2020 Global Celebrations

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Australia International Jazz Day 2020 feat. Mia Palencia

Mia Palencia launched her luminous career in the Malaysian music scene at the age of 14. Nineteen years, 6 albums, numerous concerts and tours later, Mia continues to live her dream of making music the centrepiece of her life’s work.

Having performed at jazz festivals and concerts across East Asia, Mia moved to Tasmania in 2009. Her awards include a University Medal and the Jack Duffy Memorial Award. Mia records, performs and tours as part of the vibrant Tasmanian music scene, with her jazz quartet In Good Company, soul ensemble Soul Truck, and the Derwent Valley Concert Band.

Mia Palencia – vocals
Alistair Dobson – saxophone
Viktor Zappner – piano
Nick Hart – guitar
Hamish Houston – double bass
Lawrence Churches – drums

Contact: Karina Rose | +61 364305850
Official Website: Click here

Burnie Arts & Function Centre 77-79 Wilmot Street
Burnie, Tasmania

Event Time: 19:30
Brazil Rio Santos Jazz Fest 2020

Shows – Exibição de Filmes – Exposição de fotos – Palestras – Workshops
Entrada gratuita – Evento oficial da UNESCO

O objetivo principal do RIO SANTOS JAZZ FEST é trazer entretenimento para o público da Baixada Santista através de um estilo que é um dos principais alicerces da música popular mundial, que é o JAZZ.

De forma acessível e com entrada gratuita, o público será incentivado a se integrar à música e ao ritmo, promovendo uma agradável confraternização entre os participantes.

O Festival será dividido em 10 dias, com várias atrações de renome das cidades do Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo e de Santos.


Concerts – Film Screening – Photo Exhibition – Lectures – Workshops
Free admission – UNESCO official event
FROM APRIL 24 TO MAY 03, 2020

The main objective of the RIO SANTOS JAZZ FEST is to bring entertainment to the public of Baixada Santista through a style that is one of the main foundations of world popular music, which is JAZZ.

Accessibly and with free admission, the public will be encouraged to integrate with the music and the rhythm, promoting a pleasant fraternization among the participants.

The Festival will be divided into 10 days, with several renowned attractions from the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Santos.

Contact: Cássio Laranja | +55 13 981321314
Official Website: Click here

Santos Rua Conselheiro Ribas, 136, Aparecida
Santos, SP
+55 13 32789800

Event Time: 19:00
Chile Dia Internacional del Jazz San Fernando 2020

Estamos muy Contento de ser participe un año más de esta maravillosa celebración al Jazz. Este Dia del Jazz a celebrar, tendrá una razón muy importante para nosotros, pues, esta maravillosa música nos acompañará en nuestro deseo de querer democracia y paz. Con todas nuestras ganas queremos volver a sentir esta energía del Jazz que nos inspira para hacer este mundo un gran lugar para vivir, donde no exista el racismo ni la violencia.
Durante el mes de abril se harán intervenciones de música Jazz en colegios y plazas públicas de la ciudad, para invitar a toda la comunidad a la celebración del día jueves 30 de abril en el centro cultural de San Fernando. tendremos músicos invitados de primer nivel del jazz chileno.
Estará Increíble!


We are very happy to be participating another year in this wonderful celebration of Jazz. To celebrate this Jazz Day, will have a very important reason for us, as this wonderful music will accompany us in our desire for democracy and peace. With all our desire we want to feel again this Jazz energy that inspires us to make this world a great place to live, where there is no racism or violence.
During the month of April, Jazz music interventions will be held in schools and public squares in the city, to invite the entire community to the celebration of Thursday, April 30 in the cultural center of San Fernando. We will have first-rate guest musicians from Chilean jazz.
It will be amazing!

Contact: Rodrigo Piña | +569 77405480

Centro Cultural San Fernando Carampangue 883
San Fernando,
Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins

Event Time: 18:00
Colombia X Festival Internacional de Blues y Jazz de Bucaramanga

Alumnos y profesores de musica junto con la Comunidad en general gozando con estos generos musicales universales en total Armonia,fraternidad y paz !!


