IJD Events in Romania

Country/Territory Event Venue
Romania Fernet Blues Company

Concert. Free entry to celebrate International Jazz Day

Contact: Ferenc Hegedűs

Cafe Jazz
Gábor Áron tér 4
Kézdivásárhely, Covasna 525400

Event Time: 20:30
Romania International Jazz Day Arad 2016

For the 3rd year in a row, Arad is celebrating International Jazz Day, this year with 3 days of concerts featuring: Arcus Trio (RO), JazzyBit (Ro), Claudia Iuga & Q Band (RO), Sárosi Péter & Azara (RO), Sebastian Spanache Trio, and Pankastic!

Contact: Mihai Molnar | +40 786041600

"Arta" Cinema
Vasile Alecsandri street no. 2
Arad 310024

Event Time: 19:00
Romania #jazzday Arad with Zolbert – Peet Project – Claudia Iuga and After-Party Jam Session with TrupaReChords

The second edition of International Jazz Day Arad will take place this year at the “Arta” cinema. The performers will be Zolbert – Saxophonist, composer, producer – Peet Project – pop-funk-jazz band – Claudia Iuga – semifinalist of “The Voice” Romania 2013.After-Party Jam Session with Trupa ReChords

Contact: Mihai Molnar | +40786041600

"Arta" Cinema
Vasile Alecsandri street no. 2
Arad 310024

Event Time: 19:00 - 23:20
Romania #aradcanjazz – International Jazz Day Arad

The 4th edition of International Jazz Day Arad will take place this year at Club Flex Arad. The performer will be Zolbert – Saxophonist, composer, producer.

Contact: Mihai Molnar | +40761899230
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/intljazzdayarad/

Event Time: 21:00
Romania International Jazz Day Arad – Romania

We screened online the All-Star Global concert, followed by a jam session with the students from “Sabin Dragoi” Arts High-School from Arad. Afterward, we hosted a concert featuring local jazz band Mario & The Teachers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXHoHX0hSlc

Contact: Mihai Molnar | +40756045451
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/MolnarEvents

International Jazz Day Arad 2014
Splaiul General Praporgescu - Nerv Terrace
On Mures Pire
Arad 310183

Event Time: 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Romania IOANID International Jazz Day

The second edition of IOANID International Jazz Day took place this year at the Elvire Popesco cinema. The performers were the children from the kindergarten’s choir, together with guests Nadine, Anastasia and Ian. Songs included “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “Agua de Beber,” “Mas Que Nada.”

Contact: Diana Rosoiu | +40758054437
Official Website: http://ioanid.com

77, Dacia Blv.
4, Polona street
District 1
Bucharest 010501

Event Time: 16:00 - 18:00
Romania Take Five

“Take Five” is a blogging event organised by Music Teacher Lifestyle during the whole month of April and it consists of posting a jazz link every day to acknowledge and celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month.

Contact: Ioana Boanca | +40 747540437
Official Website: https://musicteacherlifestyle.wordpress.com/

Bucharest - Online Event
Romania Diana Rosoiu

A children’s concert featuring Diana Rosoiu.

Contact: Diana Rosoiu | +40 0758054437

Elvira Popescu Cinema

Event Time: 17:00

Organized by the jazz and improvised music magazine Jazz Compas, the event consisted of two concerts. First, Sebastian Spanache Trio released their new album, ‘A Pasha’s abstinence’ 2014. The second concert was performed by Romanian Jazz Collective, a group performing works by Romanian jazz composers.

Contact: Jazz Compas | +31634836386
Official Website: http://jazzcompas.com/

Str. Batişte nr. 14
Bucharest 020932

Event Time: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Romania IOANID International Jazz Day

Kids Concert and jazz duo performance.

Contact: Diana Rosoiu | 0758 054 437

Gradinita IOANID
4, Polona street
District 1
Bucharest 010491
0758 054 437

Event Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Romania Art Factory Gala for Young Jazz Musicians From Romania

Florin Raducanu is piano player, composer and jazz educator from Romania. April 30 Gala Art Factory for young jazz musicians from Romania will take place in the concert hall of the National College of Music “George Enescu” from Bucharest.

