2018 Global Celebrations

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Albania “Swing Marathon” 3rd Edition

Hemingway Fan Club Albania is getting ready to welcome you again to the station of the only train in the world that takes you back in time! “SWING MARATHON” (Third Edition) !!
Are you ready again for 12 hours of “Swing”-ing, in the train, on the Road and at the Theater ?!
Take the ”Train of Dreams” that goes back in time (specific dress code), jazz, dancing, happiness, many surprises, wonderful jazz bands from across the world, and many more…
Train departs from Tirana, at 12:00 !

Contact: Rodmir Sukaj | +355 692088121

Hemingway Bar Rruga Kont Urani
Tirana 1001, Albania

Event Time: 12:00
Argentina "Bird With Strings", Carlos Michelini toca la Música de Charlie Parker

CARLOS MICHELINI Saxofonista, clarinetista y compositor ha egresado con Honores del Berklee College of Music of Boston (USA) y es actualmente uno de los referentes del Jazz en la Argentina. Actuará con su cuarteto y grupo de cuerdas.
Durante su estadía en el exterior, se ha perfeccionado con Joe Lovano, Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone y otros grandes maestros. Michelini ha tocado junto a Conrad Herwig, Joe Pass, Nestor Marconi y Paquito D’Rivera.


CARLOS MICHELINI Saxophonist, clarinetist and composer, graduated with honors from Berklee College of Music and is currently a jazz musician in Argentina. He will perform with his quartet and a strings group.
During his time abroad, he studied with Joe Lovano, Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone and other great masters. Michelini has played with Conrad Herwig, Joe Pass, Nestor Marconi and Paquito D’Rivera.

Contact: Carlos Inzillo (Jazzologia) | +54 11 5837 1470
Official Website: Click here

El culturalsanmartín Sarmiento 1551
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 11 4374 1251

Event Time: 13:30
Argentina Día Internacional del Jazz – Rosario 2018

Jazz en Rosario is very proud and grateful to participate in the celebration of this world event since 2013. This year’s event will consist in a series of concerts open to the public that will include musicians from all over the country.

Contact: Federico Riva | +9 54 341 5450467

Sala Lavarden Mendoza 1085
Rosario, Santa Fe
Australia International Jazz Day

In 2018 the International Jazz Day will be celebrated in North West Tasmania for the seventh time. Starting at the Shearwater Resort in 2012, moving to the Ulverstone Wharf in 2013 and Burnie Regional Art Gallery in 2014 and 2015. Burnie Arts & Function Centre’s Theatre hosted the event in 2016 and since 2017 the Centre has started including it in its annual Subscription Season of events.

In 2018 International Jazz Day is featuring the Sydney saxophonist and clarinetist Bradford Child.

Contact: Viktor Zappner | +61 364317216

Burnie Arts & Function Centre 77-79 Wilmot Street
Burnie, Tasmania
+61 364305850

Event Time: 19:30
Australia International Jazz Day Evening

Hosted by Brisbane’s leading digital jazz broadcaster, MBS Light, a collection of jazz presenters will get together for a six-hour live presentation from 6:00 pm to midnight.

Contact: John Carrier | +61 738471717
Official Website: Click here

MBS Light Studios, Brisbane 384 Old Cleveland Road
Coorparoo, Queensland

Event Time: 18:00

Im April 1978 gab es das erste Konzert des Karlheinz Miklin Trios, eine der sehr seltenen Gruppen ohne Harmonieinstrument zu jener Zeit. In wenigen Jahren spielte sich die Formation nach oben, Festivals wie Belgrad, Wiesen, Saalfelden waren wichtige Karriereschritte. Bald folgten Konzerte und Aufnahmen in vielen europäischen Staaten, Tourneen in den USA, Südamerika, Afrika wie auch Indien brachten internationale Reputation.
Der legendäre Walter Richard Langer bezeichnete das Trio als eine…


Performance by the Karlheinz Miklin Trio.

The Trio made its debut in April of 1978, one of the rare groups without a harmony instrument at the time. In just a few years the group was playing important festivals like Belgrade, Wiesen and Saalfelden, important steps in their career. Concerts and recordings in numerous European countries followed, as well as performance tours in the United States, South America, Africa and India, bringing the Trio its international reputation.

Contact: Siegfried Reisinger | +43 6643839999
Official Website: Click here

Zentrum Ringstraße
Feldbach, Southeast-Styria
+43 6643839999

Event Time: 19:30
Azerbaijan Opening ceremony of Rotunda Jazz Club

The opening ceremony of the new jazz club in Baku is specially timed to the Jazz Day!
Azerbaijan has a paradoxically interesting history of the development of jazz since the 30s of the last century, the Soviet era, the time of heavy repression of musicians to the present days of prosperity. The new Rotunda Jazz Club as a symbol of peace will host the best jazz musicians with a concert and we invite fans of high music from all over the world to Baku!

Contact: Leyla Efendiyeva | +994 557742623
Official Website: Click here

Rotunda Jazz Club 90A Nizami Str.
Baku, Azerbaijan
+994 124652000

Event Time: 20:00
Brazil Moonlight Jazz BSB

Evento que será realizado em Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brasil. Será um encontro de artistas virtuosos com ênfase no “Jazz” e na Bossa Nova (O Jazz brasileiro) que fará parte das comemorações pelo mundo no dia 30 de abril, proclamado pela UNESCO como o Dia Internacional do Jazz.

Será mostrado a influência brasileira no Jazz que tem sido uma força para a transformação social positiva ao longo de sua história.

Haverá workshops de inicação musical gratuitos para jovens e adultos carentes.


The event will be held in Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil. It will be a meeting of virtuosic artists with an emphasis on “Jazz” and Bossa Nova (or Brazilian Jazz), and will be part of the worldwide commemorations on April 30, proclaimed by UNESCO as International Jazz Day.

We will demonstrate the Brazilian influence on jazz that has been a positive force for social transformation throughout the length of the music’s history.

We will also offer be free music workshops for young and needy adults.

Contact: André Trindade | +55 61996474307
Official Website: Click here

LAGO SUL Eixo Monumental Sul, s/nº
Brasília, Distrito Federal

Event Time: 19:00

Evento que será realizado em Itajaí, Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil. Será um encontro de artistas virtuosos com ênfase no “Jazz”, que fará parte das comemorações pelo mundo no dia 30 de abril, proclamado pela UNESCO como o Dia Internacional do Jazz. Será mostrado a influência brasileira no Jazz que tem sido uma força para a transformação social positiva, ao longo de sua história. Caráter beneficente em prol da ADEFI – Associação dos Deficientes Físicos da Foz do Itajaí.


The event will take place in Itajaí, Santa Catarina state, Brazil. It will be a meeting of virtuosic artists with an emphasis on “Jazz,” as part of the worldwide celebration of April 30, proclaimed by UNESCO as International Jazz Day. We will show the Brazilian influence on jazz, which has been a force for positive social change throughout history. Proceeds from the event will benefit ADEFI–the Itajaí Association for the Physically Disabled.