Students and music teachers together with the Community in general enjoying these Universal Musical Genres in total harmony, fraternity and Peace!!

Contact: Henry Moros Herrera | +57 3143698468
Official Website: Click here

La Casa del Libro Total Calle 35 # 9-81
+57 3185482736

Event Time: 03:30
Croatia Jazz on the Roof

In the small roural village Konjsko situated in a chestnut forest of Ucka mountain, where there has not ever been a jazz concert, we are organizing an open-air jazz session at the roof of the only music-related venue (a recording studio), consisting of local jazz musicians, playing for all people from the village and neighbor villages (Dobrec, Lovranska Draga, Liganj…)

Contact: Elvis Stanic | +385912011531
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Etc Music Studio Konjsko 92c

Event Time: 19:00
Denmark Athletic Progression

– Jonas Cook (Keys)
– Jonathan J. Ludvigsen (Drums)
– Justo Gambula (Bass)

Contact: Claus Meineche | +45 31226238
Official Website: Click here

Godset Jens Holms vej 5

Event Time: 20:00
Dominican Republic Jazz en Dominicana – Fiesta Sunset Jazz presents the Carlito Estrada Quartet – Dominican Republic´s Official International Jazz Day 2019 Concert

Jazz en Dominican and Fiesta Sunset jazz will celebrate International Jazz Day for the ninth consecutive year, with a concert that will be out of this world by the quartet of Puerto Plata´s horn player Carlito Estrada; event in which awards will be given to musicians, producers, and other figures that have exalted Jazz in the Dominican Republic. On this night Fiesta Sunset Jazz will be very honored to present to all a night full of musical magic with one of the most talented, beloved and charismatic musicians in our country, who tonight will be debuting many of his own compositions with his quartet, songs that are part of his record “PambiJazz”. The electrifying saxophonist will be playing the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, the flute, the sopranino and the bass clarinet; and shall be accompanied by Daniel Álvarez on bass, Roberto Santana on piano and Hisdra Álvarez on drums. They will also play known standards in Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Latin, and more – all with that special and spicy flavor from the country’s Cibao region!! You are all invited to enjoy this special concert, on such a special night, which will be unforgettable -that simply- CANNOT BE MISSED !!!


Jazz en Dominicana y el Fiesta Sunset Jazz celebraran, por noveno año consecutivo el Día Internacional del Jazz con un concierto que será fuera de serie a cargo del cuarteto del saxofonista puertoplateño Carlito Estrada; y en el cual serán entregados reconocimientos a músicos, productores, y otras figuras que han enaltecido el Jazz en nuestro país. En esta noche el Fiesta Sunset Jazz se honra en presentar a todos los asistentes una noche llena de magia musical con uno de los más talentosos, queridos y carismáticos músicos de nuestro país, quien en esta noche estará debutando muchas composiciones propias con su cuarteto, las mismas forman parte de su producción discográfica ¨PambiJazz¨. El electrizante saxofonista estará tocando los saxofones soprano, alto y tenor, la flauta, el sopranino y el clarinete bajo; siendo acompañado por Daniel Álvarez en bajo, Roberto Santana en piano y el baterista Hisdra Álvarez.También harán entrega de conocidos estándares del Jazz, Jazz Contemporáneo, Latin, y más – todos con ese saborcito y picante especial desde el Cibao!! A disfrutar en grande de esta especial propuesta, un especial concierto, en una especial noche, que será inolvidable -que- NO SE PUEDEN PERDER!!!