Contact: Florin Raducanu | 00 40 732 269 896
Official Website: http://www.jazzworldquest.com/florin_raducanu.html

National College of Music "George Enescu" from Bucharest
Gheorghe Manu str. nr 30, sect.1 Bucharest
Bucharest 032461
00 40 732 269 896

Event Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Romania Bucharest International JAZZ Competition

JM Events is publicly launching the 7th edition of Bucharest International Jazz Competition (18 – 25 May), ranked among the first 3 jazz contests in Europe. It is addressed to bands and vocalists. 27 bands from 22 countries will bring 8 days of intense music, 100% jazz and more.

Contact: Luigi Gageos | +40 740 759 566
Official Website: http://www.jmEvents.ro

Odeon Theatre, Arcub Hall, Academy of Arts
40-42 Calea Victoriei
Bucharest 030112

Event Time: 7pm
Romania International Jazz Day Cluj // Jazz Factory

On the occasion of the International Jazz Day, we are launching JAZZ FACTORY, a new Cluj-Napoca based platform meant to promote the local and the international jazz scene.

Contact: Alex Moldovan

Atelier Cafe
Memorandumului Street No. 9
Cluj-Napoca,, Romania 400114

Event Time: 21:00
Romania Ziua Internationala a Jazzului

International Jazz Day in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is an all day long event that will include workshops, seminars, thematic day in clubs, restaurants and bars, concerts at various venues and jam sessions with a lot of guests. Join us to celebrate together this day in style and elegance!

Contact: Tudor Vesa | +40721323046

Hungarian Opera House
Emil Isac Street
No. 26-28
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj 400023

Event Time: 11am - 1am
Romania International Jazz Day Romania

The 5th edition of #jazzday will be a tribute to Paul Desmond & Dave Brubeck and their most famous jazz standard “Take Five.” Multiple jazz groups and artists are reuniting on the same stage for the longest and most diverse interpretation of this song.

Contact: Tudor Vesa
Official Website: http://www.jazzday.ro

Cluj-Napoca Culture House
Cluj Napoca, Cluj 400003

Event Time: 19:00
Romania International Jazz Day Romania

Performing at Jazz Day Romania Gala Concert:
Ola Onabule (UK), Joe Stoddart (UK), Guillermo Hill (UK), Guido May (DE), Nick Flade (DE), Keisha White (UK), Jason Hunter (USA), Rychus Ryter (UK), Sofia Rubina (EST), Villu Veski (EST), Corneliu Stroe & Balkanamera Band (RO), GAIO BIG BAND (RO)

Contact: Tudor Vesa | +4 0721 323 046
Official Website: http://www.jazzday.ro/

Culture House Cluj-Napoca
Piaţa Lucian Blaga 1-3
Cluj-Napoca 400003

Event Time: 19:30 - 23:00

The freedom of creative spirit is now called JAZZ. The JAZZ DAY INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is a reason for our planet Earth to make a complete rotation on the 30th of April in the rhythm and harmony of jazz, but for us in soul and life, this magic rotation is repeated 365 days in every year.
“OPUS 1.61”: Cristian Ciomu – keyboards, Marcel Voinea -tobe, Iulian Albu -chitar, Cornel Popescu- caval, flutes, Ilinca Zamfir – mezzovocal.

Contact: Cristian Ciomu | +40 0722239304

Event Time: 19:19

OPUS 1,61 : Cristian Ciomu – keyboards, Marcel Voinea – drums, Iulian Albu – guitar, Cornel Popescu – caval, flute, Ilinca Zamfir – mezzovocal
30 april 2019 – hour 19,19
Agora of the Arts of Architecture,
Calea Unirii nr. 64 C ,
200329 – Craiova, România
“Jazz has many forms – hot – cool – free – swing – soul
Combos have a style but can experiment infinitely
Love is a many splendored thing
But worldwide the basics are very similar

Jazz is spiritual and has graudually evolved
From the angst of the downtrodden slaves
Love is also spiritual – and is a natural emotion
A gift from God a compensation for being Human! “
Jazz And Love
Poem by John Knight