Contact: ANTONIO SAGAZ | +55 47 98482-6898

SOCIEDADE GUARANI R. Hercílio Luz, 529 - Centro
Itajaí - SC

Event Time: 20:30
Cameroon International Jazz Day

On schedule will be:
– Concerts and jam sessions with jazzmen from Cameroon and from abroad
– Workshops
– Master classes, moments of exchanges and training between professional artists and amateurs
– Round table on the history of jazz
– Exhibitions

Contact: Mauger Stéphane | +237 677 60 21 64
Official Website: Click here

Hotel Les Boukarous and the Centre Culturel Camerounais Yaoundé
+237 677 60 21 64 / + 237 696 80 95 00

Event Time: 19:00
Canada The Steve Holt Jazz Quartet featuring Kevin Goss

Special IJD performance at The Natural. Award-winning Canadian pianist Steve Holt with Kevin Goss – saxpohones, Howard Baer – bass, and drums TBA.

Contact: Laraine Holt | +1 4168049414

The Natural 18 Main Street
Warkworth, Ontario
K0K 3K0
+1 7053042270

Event Time: 19:00
Cape Verde THIS 2018 Jazz Outreach – Expressions of Harmony, Hope and Freedom

As Cape Verde’s first English Montessori School, we will organise an open house day / jazz outreach. This event will be a showcase for our school and an interactive public forum to enlighten our students, parents and visitors on the various expressions of jazz music, its relevance to the education sector, the impact on our African society and the global community at large.


#3, Blu Marlin Building (next to AEB)
Estoril-Sal Rei, Boa Vista Island

Contact: Paul-Anthony Akamiokhor | +238 934 34 32
Official Website: Click here

The Haven International School

Event Time: 13:00
Chile Dia Internacional del Jazz San Fernando 2018

El 30 de abril, estaremos Celebrando nuestro tercer Dia Internacional del jazz en San Fernando. Este año de manera especial queremos motivar e incluir a niños de colegio y estudiantes de música, a impregnarse de esta hermosa forma de crear, y de llevar el mensaje de paz al mundo.
Sin duda será una gran Jornada de jazz, lo daremos todo para que así sea.
Nos Vemos este 30 de abril del 2018.


On 30 April, we will celebrate our third International Jazz Day in San Fernando. This year we wish to motivate and include schoolchildren and students of music in order to inspire them with this beautiful means of creating, and to bring the message of peace to the world.
It will undoubtedly be a great day of jazz.
We will see you on 30 April, 2018.

Contact: Rodrigo Piña | +569 77405480

Centro Cultural San Fernando Carampangue esquina Argomedo
San Fernando, VI Región
China Jazz Marathon for International Jazz Day

In celebration of the International Jazz Day, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong has invited acclaimed international and local jazz musicians to present a series of workshops on 30 April, and a large-scale jazz marathon concert that is rarely seen in Hong Kong on 1 May. All in a single day, audience will be able to appreciate jazz from different origins and in different styles and forms of presentation. Each session will include overseas and Hong Kong jazz musicians, improvisations and “playoffs” to spark chemistry! Enjoy the myriad of special activities inside and outside the arena including the autograph sessions. Whether you are an experienced aficionado or a complete newbie, this is an international event not to be missed!

Artist Line-up:
Nils Landgren Funk Unit(SWE) x Special Guest: Jun Kung(HK)
Mokhtar Samba(MCO) African Jazz Project x Special Guest: Eugene Pao(HK)
Melissa Aldana(CHL) Quartet x Special Guest: Teriver Cheung(HK)
Harmonica Summit: Hendrik Meukens(DEU), Max De Aloe(ITA), CY Leo(HK)
In One Stroke(HK) featuring Alex Sipiagin(RUS)

Contact: Cultural Presentations Section, Leisure and Cultural Services Department (HKSAR) | 852 2268 7321
Official Website: Click here

Queen Elizabeth Stadium Queen Elizabeth Stadium,
18 Oi Kwan Rd, Morrison Hill,
Hong Kong
852 2591 1346

Event Time: 15:00
Colombia VIII Festival de Blues y Jazz de Bucaramanga – Colombia

Nuestro evento este año sera dedicado en su mayoria a talleres, conversatorios, master class y mucho Jazz y Blues en vivo interpretado por agrupaciones de musicos muy jovenes de Colombia y Venezuela. La entrada a todas las actividades ludicas y musicales será gratuita para la comunidad en nuestra region. Tenemos el apoyo del Ministerio de Cultura Nacional.

Talleres y conversatorios en el marco del VIII Festival Internacional de Blues y Jazz de Bucaramanga – Colombia.

Fecha: Sabado 28 de Abril.
Hora: 10 AM. a 6 PM.
Lugar: El Solar Casa Cultural. Calle 34 # 8-10. Alfonso Lopez (Bucaramanga Antigua)

Taller de Guitarra Electrica en el Jazz: Byron Sanchez. (Medellin)
Taller de Percusion avanzada: Gabriel Domador Romero (Venezuela)
Taller de Armonica en el blues: Manuel Restrepo (Cali)
Taller de Tecnica Vocal en el jazz, blues y bosa nova: Soprano Claudia Correa (Bucaramanga)
Taller de Armonia y composicion: Alejandro Magaña (Mexico)

Cupo limitado 10 personas por taller, llevar su instrumento a excepcion de la Bateria.
Acceso gratuito previa inscripcion.
Informes: +57 3143698468

Conversatorio: El Jazz en Colombia y la importancia de estos eventos para el desarrollo del mismo, por el melomano y escritor Juan Carlos Garay (Radio Nacional de Colombia)


Our event this year will be dedicated mostly to workshops, talks, master classes and a great deal of live jazz and blues, as interpreted by young bands from Colombia and Venezuela. Entry for all activities will be free to the community. We have the support of the National Ministry of Culture.

Workshops and conversations under the banner of the VIII Festival Internacional de Blues y Jazz de Bucaramanga – Colombia.

Date: Saturday, 28 April
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
Location: El Solar Culture House. Calle 34 # 8-10. Alfonso Lopez (Old Bucaramanga)

Jazz electric guitar workshop: Byron Sanchez. (Medellin)
Advanced percussion workshop: Gabriel Domador Romero (Venezuela)
Blues harmonica workshop: Manuel Restrepo (Cali)
Technical workshop for jazz, blues and bossa nova: Soprano Claudia Correa (Bucaramanga)
Harmony and composition workshop: Alejandro Magaña (Mexico)

Cap of 10 people per workshop. Bring your own instrument, with the exception of drums.
Free admission with prior registration.
Inquiries: +57  3143698468

Conversation: Jazz in Colombia and the importance of International Jazz Day events for the development of same, featuring the music aficionado and author Juan Carlos Garay (National Radio of Colombia)

Contact: Henry Moros Herrera | +57 3143698468

VIII Festival Internacional de Blues y Jazz de Bucaramanga-Colombia Calle 34 # 8-10 Alfonso Lopez
Bucaramanga, Santander
+57 3143698468

Event Time: 19:04
Colombia Concierto de apertura – VII Festival Internacional de Blues y Jazz de Bucaramanga – Colombia

La entrada al concierto de apertura del VIII Festival Internacional de Blues y Jazz de Bucaramanga – Colombia, el Viernes 27 de Abril, es gratuita con previa inscripcion en el sgte correo: [email protected]

Cupo limitado 80 personas.