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert | +1 829 586 9177
Official Website: Click here

Fiesta Sunset Jazz Avenida Anacaona 101 - Mirador Sur
Santo Domingo, DN
+1 809 562 3332

Event Time: 20:30
Dominican Republic Jazz Nights at Acrópolis celebrates International Jazz Day 2020 with the Ernesto Nuñez Quartet

For the third consecutive time, Jazz Nights at Acropolis joins the official celebrations of “International Jazz Day”. With the endorsement of International Jazz Day, UNESCO and the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, the venue celebrates the event with the band of Costa Rican trumpeter Ernesto Núñez, who throughout the time he has lived in the Dominican Republic has earned the love and respect of jazz lovers in our country. Today, Ernesto is -without a doubt- one of the best Jazz trumpeters we have; as bandleader he has prepared a very high level repertoire honoring jazz with famous songs of this genre, as well as his own compositions so that all attendees can not only enjoy the presentation, but also the special concert that shall celebrate this worldwide event. Núñez on trumpet and flugelhorn will be accompanied by the well-known musicians and friends, Corey Allen on piano, Pengbian Sang on bass, and Guy Frómeta on drums. One night that any renowned jazz club in the world would like to present. Undoubtedly, this will be a memorable and unique concert, that should not be missed out on!!


Por tercera ocasión el espacio Jazz Nights at Acrópolis se une a las celebraciones oficiales del ¨Día Internacional del Jazz¨.  Con el aval de Internacional Jazz Day, la UNESCO y el Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, el espacio festeja la efeméride con la agrupación del trompetista costarricense Ernesto Núñez, que a través de su tiempo en la República Dominicana se ha ganado el cariño y respeto del público y de los amantes del jazz en nuestro país. Hoy día, Ernesto es -sin duda alguna- uno de los mejores trompetistas de Jazz que tenemos; como líder de su agrupación ha preparado una entrega de altísimo nivel honrando al jazz con afamadas piezas del género, y composiciones propias para que el público disfrute en grande no solo de la presentación, si no del concierto especial para celebrar esta efeméride mundial. Núñez en trompeta y flugelhorn estará acompañado de los muy reconocidos músicos y amigos, Corey Allen en piano, Pengbian Sang en bajo, y Guy Frómeta en batería. Una noche que cualquier reconocido club de jazz en el mundo quisiera presentar. Sin duda, que éste será un memorable e único concierto, de primerísima, que no se deben perder!!!!

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert | +1 829 586 9177
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Nights at Acropolis Acropolis Center - Ave. Winston Churchill
Santo Domingo, DN
+1 829 586 9177

Event Time: 18:30
Dominican Republic Pedro Henríquez Ureña University hosts the XI Latin American Congress of Music Schools

The International School of Contemporary Music of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña University in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic will host the XI Latin American Congress of Music Schools from April 20 to 24, 2020. This year’s event will be dedicated and be part of the worldwide festivities of International Jazz Day.

This academic-musical event will count on the participation of directors, teachers and students from schools belonging to the Association. Conferences, clinics, ensembles, concerts, master classes and workshops in the areas of performance, composition and musical production will be held. During the event all will share the cultural legacy of the countries of the participating schools and cap it off with a special IJD Concert!

Contact: Silvestre De Moya | +1 809-223-3211
Official Website: Click here

International School of Contemporary Music of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña University UNPHU
Av. John F. Kennedy Km 7 1/2
Santo Domingo, DN
+1 809-223-3211

Event Time: 08:00
Ecuador 2020 Jazz Society of Ecuador Winter Jazz Festival

Internationally renowned Jazz Musicians performing at the Jazz Society Cafe, Cuenca, Ecuador January 3rd-4th 2020
Reservations: [email protected]
5-101 Luis Cordero y Juan Jaramillo, Cuenca, Ecuador
Upstairs (2nd Floor) of La Viña Italian Restaurant

“I believe that jazz is the most personal form of musical expression, and as such expresses the full range of emotions we all experience. Jazz was born in America as an expression of the experiences and emotions blacks in the South. Because of its emotional range, authenticity, and humanity, it quickly evolved and spread throughout the US, Europe, and the rest of the world. Jazz is a language, and like literature, there is a broad range of jazz, some that’s joyful, and some that’s deep, meaningful, and emotionally nurturing. The full spectrum of jazz is what we present at the Jazz Society Café, the performance venue of The Jazz Society of Ecuador located in Cuenca, Ecuador. Presenting jazz is our effort to unite us all in our common desire for peace and humanity.