Contact: Cristian Ciomu | +40722239304

Event Time: 19:19
Romania Opus 1,61 – Concert pentru Ziua Jazz-Ului

Concert al grupului OPUS 1,61 alcătuit din Cristian Ciomu –pian, claviaturi, Iulian Albu – chitară, Marcel Voinea- tobe şi invitaţii Ilinca Zamfir – mezzo-vocal , Cornel Popescu – caval/ fluier , Mircea Suchici –violoncel în VINEREA MARE 29 aprilie 2016

Opus 1,61 – Jazz Concert Day
OPUS 1,61 band with: Cristian Ciomu on piano and keyboards; Iulian Albu on guitar; Marcel Voinea on drums; singer Ilinca Zamfir ; Cornel Popescu on flute and Mircea Suchini on cello.
Happy Friday April 29, 2016

Contact: Cristian Ciomu | +40 722239304

Agora Artelor Arhitecturii ( A.A.A.)
Calea Unirii, NR 64 C
Craiova, Dolj 200329

Event Time: 19:19

Concert OPUS 1,61 in Agora Artelor Arhitecturii

Contact: Cristian CIOMU | +40 722239304

Event Time: 20:20
Romania Concert Les Nuages | International Jazz Day Satu Mare

In order to promote the International Jazz Day in our city – Satu Mare (RO), we are organising a jazz concert with Les Nuages – the first exclusively all female quartet from Cluj-Napoca (RO).
The event is organised by the RestArt & Music Festival team, the biggest jazz event in the city.

Contact: Oana Laslău | +40 743097947
Official Website: http://www.restartmusic.ro

Music'at Cafe & Pub
Ham Janos Street
Number 4
Satu Mare, Satu Mare County 440027

Event Time: 22:00
Romania Quazar avantgarde jazz concert and launch of “Beat vacsora” (Beat supper), a book of poems by Gábor István Ördög

The Székely Nemzeti Múzeum hosted an avantgarde concert and book launch.

Contact: Endre-Lázár Prezsmer
Official Website: http://www.jazznap.hu

Székely Nemzeti Múzeum
Kós Károly utca 10
Sfantu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy), Covasna, 520055

Event Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Romania Celebrating Jazz Day in Sibiu

We celebrate the International Jazz Day promoting a original project that combines jazz music and stand-up comedy.
The project aims to entertain and attract new, young audiences towards jazz music.

Contact: Simona Adina Maxim | +40 754235885
Official Website: http://sibiujazz.ro/en/jazz-day-en/

Event Time: 19:00
Romania Tonight Jazz Quartet and Friends

The Jazz & Blues Club welcomed guests to a concert featuring TONIGHT JAZZ QUARTET & FRIENDS. On stage: Puja Brown (trumpet), Szabolcs Trozner (piano), Gombocz Litter (drums), Zonda John (bass) and friends Christina Köszike and Saxony Csab.

Contact: Avar Gombocz | +40723745734

Tonight Jazz Quartet and Friends
str.Sinaia nr.3
Targu Mures, Mures 540319
+40-724 400322

Event Time: 07:00 pm - 09:30 pm
Romania Balázs Elemér Group

The Jazz Cafe hosted a concert featuring the Balázs Elemér Group.

Contact: Ferenc Hegedűs
Official Website: http://www.jazznap.hu

Jazz Cafe
Fő tér
Targu Secuiesc (Kézdivásárhely), Covasna 525400

Event Time: 7:00 pm
Romania Borbély Műhely

A Hungarian ethno-jazz group playing in an overwhelmingly Hungarian-speaking town in Romania

Like in all the participating clubs in Hungary and the Hungarian speaking parts of neighbouring countries, admission will be free at all events to all comers on International Jazz Day.

Contact: Mihály Borbély

Jazz Cafe
Gábor Áron tér 4
Tirgu Secuiesc/Kézdivásárhely, , Covasna 525400

Event Time: 21:00
Romania International Jazz Day 2014: Romania

International Jazz Day 2014: Romania was a nationwide event, with multiple cities celebrating the day with their own events and concerts. The event brought together multiple entities that support jazz in Romania. More information is available on our official website.

Official Website: http://www.jazzday.ro

Various Venues
Various Cities

Event Time: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm