Global Celebrations 2016

Country/Territory Event Venue
Germany Allstar Jazz Band

At the Badenscher Hof Jazzclub Berlin, Germany, we will celebrate the International Jazzday 2016 with a Allstar Jazz Formation with Reggie Moore (piano) USA Carmelo Leotta (bass) Italy Michael Kersting (drums) Germany Walter Gauchel (tenorsax) Germany Dustin Drews (altosax) USA & many Guests.

Contact: Hans-Hugo Rieck | +49 30 8610 080
Official Website: Click Here

Badenscher Hof Jazzclub Berlin Germany

Event Time: 21:00
Germany Jazzy Day

We have a scheduled 12hrs totally dedicated to Piano & Jazz Guitar practice in celebration of the International Jazz Day 2016 !

Contact: Laomusic Arts
Official Website: Click Here

LaoMusic Arts 2016

Event Time: 07:07
Germany Jazz-Up Your Weekend!

“Jazz Up Your Weekend!” is a jam session workshop hosted by Gerit v. Stockhausen at JazzHaus school, Cologne. Show us what you got! Check out hip and easy jazz tunes with us: from jam to elaborate arrangements, learn the language and methods to the “madness”! Celebrate, educate, participate!

Contact: Gerit von Stockhausen | +49 17 94742 470
Official Website: Click Here

Köln, NRW 50668
Event Time: 11:00
Germany A Tribute to “Weather Report“

Die Band „A Tribute to Weather Report“ huldigt ihrem großen Vorbild und entwickelt deren Musik in unsere heutige Zeit weiter. Mit Vibraphon und Gitarre besetzt, spielen die fünf Nürnberger in kreativen eigenen Arrangements die Klassiker der Jazzrockband.

The band “A Tribute to Weather Report” pays homage to its great role model that influenced the development of its music to the present day. Studded with vibraphone and guitar, it will play five of its own Nuremberg creative arrangements and jazz rock classics.

Contact: Andreas Krause

Event Time: 20:00
Germany Stephanie Lottermoser – “Countryside”

Stephanie Lottermoser is a Munich, Germany based saxophone player, singer and composer who released three solo albums so far. This year she plays a special acoustic trio program with Christoph Müller (git) and Alex Haas (b) for the IJD that combines her compositions with some Blues and Country.

Contact: Stephanie Lottermoser | +49 17 38 15 12 35
Official Website: Click Here

Kulturkeller Bad Waldsee
Kulturkeller des Ev. Familienzentrums Burghaldenweg
Bad Waldsee, Baden-Württemberg 88339
Event Time: 20:00
Germany Swaenk – Live in Concert

Swaenk, modern Jazz with 3 horns. Classic sound – new Compositions!

Contact: Michael Fluegel | +49 172 66 19 470
Official Website: Click Here

St-Getreu-Straße 14
Bamberg 96049
Event Time: 19:00
Germany ie Lange Nacht der Musik 2016 – »Tango« mit Quadro Nuevo

Quadro Nuevo is the European answer to the Argentinean tango! Their music sounds European, with a touch of Flamenco, a little Italianitá and is inspired by the jazz of the 60s that we all worship.

Further information, contact & concerts:

Contact: David Bonhagen
Official Website: Click Here

Literaturhaus München
Salvatorplatz 1
Bavaria, Munich 80333
Event Time: 20:00
Germany Olivier Pascalin

The Master of the Masters, or MOM, is an international choreography contest of Olivier Pascalin, and the same profesional choregrapy contest in the Argentine province of Entre Rios City of Parana. An international choreography competition of the 21st Century, it will promote international jazz dance for International Jazz Day.

Contact: Olivier Pascalin | +49 03 07916 789
Official Website: Click Here

MOM International Choreography Contest
Berlin 10965
Event Time: 8:30
Germany FUSK (Mahall/Gropper/Lang/Tom) // ZOLA & GREG (Mennenöh/Cohen)

Dazzling array of modern Jazz! FUSK unites four outstanding musicians, defining their own freedom between contrapuntal springboard melodies and catchy themes. ZOLA & GREG, a great talented singer and one of the best jazz bass-players, improvise on long forgotten standards with American folk songs.

