens Pliem-ts,fl
Milan Nikolic-b
Dusan Novakov-dr
Omar Belmonte-perc

All the improvised music will be centered around Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln Freedom Now Suite and some other historic songs done by Abbey Lincoln

Contact: | +43 6769046822
Official Website: Click Here

Cafe Museum Passau
Bräugasse 17

Passau, Bavaria

Event Time: 20:00
Germany Dokumentation über Jazzmusiker: JazzDayGermany. Virtual

Gemeinsam mit Musikern aus Deutschland, dem deutschsprachigen Raum, vielen anderen aus Europa und der ganzen Welt, wollen wir zeigen, wie vielfältig, kreativ, inspirierend und hinreißend Jazz Musik sein kann. Wir feiern also den Tag, der “unser” Tag ist: International Jazz Day gemeinsam mit der ganzen Welt.

Wir berichten mit berührenden Dokumentationen, Konzertberichten, Fotos über Musiker und Bands, die uns begeistern und mit ihrer Musik begleiten.

In Zusammenarbeit mit jazzahead! wollen wir im Jahr 2021 50 Musiker auf unserer Plattform vorstellen.


Together with musicians from Germany, the German-speaking region, many others from Europe and around the world, we want to show how diverse, creative, inspiring and gorgeous jazz music can be. So we celebrate the day that is “our” day: International Jazz Day together with the whole world. We report with touching documentaries, concert reports, photos about musicians and bands who inspire us and accompany us with their music.

In cooperation with jazzahead! we want to introduce 50 musicians on our platform in 2021.


Contact: | +4951919989101
Official Website: Click Here


Event Time: 00:00