—Jim Gala, Director, The Jazz Society of Ecuador

Contact: Jazz Society Cafe James Gala | +593 0939342714
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Society Cafe Calle Presidente Cordova, Exterior:5-104, Cuenca 010101, Ecuador
+593 0939342714

Event Time: 19:30
Greece JazZoo meets IDJ 2020….4th endeavor!

JazZoo meets the IDJ 2020
This will be our 4th endeavor since 2017, The Zoo and its JazZoo Concert Series, will be hosting the International Jazz Day celebrations for 2020. Three days of concerts this time (we are going bigger and better!) on 29th, 30th April & 1st May with the utmost Jazz bands of the Greek Jazz scene but also the European one. This time around we will be interpolating a jazz photography exhibition and a jazz painting exhibition in order to cover more ground in all art. We are aiming in a high quality program in order to feature Jazz music at its best like every year. Programming will follow shortly as we get closer to the IDJ 2020. Let all the world be Jazz…everyday!

Contact: Alekos Vretos | +30 6977340340
Official Website: Click here

The Zoo 45 Zoodochou Pigis str.
Chalandri, Attika

Event Time: 15:00
India International Jazz Day Bengaluru

JazzDay 2019 was a great success curated by us at The Bangalore School of Music. JazzDay 2020 promises to continue the excitement and mood by including all the local artists, bands who are eager to perform. We plan to have workshops and gigs preceding the event. More details soon!

Contact: Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi | +91 9844245577
Official Website: Click here

Bangalore School of Music
Bangalore, India

Event Time: 16:00
India Jazz Goa celebrates International Jazz Day

The house band Jazz Junction featuring accomplished jazz virtuosos from Goa, across India and around the world!

Contact: Colin D'Cruz | +91 9657574480
Official Website: Click here

Central Library Auditorium Patto Centre
Panjim, Goa
+91 832 2404691

Event Time: 19:00
Italy FestiValle 2020 Preview

FestiValle is the first international jazz music festival at Valley of the Temples, Agrigento – Sicily.
The 4th edition will be from 6th to 9th of August 2020.

On the 30th of April a preview for the International Jazz Day UNESCO.

Contact: Fausto Savatteri | +393384370056
Official Website: Click here

Valle dei Templi Via Panoramica dei Templi

Agrigento, Italia / AG / Sicily

Event Time: 19:00
Italy The Real Bossa

Francesco Petruzzelli titolare del Jazz Club Saint Patrick a Barletta Italy , ha organizzato per la sesta volta il concerto che celebra il JazzDay, la direzione artistica è del maestro Domenico Balducci .
Il Concerto ha il titolo The Real Bossa un omaggio alla musica Latinoamericana, Voce Anna Sforza , Pianoforte Domenico Balducci, Batteria Percussioni Francesco Giancaspro, Chitarra Jazz Giaci Balducci,Sax Gianni Ladisa
Saranno eseguiti brani di Jobim, Chico Bouarque, Baden Powel.


Francesco Petruzzelli, owner of the Saint Patrick Jazz Club in Barletta Italy, is organizing his sixth annual Jazz Day concert. The artistic direction is by the master Domenico Balducci.
The Concerto has the title The Real Bossa: a tribute to Latin American music. Voice Anna Sforza, Piano Domenico Balducci, Drums/Percussion Francesco Giancaspro, Guitar Jazz Giaci Balducci, Sax Gianni Ladisa
Will include pieces by Jobim, Chico Bouarque, Baden Powel.

Contact: Domenico Balducci | +39 3486618546
Official Website: Click here

Domenico Balducci Via Cialdini
Barletta, Bt

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Bergamo International Jazz Day

Bergamo International jazz Day from 3 to 30 April 2020: a month of concerts, workshops, photo exhibitions, conferences, flash mobs. More than 200 musicians and a network of associations, schools, jazz clubs and institutions come together to create a community in the name of jazz. The event is organized for the seventh year by Centro Didattico produzione Musica europe: an association committed since 1987 to music education to promote and enhance music among young people in collaboration with the municipality of Bergamo.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri | +39 3358202456
Official Website: Click here

CDpM Via De Amicis 6
Bergamo, BG
+38 035235654

Event Time: 20:00
Italy The Big Band Theory – International Jazz Day – Istituto “Suardo” di Bergamo

“The Big Band Theory” is the jazz group of the Liceo Musicale “Suardo” of Bergamo, since 2013 by Giovanni Abbiati (founder, trainer and arranger).
Every year it celebrates the International Jazz Day with a concert-lesson for the students of the school and other concerts in the city and in the country.
In 2016 and 2019 he participated in two musical exchanges with German schools (Furtwangen and Trossingen).
He has won numerous musical contests. In 2016 he received the first prize for an important competition and played in the awards ceremony at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education in Rome.
Over 50 students have played in the band and many have continued to study jazz at university.

Contact: Giovanni Abbiati | +39 035239370
Official Website: Click here

via Angelo Maj, 8
Bergamo, BG
+39 035239370

Event Time: 11:00
Italy Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2020

Casalmaggiore Jazz Day reaches its 9th edition; as from the beginning, CJD hosts a concert with more than 40 musicians in the Theatre of Casalmaggiore.

The earnings are used then to promote activities in the schools to promote and surround jazz and live music. Musicians are a mix of professionals and not, taking the stage together in celebration of jazz music.

Contact: Andrea Acquaroni
Official Website: Click here

Teatro Comunale via Cairoli 53
Casalmaggiore, CR

Event Time: 21:15
Italy Jazz Club Perugia Melissa Aldana Quartet

Umbria Jazz presents
Jazz Club Perugia 2019/2020

Melissa Aldana Quartet

Melissa Aldana, Lage Lund, Pablo Menares, Kush Abadey

Contact: Cristiano Romano | +390 755732432
Official Website: Click here

Sina Hotel Brufani Piazza Italia 12
Perugia, Perugia

Event Time: 21:30
Japan International Jazz Day Tokyo 2020

Multiple bands composed of both Japanese and international musicians, together with outstanding guest performers from around the world, will take the stage at Satin Doll in Roppongi (Tokyo) for an all-day music festival, culminating in a late-night jam session.

Contact: David Russell | +81 90 5190 5674
Official Website: Click here

Roppongi Satin Doll 6 Chome-10-1 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-6108, Japan
+81 3 3401 3080

Event Time: 12:30
Kenya Malindi International jazz day

Pro Guitar Academy Malindi organize this event dedicated to jazz music. Local and international musicians will join us at the astonishing location of Conference Center Tropical Village, Malindi Kenya. The coast town it will be full of tourists in that date.

Contact: Sofia Palmitessa | +254 722670353

Tropical Village Malindi Kenya Casuarina Road Malindi
p.i.box 1413
Malindi, Kilifi
+254 722670353

Event Time: 17:00
Malaysia SABAH JAZZ 2020


Contact: ARTHUR E. LEE | +60 105100216
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 19:00

Mexico City celebrates the International Jazz Day with free concerts, workshops, and jams in 20 + venues. All with free access.

Contact: Gil Vázquez
Official Website: Click here

Foro Lindbergh Foro Lindbergh
Mexico City

Event Time: 13:00
Namibia Windhoek, Namibia International Jazz Day

Ke Nako, it is time for Africa to Celebrate Jazz and encourage Dialogue and Peace. Urban Jazz Grooves with Dr Kagiso Moloi will be presenting The Windhoek, Namibia International Jazz Day on the 24-25 April 2020 with Jazz Performances, Art Exhibitions and Africa Fashion Exhibitions

Contact: Dr Kagiso Moloi | +264852222278

Post Mall Street Windhoek. Republic of Namibia Post Mall Street
Central Business District
Windhoek, Khomas Region

Event Time: 18:00
New Zealand Whanganui Celebrates International Jazz Day

Championing IJD in Aotearoa New Zealand, we focus our attention on what jazz music has done and continues to do to make the world a better place. Musical Director Rodger Fox puts together an all star group of jazz musicians and educators who lead afternoon workshops with high school students, preparing them to perform on stage in the evening Gala Concert. The concert lineup will soon be confirmed, and will express the UNESCO kaupapa of the need for intercultural dialogue.