Artistas invitados:
Majoh Gutierrez y su Banda. Blues – Rock (Venezuela)
CBB & The Roosters. Blues (Cali)
Jaime Medina. Melómano y Coleccionista de Lps. Latin Jazz (Cali)


Entry to the opening concert for the VIII Festival Internacional de Blues y Jazz de Bucaramanga – Colombia, Friday, 27 April, is free with prior registration via the following e-mail:
[email protected]

Cap of 80 people.

Invited artists:
Majoh Gutierrez and his band. Blues – Rock (Venezuela)
CBB & The Roosters. Blues (Cali)
Jaime Medina. Music aficionado and collector of LP’s. Latin Jazz (Cali)

Contact: Henry Moros Herrera | +57 3143698468

El Solar Casa Cultural Cl. 34 #810
Bucaramanga, Santander

Programa especial de Bajo Fondo Radio Club, JAZZ DAY (Dia Internacional del Jazz 2018). Entrevistas y Testimonios de importantes músicos y gestores culturales de Hispanoamérica.
107.5 Javeriana Estéreo Cali / Colombia. Dirección: Daniel Mariscal / Argentina.
Sitio Oficial: https://soundcloud.com/bajofondoradioclub


Special edition of the Bajo Fondo Radio Club, on JAZZ DAY (International Jazz Day 2018). Interviews and testimonials from important musicians and cultural influencers from Latin America.
107.5 Javeriana Estéreo Cali / Colombia. Management: Daniel Mariscal / Argentina.
Official website: https://soundcloud.com/bajofondoradioclub

Contact: Daniel Alberto Mariscal | +57 3147928512
Official Website: Click here

Javeriana Estereo Cali calle 18 No 118-250
Cali, Valle del Cauca
+57 2 321-82-00

Event Time: 16:00
Congo 1948-2018: Bakolo Music International celebrates its 70 years of existence with a European Tour

The pioneers of 50s Congolese rumba roots music are back on International stages!
Bakolo Music International, the Congo Kinshasa-based rumba pioneers of the 50’s, are returning to the stage, celebrating the 70th year of the group. Born on the banks of the mystic Congo River, Bakolo Music International, which means the “Music Masters”, is the longest-serving rumba group based out of the DRC’s capital.

Contact: Jeanne Vu Van | +243 812771778
Official Website: Click here

Bakolo Music International European Tour 8 Avenue Milambo
Kinshasa, Gombe

Event Time: 21:21
Cote d'Ivoire Journée International du Jazz 2017 – Abidjan

Comme chaque année, les amis du Jazz à Abidjan se retrouveront pour célébrer la Journée Internationale du Jazz, organisée par ABIJAZZ et ses Partenaires. Pour cette année, la célébration du Jazzday prendra une tournure toute particulière avec une série d’activités qui dureront une semaine : Concerts, Conférences, Expositions etc.
Rejoignez-nous pour célébrer le Jazz, L’amour, la Paix et l’Harmonie entre les peuples.


As every year, the friends of Jazz in Abidjan will meet to celebrate the International Jazz Day, organized by ABIJAZZ and its Partners. For this year, the celebration of Jazz Day will be a weeklong series of activities that include Concerts, Conferences, Exhibitions etc.

Join us to celebrate Jazz, Love, Peace and Harmony between people.

Contact: Gerard Konan | +225 07015534

Institut Français de Côte d'Ivoire Avenue Franchet d'Esperey,
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

+225 56105183

Event Time: 20:00
Croatia World Jazz Day

This year, the association Cultural Initiative for the first time organizes in Pula the World Jazz Day on April 30th. The event will begin with a lecture on jazz improvisation, while a jazz photo exhibition will be held in the lobby. In the evening, a large concert and jam session will be held, featuring Croatian and internationally acclaimed jazz musicians.
The Homage to Jazz at the Celebration on April 30th will feature the star of Chicago – Denise Thimes.

Contact: Irina Basara | +385 914631004
Official Website: Click here

House of Croatian Defenders Leharova 1
Pula, Istra

Ever since the beginning of the International Jazz Day project, the city of Zadar in Croatia has participated with concerts in the beautiful Museum of Ancient Glass. The backbone of the project is the famous Croatian jazz band Black Coffee, originally from Zadar and Split. The very origin of the band tells much about their musical expression – sunny Dalmatian jazz masterfully played and performed for almost 18 years now.

Contact: Mr. Renato Švorinić | +385 (0)23 212 222

Museum of Ancient Glass Poljana Zemaljskog odbora 1
Zadar, 23000
+385 (0)23 363 831

Event Time: 21:00
Czech Republic Mezinárodní den jazzu a 100 let republiky jazzovou optikou

Mladí Ladí Jazz festival and Czech Radio connected to celebrate International Jazz Day. This year they plan huge celebration of 100 years annivarsary of Czech Republic in a jazz mood as jazz represents freedom and 1st Republic.
At one of the greatest parks in Prague, there will be an big open-air concert with 5 artists and an exhibition. All programme will be streamed online and through Czech Radio. Check out more information and updates at www.mladiladijazz.

Contact: Jan Jelínek | +420739667010
Official Website: Click here

Open-air Karlovo náměstí
Karlovo náměstí
Prague, Hl. město Praha

Event Time: 15:00
Czech Republic Jazz World Photo 2018 Exhibition

Výstava 30 nejlepších fotografií, které se umístily v 5. ročníku mezinárodní fotografické soutěže Jazz World Photo 2018


Exhibition of the 30 Best Photos to Place at the 5th International Jazz World Photo 2018 Photo Competition

Contact: Ivan Prokop | +420 724444542
Official Website: Click here

Glerie města Trutnova Slovanské náměstí 38
+420 499 815 916
Dominican Republic Conversando el Jazz en Haina

En conversando el Jazz en Haina, tendremos la participación de Crispìn Fernàndez, Josean Jacobo y Tony Vicioso, quienes conversaran de sus experiencias y aportes al jazz, con Alexis Mendez, Tony Dominguez y Sandy Saviñon. Se harà en tres secciones de 45 minutos, donde participaran 150 estudiantes de mùsica, pintura, danza y teatro.


To discuss jazz in Haina, we will have the participation of Crispìn Fernàndez, Josean Jacobo and Tony Vicioso, who will converse on their experiences and contributions to jazz with Alexis Mendez, Tony Dominguez and Sandy Saviñon. It will take place in three 45-minute sessions and will include the participation of 150 music, painting, dance and theater students.

Contact: Angel Rafael Feliz | +1-809-860-5521
Official Website: Click here

Liceo de Artes Profesor Manuel Feliz Peña C/ Delmonte y Tejada 58
Bajos de Haina, San Cristòbal

Event Time: 09:30
Dominican Republic Haina pinta los colores del jazz

Estudiantes de pintura de la casa de la cultura en Haina, trabajan el tema, los colores del jazz, en cuatro (4) jornada en el mes de abril. El resultado del trabajo lo expondrán el liceo de Artes Manuel Feliz Peña, el miércoles 25 de abril. El jueves 26 exponen su trabajos en la alcaldía municipal. Desde el 27 al domingo tendremos exposición casa de la cultura.