Contact: Niklas Alt

Donaustraße 115
Berlin 12043
Event Time: 20:30
Germany Jazz & Yoga

Jazz and Yoga meet in several respects, especially because of the strong impact that both have on the mind by way of a deep sound developed through an ancient technique of tonal harmony. Other shared points of Jazz and Yoga are concentration, breathing, improvisation, “being-in-touch”, “Free Jazz”. Check out the Facebook event here:

Contact: Luana Marini Bellisari | +49 15 736364 410
Official Website: Click Here

Yalp Yoga and Ayurveda- Berlin Studio
Wiesenstraße, 7
Berlin 13357
Event Time: 17:00
Germany Tom’s UpperGround Quartet at WunderBAR, Kassel, Germany

On International Jazz Day, Kassel’s Jazz quartet Tom’s UpperGround plays contemporary jazz tunes and standards, inspired by Soul and Funk.
Ronja Reiff, vocals
Thomas Kepper, guitar
Christoph Stuhldreier bass
Alex von Hohenberg, drums

Contact: Thomas Kepper | +49 151 65102 465
Official Website: Click Here

Wilhelmshöher Allee 287
Kassel, Hessen 34131
Event Time: 20:00
Germany Doppelkonzert zum International Jazz Day: Colin Vallon Trio / Elias Stemeseder solo

Jazzklub Krefeld E.V. is happy to host their forth double concert at Castle Linn to celebrate IJD. The young Austrian piano player Elias Stemeseder will open the evening with his current solo program, followed by the Colin Vallon (piano) Trio, from Switzerland (with Patrice Moret, bass, and Julian Sartorius, drums).

Contact: Martina Heffels

Rittersaal der Burg Linn (Knight's Hall at Castle Linn)
Krefeld, N.R.W. 47809
Event Time: 20:00
Germany Lange Nacht der Musik / Long Night of Music

Germany’s biggest cultural center celebrates the International Jazz Day as part of the event “Long Night of Music”: Claus Reichstaller and his new International Jazz Quintet, the Christian Elsässer Jazz Orchestra and the Bastien Rieser Quartett present three different concerts.

Contact: Patricia Strauß | +49 89 48 09 81 28
Official Website: Click Here

Rosenheimer Str. 5
Munich, Bavaria 81667
Event Time: 20:00
Germany Lange Nacht der Musik – Long Night of Music / OPEN AIR – JAZZ NIGHT hosted by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts feat.

The following artists:

– School Big Band of the Gymnasium Weilheim (
– Big Band of the Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts
– C.S.T. – Christian Schumacher Trio & friends (

Patron of this concert is the Bavarian State Minister of Education, Dr. Ludwig Spaenle.

Contact: Christian Schumacher
Official Website: Click Here

Theatinerhof - Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts
Salvatorstr. 2
Munich 80333
Event Time: 20:00
Germany Griener, Roder, Thewes play Mangelsdorff, Von Tadellöser & Wolf bis Black Lives Matter. Die subversive Kraft des Jazz

Presentation with film excerpts in German by Wolfram Knauer, about the political implications of jazz throughout the 20th century. During the second set, Michael Griener (drums), Christoph Thewes (trombone) and Jan Roder (bass) play a tribute to Albert Mangelsdorff.

Contact: Wolfram Knauer

Spielraum Heiligenwald
Schiffweiler, Saarland 66578
Event Time: 20:00
Germany 7. Schweriner Jazznacht

It is a jazz evening at Schwerin, Schelfkirche (church) with diffent parts: Pupils from a music school are going to open the evening. Followed by an international quartet featuring Danny Gottlieb (dr), Arie Volinez (b), Sal Giorgianni (sax) and Vladislav Sendecki (p) with special guest: Sandie Wollasch (voc) on stage. The evening completed by NDR radio broadcast and public concert: NDR bigband with Adam Bałdych (vl). They play together with Danny Gottlieb (dr), Vladyslav Sendecki (p) and Michael Gibbs (arrangements & conductor).

Contact: Marianne Wöhrle | +49 38 55572 259
Official Website: Click Here

Schelfkirche (church)
Event Time: 19:30
Germany Jazz Afternoon – International Jazz Day

Wir präsentieren in unserem Showroom Der Kleine Weltraum unsere musikalischen Projekte.
– Daisy Blue spielt Jazz Classicals, Bossa Nova und Swing.
– Tangerine Tom bietet Electro- und NuJazz Instrumentals und spielt mit Loungeklängen und Funk-Rhythmen.
– Überraschungsgäste.

We present our musical projects in our showroom The Small Space.

– Daisy Blue plays Jazz Classicals, bossa nova and swing.
– Tangerine Tom provides electro and NuJazz Instrumentals, playing with Lounge sounds and funk rhythms.
– Surprise guests.

Contact: Thomas Hoeveler | +49 20 52 74 56
Official Website: Click Here

Der Kleine Weltraum
Wiemhof 4
Velbert-Langenberg NRW 42555
Event Time: 16:00