Contact: Ken Chernoff | +64 06 927 5325

Whanganui Collegiate school 128 Liverpool Street
College Estate
+64 06 349 0210

Event Time: 13:30
Nigeria PH Jazz Club Evening

It is an evening in which Jazz will be showcased to enthusiasts and the public. It will provide the opportunity to sensitize everyone on the essence of jazz and its various forms.

Artistes and performers will be drawn from the many jazz-oriented musicians and performers that abound across Nigeria.

Contact: Chris Finebone | +234 8033362062

Hotel Presidential - Port Harcourt 17, Adele Lane, Woji
Opposite Old GRA Police Station
Port Harcourt, Rivers

Event Time: 19:00

The Philippine International Jazz Festival or P.I.Jazzfest is an annual jazz festival. This year’s dates are April 30, to coincide with International Jazz Day, until May 2. The festival features Filipino artists as well as from various countries. There will be workshops, mall shows, club gigs and festival concerts.

Contact: MARIA SANDRA VIRAY | +639154979909

Conrad Hotel Seaside Boulevard,
Coral Way
Pasay, Metro Manila

Event Time: 18:24
Portugal Pauta Jazz

The Pauta Jazz festival will hold its fifth edition in 2020, always in partnership with the organization of the international jazz day. In this edition we will have three days of didactic activities dedicated to jazz, concerts and jam sessions. The festival is an event created by the cutaneous association Pauta Humana in partnership with the Municipality of Águeda, in central Portugal and takes place at the Arts Center of the city.

Contact: Bruno Pinho
Official Website: Click here

Centro de Artes de Águeda R. Joaquim Valente de Almeida, 30
Águeda, Aveiro
South Africa Jazz Tavern

Jazz tavern will be hosting an event where jazz collectors will be sharing their day exchanging their top favorite tunes from their collections and telling stories.  Wine and food will be part of the celebration.  Town ship houses are rich with collections of jazz music

Contact: Thato Komape | +27 813055281

Park in Soweto under a marquee 3057 Diepkloof Zone 2 Diepenaar Street

Event Time: 14:00
South Africa Avzal Ismail and Timezone

Avzal Ismail and his quartet Timezone featuring:
Merle Ally on vocals
Siphiwe Shiburi on drums
Emmanuel Paul on bass
Led by Avzal Ismail on keyboards

Contact: Avzal Ismail | +27 632137095
Official Website: Click here

Pretoria, South Africa

Event Time: 19:30
South Africa Soweto International Jazz Day 2020

At EyethuLifestyle Centre, will host two days live jazz events, local jazz legends and jazz musicians from rest of Africa. On 25-26 April 2020
Before main events will host workshops, masterclass and jazz exhibitions in Soweto

Contact: Mandla | +27 636161038
Official Website: Click here

Eyethu Lifestyle Centre 00651 Tshabalala St,
Mofolo Central
Soweto, Gauteng
+27 636161038

Event Time: 19:00
Spain International Jazz Day Madrid 2020

Madrid is a city with strong historical and cultural bonds with Jazz. The International Jazz Day Madrid 2020 will be celebrated from April 24th to May 3th organized by La Noche En Vivo and will flood the streets and various spaces of the capital with concerts, jams, master classes, dance classes, conferences and exhibitions designed for the lovers of everything related to the jazz universe. In this third edition will participate:

Live music venues
Public music and dance schools.
Specialized stores
Street stages
Dance schools

Contact: International Jazz Day Madrid 2020
Official Website: Click here

Madrid, Spain
Togo Togoville Jazz

Célébration de la journée internationale du Jazz couplée avec l’ouverture de la 6e édition de Togoville Jazz, Festival de Jazz et des Musiques du Monde.