Los estudiantes estarán acompañados por los profesores Frailin Matos, Ángel Miguel Martínez Peguero y Jorge Candelario.


Painting students from the Cultural House in Haina will work within the theme “colors of jazz” over the course of four days in April. The Manuel Feliz Peña Arts High School will exposit the results of their work on Wednesday, 25 April. On Thursday the 26th the works will be displayed in city hall. From the 27th through Sunday the 29th we will have an exhibition in the Cultural House.

The students will be accompanied by professors Frailin Matos, Ángel Miguel Martínez Peguero and Jorge Candelario.

Contact: Angel Rafael Feliz | +1 809 860 5521
Official Website: Click here

Liceo de Arte Manuel Feliz Peña Esq., Av Refinería & Calle Respaldo Del Monte y Tejada
Bajos de Haina, Dominican Republic
+1 809 565 5013

Event Time: 09:30
Dominican Republic Reconocimientos

El concejo municipal de la Alcaldía del municipio de Haina, reconocen a la UNESCO, al Instituto de Jazz Thelonious Monk y a Haina de Jazz, por traer al municipio el género jazz para el disfrute de buena música a la población en especial a nuestros jóvenes.


The municipal council of the town hall of Haina recognize UNESCO, the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz and Haina Jazz for bringing the genre of jazz to the municipality for enjoyment by the population and especially our young people.

Contact: Angel Rafael Feliz | +1-809-860-5521
Official Website: Click here

Casa de la Cultura de Haina C/ Marìa Trinidad Sànchez

Haina, San Cristòbal

Event Time: 10:00
Dominican Republic SANDY GABRIEL & FRIENDS

Estaremos Ofreciendo Como Cada Año Un Súper Jazz Concert Con Grandes Invitados Especiales Con Toda La Profesionalidad Que Siemrpe Nos Caracteriza , Aprovechando Para Celebrar el 20 Aniversario de Nuestra Banda 🙏🎷🎷🎷


Like every year, we will offer a super jazz concert with special invited guests, with all of our characteristic professionalism, seizing this opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our band.

Contact: Saga Music | +1 8098688339

Event Time: 09:00
Dominican Republic Jazzomania-Jazz Festival-Radio. Celebracion del Dia del Jazz en el Museo de las Csas Reales

Encuentro de los amigos del Programa Jazzomania-Radio & Jazzomania Jazz Festival. En el Museo de las Casas Reales. Ciudad Colonial. Santo Domingo. República Dominicana.
Videos de Jazz y Celebración del Día Internacional del Jazz.
Anfitriones: Carlos Francisco Elías y Tony Domínguez.


Meeting of the friends of the Jazzomania radio program & the Jazzomania Jazz Festival. At the Museum of Royal Houses. Colonial City. Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic.
Jazz videos and a celebration of International Jazz Day.
Hosts: Carlos Francisco Elías and Tony Domínguez.

Contact: Carlos Francisco Elías | +1 809 449 49 05
Official Website: Click here

Museo De Las Casas Reales / Museum of Royal House. Las Damas. Esq Mercedes,
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
+1 809 449 49 05

Event Time: 20:00
Dominican Republic International Jazz Day 2018 – Jazz en Dominicana – Fiesta Sunset Jazz presents Javier Vargas & ATRE

For the 7th consecutive year the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Jazz en Dominicana and the Dominican Fiesta Hotel join the worldwide celebrations of International Jazz Day with a great concert on Friday, April 27th by Javier Vargas & ATRE at the renowned venue, Fiesta Sunset Jazz. As has been done since 2012, official awards will be given to musicians, educators, producers and others who have raised awareness, promoted and given Jazz to our country!!

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert | +1-809-930-1840
Official Website: Click here

Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert Avenida Anacaona 101
Mirador Sur
Santo Domingo, DN

Event Time: 19:00
Dominican Republic EJazzSon – Celebrating Jazz

To open the festivities of International Jazz Day in the Dominican Republic, a night full of musical magic will be delivered by 4 restless and talented young ladies who make up “Ejazzson”.

Marlene Mercedes, Claudia Reyes, Nayadé Macea and Rocío Damirón on vibes, percussion, piano, alto sax and bass play Jazz Standards, Bossa Nova and music of our Latin heritage in richened jazz fusions (sones, merengues and others). A night of Jazz with the hot rhythms of our country, that cannot be missed!!

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert | +18099301840
Official Website: Click here

Fiesta Sunset Jazz Mirador Sur
Av. Anacaona 11,
Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic

Event Time: 20:30
Dominican Republic Jazz Nights at Acrópolis celebrates International Jazz Day 2018 with the Ernesto Núñez Quartet

Jazz Nights at Acropolis joins the official celebrations of “International Jazz Day” as the venue presents the much loved and respected Ernesto Núñez´, who is – undoubtedly – one of the best jazz trumpeters in our country!!! He has prepared a special repertoire to honour the history of jazz. Núñez on trumpet and flugle horn will be accompanied by Corey Allen on piano, Pengbian Sang on bass & Guy Frómeta on drums. Without a doubt it will be a memorable and unique concert!!!

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert | +18099301840
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Nights at Acropolis Acropolis Center
Av. Winston Churchill
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Event Time: 18:00
Dominican Republic Media Tours: Haina cuenta su experiencia del Día Internacional del Jazz

21 de abril Notas de Jazz con Sandy Saviñón, 9:00 pm Quisqueya FM 96.1.
22 de abril Merengazo del domingo con Claudio Gómez, 10:00 AM, Neón 89.3 FM.
El 24 de abril Música a las doce con Octavio Beras Goico Radio Listín, 97.7 FM, 12:00 pm.
25 de abril, Despierta RD, Tele Centro, canal 13, a las 7:00 AM.
27 de abril, Cita Cultural canal 4, 8:00 AM, con Yanela Hernández y Guillermo Ricard.
29 de abril, Música Maestro con Alexis Méndez, Alex Quezada y Luís Aquino Quisqueya FM 96


21 April “Jazz Notes” with Sandy Saviñón, 9:00 pm on Quisqueya FM 96.1.
22 April “Sunday Meringue” with Claudio Gómez, 10:00 am, Neón 89.3 FM.
24 April “Music at Noon” with Octavio Beras Goico Radio Listín, 97.7 FM, 12:00 pm.
25 April “Wake-up RD,” Tele Centro, Channel 13, 7:00 am.
27 April “Cultural Appointment” Channel 4, 8:00 am, with Yanela Hernández and Guillermo Ricard.
29 April “Master of Music” with Alexis Méndez, Alex Quezada and Luís Aquino Quisqueya FM 96

Contact: Angel Rafael Feliz | +1 809 860 5521
Official Website: Click here

Corporación Estatal de Radio y Televisión CERTV-4 C/ Dr. Tejada Florentino 8, Villa Consuelo
Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional
+1 809 250 6151

Event Time: 17:00
Ecuador International Jazz Day at The Jazz Society Cafe in Cuenca, Ecuador

The Jazz Society of Ecuador Cafe will represent UNESCO International Jazz Day for the 5th year at The Jazz Society Cafe on Saturday April 28, 2018.

The Jazz Society Café
Upstairs (2nd Floor) of La Viña Italian Restaurant
5-101 Luis Cordero y Juan Jaramillo, Cuenca, Ecuador
Wednesday through Saturday
Food & drink service begins at 6:30PM
Live Jazz from 7:30PM through 10:00PM
RSVP: [email protected]

Contact: Jim Gala | 0939342714
Official Website: Click here

The Jazz Society Cafe 5-101 Luis Cordero y Juan Jaramillo
2nd Floor (upstairs) of La Viña Italian Ristoranti
Cuenca Ecuador, Azuay

Event Time: 19:30
France The city of Nice celebrates the International Jazz Day with Manu Carré Electric 5 & Yaël Angel

The city of Nice has jazz in its DNA! It was in Nice that, in February 1948, the first jazz festival in the world took place. For the 70th anniversary of the Nice Jazz Festival, it was obvious for her to join the International Jazz Day on April 30 at the Francis Gag Theater.

The city of Nice and the Nice Jazz Festival wanted to highlight two groups from the Riviera to celebrate the release of their album live, Manu Carré Electric 5 “Labyrinthe” and the voice of Yaël Angel presenting “Bop Write.”

Contact: Frederica RANDRIANOME KARSENTY | +33 497135533

Francis Gag Theater 4 rue de la Croix
Nice cedex 4, France
+33 497135533

Event Time: 20:30
France Jazzaudehore : Men in Bop

Olivier Defays & Philippe Chagne (saxophones ténor), Philippe Petit (orgue Hammond) & Yves Nahon (batterie)

Quoi de plus beau qu’un son de saxophone ténor ? Deux sons de saxophones ténors (!) qui dialoguent, s’interpellent en joutes amicales ou sonnent en chœur… et cette formule a inspiré de nombreux grands saxophonistes au cours de l’histoire du jazz.
L’esthétique de Men In Bop est bien ancrée dans la tradition du jazz des années 50/60, un jazz qui privilégie le « groove » et une virtuosité


Olivier Defays & Philippe Chagne (tenor saxophones), Philippe Petit (Hammond organ) & Yves Nahon (drums)

What is more beautiful than the sound of a tenor saxophone? Two tenor saxophones (!) which converse, challenge each other to friendly jousts or play in chorus…this formula has inspired numerous great saxophonists over the course of jazz history.
The aesthetic of “Men in Bop” is anchored in the jazz tradition of the 50’s and 60’s–jazz that favors the virtuosity and “the groove.”

Contact: Relais & Châteaux Cazaudehore La Forestière | +33 0130616464
Official Website: Click here

Relais & Châteaux Cazaudehore La Forestière 1 avenue du Président Kennedy
Saint Germain en Laye
+33 130616464

Event Time: 19:45

German federal city state Bremen was lucky to be a part of the US-territory boosting a jazzy, liberal lifestyle after the infamous horror of the 3rd Reich. This event praises the spirit of freedom and generosity of GI culture.
V.B. Schulze: narrator, e-bass; Klaus Fey: sax; Eckhard Petri: sax; Markus Markowski: guitar; Jens Schoewing: piano, keys; Guenther Spaeth: double bass; Buddy Taco: drums; Gerd Seemann: percussion.

Contact: V.B. Schulze | 0491791773265
Official Website: Click here

MIB Buntentorsteinweg 112
Peter Zadek Place
Bremen, Bremen
+49 42552141

Event Time: 20:00
Germany “Streetlife Schwerin" Konzert zum UNESCO Welttag des Jazz

Montag, 30.04.2018, 18 Uhr, Schelfkirche Schwerin
BAGGS – Bigband Goethe – Gymnasium Schwerin +
JAZUL – Ingolf Burkhardt, tp., Roland Cabezas, guit., Simon Gattringer, dr., Achim Rafain, bass
Ticket Abendkasse: 22 €, freie Platzwahl keine Ermäßigung-
VVK (+Gebühr): Toruist-Information Schwerin, Tel.: 0049 385 59252-12
Das Konzert wird gefördert von der NDR Kulturförderung in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Monday, 30.04.2018, 18h, Schelfkirche Schwerin
BAGGS – Bigband Goethe – Gymnasium Schwerin +
JAZUL – Ingolf Burkhardt, trumpet, Roland Cabezas, guitar, Simon Gattringer, drums, Achim Rafain, bass
Box office: 22 €, general admission; no discounts
VVK (+ fee): Tourist Information Schwerin, Telephone: 0049 385 59252-12
The concert is sponsored by the NDR Kulturförderung in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Contact: Marianne Wöhrle-Braun | +49 3855572259
Official Website: Click here

Schelfkirche Schwerin Puschkinstr. 3
Schwerin, Germany

Event Time: 18:00
Greece JazZoo meets International Jazz Day

J Concert Series to celebrate the International Jazz Day 2018, 29th & 30th April 2018.
The JazZoo Concert Series will celebrate again the IJD, with a two-day festival, on 29th & 30th April 2018. Our celebration for 2017 was a big hit among jazz fans and musicians alike, so we feel very confident for this year’s celebration. Two days of concerts with, mainly, Greek musicians of the jazz idiom. Surprises and after parties will be there of course.

Contact: Alekos Vretos | +30 2106745375

The Zoo 45 Zoodochou Pigis
Chalandri, Attiki
+30 2106745375

Event Time: 15:01 - 22:59
Haiti 3th édition of Jacmel Jazz Festival

From April 28th to 30th, 2018, Jacmel Jazz Festival will launch its third edition, under the strong collaboration of the Foundation Haiti Jazz. We will organize free music training, 3 free concerts, 2 painting exhibitions, 2 conferences, a film screening, 2 After-Hours, 3 excursions.

Contact: Richecard Cine | +509 4630 6742
Official Website: Click here

Place Toussaint Louverture de Jacmel

Event Time: 18:00
Hungary Nemzetközi JazzNap | Barabás Lőrinc Quartet

Barabás Lőrinc Quartet

A Barabás Lőrinc Quartet pop-os jazz világa izgalmas instrumentális zene, elektronikus fűszerezéssel. Groove-os ritmusok, lüktető basszusfutamok, a szintetizátor és a trombita megannyi hangszíne a 70-es évek improvizatív jazzrock stílusjegyeivel átitatott sajátos zenei irányt teremt.

A zenekar tagjai:
Barabás Lőrinc – trombita, elektronika
Cséry Zoltán – billentyűk
Herr Attila – basszusgitár
Nagy Zsolt– dob


The Barabás Lőrinc Quartet’s pop-jazz style is an exciting instrumental music with electronic seasonings. Groove rhythms, pulsating bass guitars, synthesizer and trumpet evoke the peculiar musical direction of the 1970’s improvised “jazzrock” style.

Members of the band:
Lőrinc Barabás – trumpet, electronics
Zoltán Cséry – keys
Attila Herr – bass guitar
Great Zsolt – drums

Contact: Attila Kleb | +36 309408893
Official Website: Click here

Lámpás Dob utca
Budapest, Hungary

Event Time: 20:00
India Jazz Goa celebrates International Jazz Day

Concert featuring Jazz Junction with guest artists from all over the world.