Celebration of International Jazz Day coupled with the opening of the 6th edition of Togoville Jazz Festival of Jazz and World Music.

Contact: Mawuto DICK | +22890057535
Official Website: Click here

Espace Culturel LEVEL 1233, Boulevard 30 Aout, Avénou

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom The Illicit Grooves Radio Show International Jazz Day Speacial

Presented by Bob Hill this week’s broadcast
of The Illicit Grooves Radio Show on Starpoint Radio will include a musical tribute to 2020 host city Cape Town and the wider South Africa.
Focusing on Cape Jazz, Liberation Jazz, Marimba music and Afro inspired House and Broken Beats the show will use its ethos of #Grooves4TheGlobalLeftfield to pay homage to the music and musicians of the Rainbow Nation.

Contact: Bob Hill | +447982401215
Official Website: Click here

Starpoint Radio 1b Crescent Court
15-17 The Crescent
Bournemouth, Dorset
+447982 401215

Event Time: 23:00
United Kingdom Listen Again to The Illicit Grooves Radio Show International Jazz Day Speacial

Available via our Soundcloud page from 1pm (GMT) listen again to The Illicit Grooves Radio Show #JazzDay2020 special broadcast featuring Jazz fom Cape Town and a focus on South Africa.
Also accessible via www.facebook.com/IGjazz

Contact: Bob Hill | 447982401215
Official Website: Click here

https://soundcloud.com/you/tracks 1b Crescent Court
15-17 The Crescent
Bournemouth, Dorset
Not applicable

Event Time: 13:00
United States Jazz Day AZ 2020 Mesa Festival

Mesa Jazz Day Festival is part of the month-long celebration throughout Arizona in conjunction with Herbie Hancock and the (UNESCO) International Jazz Day which culminates worldwide on April 30th.
The Mesa Jazz Festival is free and open to the public, but will have a limited number of VIP tickets available for sale at the center. This year, the International Jazz Day AZ Foundation is happy to announce Global Chamber® Phoenix,and Mesa Arts Center as an official partner to celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month – Event Hosts: TBA, Entertainers lineup: Award winner Keyboardist Bernard Wright Trio, Jesse McGuire, NOLA AZ Band,Jessica Kotu, Neamen Lyles Invited Speakers: Mayor John Giles & councilwomen Jan Duffy. Join the Jazz Day Movement

Contact: Dr. William Doc Jones | 6025247998
Official Website: Click here

Mesa Arts Center 1 E Main St.
Mesa, AZ
(480) 644-6500

Event Time: 04:00
United States Arizona 4th Annual Jazz At Lunch Time

Az State Capitol is joining the line-up of more than 195 countries around the globe that will be participating in International Jazz Day in April FEATURED PERFORMERS:
Phoenix Country Day School Varsity Jazz Band – under the direction of David Rowe
Jessica Kotu, William “Doc” Jones – Fred Boswell Jr, Neaman Lyles, Tuena Marie. This event is to bring attention to the importance to music in education. Thanks to all the Legislators that voted for the Bill HCR 2017 declaring April Jazz Appreciation Month and the 30th Int’l Jazz Day Thank you. Support the movement to make Jazz Day a Sate Holiday. Valley mayors, Senators, and House of representative members; will be in attendance and be speakers.