Contact: Jazz Goa | +91 9657574480
Official Website: Click here

Central Library Auditorium Panjim, Near Police Station
Panjim, Goa
+91 08322404691

Event Time: 19:00
Indonesia Batam Jazz Rendezvous

Batam will participate to celebrate the International Jazz Day for the 6th time.
We will have some gigs and music clinics in the whole of April 2018 as a Jazz Appreciation Month and also as a roadshow to IJD 2018.
The main event (IJD 2018) will be held at Lapangan Engku Putri Batam, which will be filled by Indonesian and international musicians.

Contact: Gardiana Karnasaputra | +62 8127704884

Lapangan Engku Puteri Batam Jl. Engku Putri, Tlk. Tering, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

Event Time: 19:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Alba&Milleunanota

In the beautiful Chiesa di San Giuseppe, a meeting will take place between the Hong Kong jazz scene and some of most talented Italian musicians. Following the principles of Jazz Day, Milleunanota would like to create a dialogue among two different cultures.

Cultures in Jazz
Choi-Lau-Cosentino Trio + guests
Chi Ho Choi guitar
Preston Lau piano
Filippo Cosentino guitar, acoustic guitar and bass

Contact: Filippo Cosentino | +39 3347867028
Official Website: Click here

Chiesa di San Giuseppe Via Vernazza 6
Alba, IT
+39 3347867028

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Alba&Milleunanota

The jazz and musical journalist Alceste Ayroldi shows us the history of jazz from the beginning, with a special look over the European scenes.

Contact: Filippo Cosentino | +39 3347867028
Official Website: Click here

Cooperativa Libraria La Torre Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 19g
12051 Alba CN, Italy
+39 3347867028

Event Time: 06:00
Italy Feeling Blue Jazz al Saint Patrick Jazz Club

Feeling Blue Jazz al Saint Patrick Jazz Club Barletta
Vanna Sasso – Voce
Domenico Balducci – Pianoforte
Dario Doronzo – Flicorno
Giuseppe Bissanti – Sax
Pino Catino – Batteria


“Feeling Blue Jazz” at the Saint Patrick Jazz Club Barletta
Vanna Sasso – Voice
Domenico Balducci – Piano
Dario Doronzo – Flugelhorn
Giuseppe Bissanti – Sax
Pino Catino – Drums

Contact: Francesco Petruzzelli | +39 3486618546
Official Website: Click here

Saint Patrick Jazz Club 17 Via Cialdini
Barletta, Puglia, Italy
+39 3486618546

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Bergamo for International Jazz Day 2018

Bergamo for International Jazz Day 2017: 19 events, 14 locations, more than 150 musicians.
The city of jazz: concerts.
The city of listening: lessons and conferences.
The city of eyes: photo exhibitions.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri | +39 3358205456
Official Website: Click here

Auditorium della Libertà Piazza della Libertà
Bergamo, Italy

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2018 – 7a edizione

This is the 7th edition of the IJD in Casalmaggiore. Organized by volunteers and hosted by the local theatre, the CJD became a event where in the last year a fully-booked theatre met more than 30 musicians to celebrate Jazz, with special guests like Emilio Soana and Mauro Negri.

Every year the concert is different, following a specific theme: cinema themes, radio, history of jazz by decades…what will happen this year?

Contact: Andrea Acquaroni
Official Website: Click here

Teatro Comunale di Casalmaggiore Via Benedetto Cairoli, 53,
26041 Casalmaggiore CR, Italy

Event Time: 21:00

Pasquale Mirra e Stefano Ricci ”Onde bianche”

Pasquale Mirra (vibrafono)
Stefano Ricci (illustrazioni)

In occasione dell’International Jazz Day. una performance tra musica e disegno con il live di Pasquale Mirra, uno dei più noti specialisti in Italia del vibrafono jazz, e i cromatismi, proiettati su schermo, dell’apprezzato illustratore bolognese Stefano Ricci.



Contact: Nicola Adriani | +39 3209425561
Official Website: Click here

SPAZIO ZUT! Corso Cavour, 83
Foligno, Perugia
+39 3890231912

Event Time: 21:30
Italy International Jazz Day 2018 – Gravina di Catania

International Jazz Day 2018 – Gravina di Catania
On 27, 28, 29 and 30 April, 2018, Gravina di Catania will host four intense days devoted to jazz. The concerts will take place at the “House of Arts” Gravina di Catania, free entry, all details of the program on the facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/JazzMusikante/ info [email protected] !!!

Contact: Antonio Petralia | +39 3457447035
Official Website: Click here

Villa Comunale - Casa delle Arti Via Roma
Gravina Di Catania, CT
+39 3457447035

Event Time: 19:30
Italy AMM (Associazione Musica Monteggiori) International Jazz Day Concert

In the beautiful town of Monteggiori (Lucca,Tuscany), a non-stop concert from 4 p.m. to midnight.

Contact: Daniele Onori | +39 333 9085393
Official Website: Click here

Corte Agli Orti Nº7
AMM studio
Monteggiori, Italy
+34 07532797

Event Time: 16:00
Italy Think Jazz

L’ evento, che si svolgerà nell’arco dell’intera giornata sarà cosi caratterizzato:
1) Musicisti che si alterneranno sul palco per l’intera giornata.
2) Mostra fotografica riguardante le passate edizioni del “Think Jazz Festival” anno 2015/2016/2017 più l’edizione invernale 2017.
3) Stand enogastronomico per la promozione dei prodotti tipici del territorio.


The event will take place throughout the day and will include:
1) Rotating lineup of musicians for the entire day
2) Photographic exhibition on the past editions of the “Think Jazz Festival” from 2015 / 2016 / 2017 as well as the 2017 Winter edition.
3) Wine and food stand promoting the typical products of the region.

Contact: Mozzillo Antonio | +39 3462472470

Orta di Atella Località Casapozzano
Piazza Virgilio, 1
Orta Di Atella, CE

Event Time: 11:59
Italy International Jazz Day 2018 – Palermo – Auditorium RAI – Musica e Teatro

International Jazz Day – Palermo – Auditorium RAI –
Musica e Teatro

Fabio Nicosia, piano;
Luca De Lorenzo, contrabbasso;
Andrea Chentrens, batteria;
Luca La Duca, chitarra;
Gaia Biondo, voce;
special guest Vincenzo Salerno, sax;

Paola Di Lorenzo;
Mariagrazia Lala;
Gaia Biondo.

Alberto Lubrano;
Gianluca Staropoli;

ospite l’attore regista, Giuseppe Celesia.

Salvatore Cusimano;
Eliana Eschieri;
Sergio Mezzatesta.

Contact: Fabio NIcosia | +393298329315

Auditorium RAI - Palermo Viale Strasburgo, 19
Palermo, PALERMO

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Giornata Internazionale UNESCO del Jazz Pozzuoli

Organized by “Jazz and Conversation” Association (Pozzuoli Jazz Festival dei Campi Flegrei) in Pozzuoli in the central Piazza della Repubblica, Cassa Armonica on 30 April 2018.
The International Jazz Day will cover a whole day with lots of musicians. More than 50 musicians will perform in free concerts and the event enjoys the Patronage of UNESCO and the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz. Special guest the great Gegè Munari 5et.
Jazz Music as a promotion of peace and dialogue among people.