Contact: Dr. William Doc Jones | 6025247998
Official Website: Click here

AZ State Capitol 1700 W Washington,
Phoenix,, AZ

Event Time: 11:00
United States Jazz Day AZ 2020 Scottsdale Festival

IJD AZ Foundation and Scottsdale Arts will host the premiere kickoff event for the 2020 Official 9th Jazz Day Celebrations, on the Fountain Stage. This year’s lineup includes artist from around the country including International Known Donald Harrison, Jessie McGuire, Neamen Lyles, Mario Abney, Latin jazz great Carlos Rivas, vocalist Tuena Marie, Doc & Nayo Jones a special appearance by Blues Artist TBA.The Festival is part of the month-long celebration throughout Arizona. The Foundation will end the month celebrating the contribution of Native American Indians have made to the art of Jazz music.The IJD AZ Foundation is a 501c (3), was founded in 2015 by musician Doc Jones to bring awareness to the importance of Arts in Education. Join now!

Contact: Dr. William Doc Jones | 1 602 524 7998
Official Website: Click here

Scottsdale Center for the Arts 7380 E 2nd St,
Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 499-8587

Event Time: 12:00
United States Thirty Jazz Plays in Thirty Days

Tribute to Jazz Greats: Charlie Parker, Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Mary Lou Williams, Billy Higgins, Wayne Henderson, Al Grey, J.J Johnson, Clifford Brown,Ray Brown, Charles Mingus, Larry Gales, Gerald Wiggins, Horace Silver, Horace Tapscott, More to come…

Contact: Barbara Morrison | +1 3104621439
Official Website: Click here

Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center 5042 Wilshire Blvd #537
Los Angeles, CA
+1 310-462-1439

Event Time: 08:00
United States Jazz Day Celebration with Arts in education Spring Celebration

Come Celebrate international jazz day as you lunch at the food carts and listen to some of Central Illinois finest jazz groups! Performing will be Lewiston high school, Eureka high school and the Peoria jazz all stars and more! Special guest artist sponsored by The Jazz Education Network. This event which takes place 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM Is organized by the Gerald M. Brookhart Arts in Education Spring Celebration and is one of many daily concerts on the courthouse plaza throughout April and May.

Contact: Mary Jo Papich | +1 3096431701
Official Website: Click here

Peoria County Courthouse Plaza 324 Main St.
Peoria, IL
+1 3096431701

Event Time: 11:30
United States Vincent York's JAZZistry Concert for International Jazz Day

Join us for an annual event celebrating International Jazz Day! Kerrytown Concert House welcomes Vincent York of JAZZistry and his band in a special concert.

Contact: Vincent York | +1 7347616024
Official Website: Click here

Kerrytown Concert House 415 N. Fourth Street
Ann Arbor, MI

Event Time: 07:30
United States Jazz at Saint Mary's presents Master of the Slide

In anticipation of International Jazz Day, Jazz at Saint Mary’s presents “Masters of the Slide” featuring Minneapolis-based trombonist Dr. Scott Agster.

“Masters of the Slide” will explore the legacy of jazz trombonists from the early days of Kid Ory and Jack Teagarden to contemporary artists such as Wycliffe Gordon and Trombone Shorty.

The concert will feature performances by Saint Mary’s Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo 1 under the direction of A. Eric Heukeshoven.

Contact: A. Eric Heukeshoven | +1 5074577292
Official Website: Click here

Page Theatre 700 Terrace Heights

Winona, MN
+1 5074571715

Event Time: 15:00
United States Shapiro Project Plays The Music Of Stevie Wonder, Celebrating International Jazz Day

You are cordially invited to enjoy music of Stevie Wonder, a genius composer of American Pop Music. As a young boy Stevie Wonder was fascinated by Jazz harmonies, he later went on to influence generations of Jazz musicians (and the rest of the world) with his incredible music. Come celebrate the International Jazz Day with the Shapiro Project, Las Vegas Jazz quartet led by guitarist Eugene Shapiro perform Eugene’s Jazz arrangements of Stevie Wonder’s songs. You’ll hear such classics as Isn’t She Lovely, Ribbon In The Sky, My Cherie Amour, Pastime Paradise, and more. Free admission.

Contact: Eugene Shapiro | +1 7024962898
Official Website: Click here

Winchester Cultural Center 3130 McLeod Drive
Las Vegas, NV
+1 7024557340

Event Time: 19:00