Contact: Antimo Civero | +039 335 6684161
Official Website: Click here

piazza della Repubblica Piazza Della Repubblica
Pozzuoli, NA

Event Time: 11:00
Italy Jason Lindner Now vs Now at Paradiso Jazz Festival

Within the program of Paradiso Jazz 2018 we are pleased to host, on the occasion of International Jazz Day, the great Jason Lindner with his project Now vs Now that will see Panagiotis Andreou on bass and Justin Tyson on drums.

Contact: Una Poggi | +39 3393079296

Sala Paradiso via Bellaria, 7
San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna
+39 0516279931

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Sicilian In Jazz & International Jazz Day Siracusa 2018

In the Ancient Market and Municipal Theater of Siracusa, ARCA Siracusa will produce a three-day jazz festival dedicated to Sicily and its jazz, with an eye to international jazz. The objective is to promote local musical and artistic excellence, with a focus on local and Sicilian traditions. From April 28 to 30.


28 aprile Ancient Market

  • “Come back to Sicily”, with Rino Cirinnà, Stjepko Gut, Tony Arco, Nello Toscano, Seby Burgio, Marcello Pellitteri;
  • Elettro Jazz 7et with Marco Genovese, Alessandro Faro, Fabio Tiralongo, Gioacchino Papa, Santi Romano, Giuseppe Mandalari.

29 aprile Ancient Market

  • “Juiu” – ClaudioGiambruno Quartet, with Paolo Vicari, Giovanni Conte, Giovanni Villafranca.
  • Raffaele Genovese Buntarigah Quartet with Stefano D’Anna, Marco Viaggi e Tony Arco.

30 aprile Municipal Theater

  • SIKANIA with Giovanni Mazzarino, Daniela Spalletta, Gabriele Evangelista, Francesco Patti, Alessandro Paternesi.
  • LADIES IN JAZZ with Anita Vitale, Chiara Minaldi, Daniela Spalletta, Ilaria Capalbo, Lara Klain, Elisabetta Serio, Rita Collura,  special guest Nicky Nicolai

Contact: Giuseppe Mandalari | +39 3346436419
Official Website: Click here

Antico Mercato Via Trento 5
Siracusa, Sicily

Event Time: 10:00
Japan Iwakuni Jazz Street 2018

Iwakuni Jazz Street 2018 will be held at Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi, JAPAN on 21st and 22nd April 2018. This year we will hold a ‘Bigband Concert’ at Iwakuni Synphonia Hall on Saturday 21st April, and the Street Jazz event ‘Machinaka JAZZ’ at TEN venues in the downtown area. 50 bands will join performing live jazz shows all through the day to celebrate the International Jazz Day.

Contact: Daigo Hashimoto | +81 9065442036
Official Website: Click here

Iwakuni Jazz Street Performance Venues Iwakuni, Yamaguchi

Event Time: 12:00
Kazakhstan Jazz Day at KIS Almaty

We are going to have a jazz concert with our Primary and Middle school students playing piano and our School Band. We will prepare a presentation about Jazz Day and show it before the concert.

Contact: Madina

KIS Utegen Batyra
Almaty, Almaty Region
+7 727 395 33 54

Event Time: 08:45
Kenya Safaricom International Jazz Festival

The Safaricom International Jazz Festival will be celebrating International Jazz Day.

Contact: Kavutha Mwanzia-Asiyo | +254 721 690003
Official Website: Click here

Carnivore Restaurant Langata Road, Near Wilson Airport
City Square 00200, Nairobi

Event Time: 14:00
Kyrgyzstan Not Black and White: Lost Recordings … In Gratitude to Louis Armstrong

“Not Black and White: Lost Recordings … In Gratitude to Louis Armstrong” is a jazz-musical, written and performed by Clyde R. Forsberg Jr., now a professor of history and cultural studies at the American University of Central Asia (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). The play was first performed in Canada. His personal story of growing up in an abusive, patriarchal, racist home underscores the idea of jazz as deliverance. The Central Asian production will add to this ethno-jazz and transnational elements.

Contact: Prof. Clyde R. Forsberg Jr. | +996 0 703 928 939

American University of Central Asia 7/6 Aaly Tokombaev Street
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
+996 0 312 915 000

4th Edition in Vientiane ! in 2018 we chose to organize this festival on 2 nights : the 27 and 28.
Shuffle Demons (Canada), Simon Goubert Trio (France) with Abblaye Cissoko (Senegal), Nguyên Lê (Vietnam) and Rasmee (Thailand) and many others will join for this LaoJazz Adventure ! More details soon !

Contact: Micka PERIER | +856 20223394020

Russian Circus Chao Anou Road, Ban Sawang

Event Time: 19:00
Latvia International Jazz Day Latvia

This year, for the 5th time already, the organizers of International Jazz Day Latvia – Wise Music Society – will unite the largest Latvian cities for jazz concerts, jam sessions, workshops and educational events dedicated to the genre. A couple of grand events will take place in Riga, resulting in a series of jam sessions and other surprises to be announced on the webpage www.jazzday.lv.

Contact: Aleksandra Line | +371 26770707
Official Website: Click here

Riga and other Latvian cities Riga, Latvia
Lesotho International Jazz Day Lesotho Concert

We are planning an event to celebrate local jazz artists young and old. This event will be hosted to commemorate the great impact UNESCO has had in the country as well as the local greats in the industry. We have also engaged up and coming artists in the afro jazz and contemporary music industry to showcase their talents. The day will be filled with lots of laughter and educational opportunities for all the patrons

Contact: Nthabiseng Phohleli | 0026658859001

Nthabiseng Phohleli Maseru Mall
Maseru, Maseru

Event Time: 14:00
Liechtenstein Christoph Pepe Auer Quartet

Christoph Pepe Auer: clt, sax, electronics; Mike Tiefenbacher: p; Marie Spaemann: cello, voice; Gregor Hilbe: dr, electronics.

Christoph Pepe Auer likes diversity. Once a drummer, now a saxophone player. He likes the clarinet and prefers especially the deep sounds ot the bass clarinet. In Austria he belongs to the most interesting jazz musicians of the generation 30+.

Contact: Karl Gassner | +423 373 28 17
Official Website: Click here

Tangente Haldengasse 47
Eschen, Principality of Liechtenstein
+423 373 28 17

Event Time: 20:30
Lithuania Kaunas Jazz 2018: Laura Mvula

The International Jazz Festival Kaunas Jazz takes place in Kaunas in late April and in Vilnius in early May. The Festival team elaborate the traditional projects and supplement them with new forms and additional content.
In 2018, on April 30th, the festival will present Laura Mvula, a well known British singer and composer, who will play in Lithuania for the very first time in her career.

Contact: Monika Kalesinskaite | +370 69323522
Official Website: Click here

Zalgiris Arena Karaliaus Mindaugo pr.50
Kaunas, Kauno

Event Time: 19:00
Luxembourg The St. George’s International School Arts Scholarship Jazz Brunch

A fundraiser to benefit the St. George’s International School of Luxembourg’s Arts Scholarship in conjunction with UNESCO’s International Jazz Day. Hosted at the Luxembourgish restaurant, Conterstuff, we will feature the St. George’s jazz combo during brunch followed by dancing with the Latin Sabor Cuban band. Open to all!Ms.

Contact: Heather Ni | +352 621 666 701

Conterstuff 2, place de la Marie
Contern, Contern
+352 42 32 24 (St. George's- to book tickets) +352 26 70 17 26 (Conterstuff)

Event Time: 11:30
Malawi Music Crossroads Malawi Jazz Jamz

Music Students of Music Crossroads Malawi Academy, local and international jazz musicians, and jazz lovers will have a full intimate day of jazz performances and discussions to be held at Music Crossroads Malawi Centre.

Contact: Gayighayi Mathews Mfune | +265 999916799
Official Website: Click here

Music Crossroads Malawi Centre Lilongwe, Malawi
+265 999916799

Event Time: 10:00
Mali Jazzy Koum Ben Festival

Depuis 2008, l’association Nyon Kon Koum Ben s’est fixée le but de promouvoir l’émergence de propositions musicales innovantes au Mali, en favorisant la rencontre entre musiciens du Sud et musiciens du Nord à travers un festival dénommé Jazzy Koum Ben Festival. La Journée Internationale du Jazz du 30 avril 2018 est plus que jamais inscrite dans l’agenda du Jazzy Koum Ben Festival. Nous la célèbrerons cette année encore (en collaboration avec le Bureau Unesco du Mali). Elle clôturera le Festival.


Since 2008, the Nyon Kon Koum Ben association has aimed to promote innovative musical projects in Mali, favoring encounters between musicians from the south and north through the Jazzy Koum Ben Festival. International Jazz Day, on April 30, 2018, is more than ever a part of the Jazzy Koum Ben Festival’s agenda. We will celebrate the day again this year in collaboration with the UNESCO Office in Mali. The event will close this year’s festival.

Contact: Zoé DEMBELE | +223 76079870
Official Website: Click here

A communiquer le 19 février 2018 Institut Français du Mali
Bamako, Mali
+223 92105756

Event Time: 10:00
Mexico Jazztival Michoacán – Día Internacional del Jazz

The Jazztival Michoacán 2018 will be celebrating its fifteenth edition. To celebrate the International Jazz Day, April 30 will conclude three days of intense jazz activity in Morelia and the interior of the state of Michoacan, where there will be concerts by local artists and national and international figures. We will also have our fourth edition of the Student Jazz Ensembles Contest. There will be presentations of records, books, lectures and master classes.

Contact: Juan Alzate | +52 14434101980
Official Website: Click here

Día internacional del Jazz
Jazztival Michoacán 2018
Av. Morelos Norte 485
Centro Histórico
Morelia, Michoacán

Event Time: 20:00
Mexico Chamacos Jazz Fest

Músicos y artistas se reúnen para celebrar el día internacional del Jazz y al mismo tiempo el día del niño mexicano con música de jazz y actividades divertidas para niños y para adultos.


Musicians and artists get together to celebrate internacional Jazz Day and at the same time Mexican Children’s Day with jazz music and fun activities for kids and adults alike.

Contact: Esther | +52 3221319161
Official Website: Click here

Cuates y Cuetes Francisca Rodríguez 101, Emiliano Zapata, 48380 Puerto Vallarta, Jal., Mexico
+52 3221319161

Event Time: 11:00
Mexico Dia Internacional del Jazz en San Pedro Cholula

El 30 de abril en el Kiosko del Zocalo de San Pedro Cholula se llevará acabo un festejo que dará inicio a las 20hrs y finalizará a las 1am del 1 de mayo presentado diversos proyectos de jazz en sus diferentes estilos celebrando este hermoso genero!

La entrada es libre para todo el publico y un espacio totalmente abierto.


On 30 April in San Pedro Cholula’s Zocalo Kiosk, a celebration will take place starting at 8 pm and ending at 1 am on 1 May, presenting diverse projects highlighting jazz in its different styles and celebrating this beautiful genre.

Entry is free and completely open to the public.

Contact: Lic. Jose Juan Espinosa Torres | +52 2224840405

Col. Centro
San Pedro Cholula, Puebla

Event Time: 20:00

En el Marco de la celebración de Día Internacional del Jazz cada año hacemos un festival en nuestra ciudad involucrando a las autoridades locales y recuperando los espacios públicos para la expresión del arte a través de conciertos de jazz, exposiciones artísticas, conferencias y workshops invitando a músicos de todos los países posibles especializados en este genero que tanto amamos, con este son 5 años celebrando juntos el Día internacional del Jazz.


Under the auspices of the International Jazz Day celebration, every year we present a festival in our city which involves the local authorities and utilizes public spaces for an expression of art, through jazz concerts, artistic expositions, conferences and workshops. We invite musicians from as many different countries as possible who specialize in this genre that we love so. With this event we will have celebrated International Jazz Day together for 5 consecutive years.

Contact: Rodrigo Moctezuma | +52 2224840405
Official Website: Click here

Jazzatlan Club de Jazz 2 Oriente 406
Col. Centro
San Pedro Cholula, Puebla
+52 2221782470

Event Time: 20:00


Contact: DR KAGISO MOLOI | +264 852222278
Official Website: Click here

ENERGY 100 FM STUDIO Bismarck Street
Windhoek, Namibia

Event Time: 14:00
Netherlands [email protected] de Vest with Deborah Carter and Trio

This concert is one of a (already critically acclaimed) series that will take place in JazzCafe Theater de Vest. The best dutch jazz performers are invited by players Marc Schenk (drs) and Kasper Kalf (upr. bass) to perform here in an intimate jazzclub setting.
Singer Deborah Carter is our special guest for that day and the trio will be completed with the incredible talent of pianist Sebastiaan van Bavel.

Contact: Marc Schenk
Official Website: Click here

JazzCafe Theater de Vest Canadaplein 2
Alkmaar, Noord Holland
1811 KE

Event Time: 20:30
New Zealand Whanganui Celebrates International Jazz Day

There will be a workshop/workshops in the afternoon at the venue – the Prince Edward Auditorium at Wanganui Collegiate – followed by an evening Gala Concert. On stage will be Rodger Fox & the New Zealand School of Music Big Band with New Caledonian Hammond Organ Soul Jazz performer Michel Benebig. We are waiting to confirm indigenous music performances of both jazz music and Taonga Pūoro, as well as possible other performers. We will update…

Contact: Ken Chernoff | +64 (0)6 927 5325

Wanganui Collegiate School 128 Liverpool Street
College Estate
Whanganui, Whanganui/Manawatu
+64 (0)6 349 0210

Event Time: 19:00
Nigeria Just Jazz With Osapettoy

Celebrating Jazz music and taking jazz music to the root!






Nigerian artist Osapettoy gave a concert program titled “Just Jazz With Osapettoy” at local venue R.C.C.G. FREEDOM’S ARK in honor of International Jazz Day.

Contact: Osapettoy | +234 8037994533
Official Website: Click here

+234 8037994533

Event Time: 13:50
Nigeria 6th Degree of Sound

6th UNESCO International Jazz Day Tribute feat. Rikette Genesis, Etuk Ubong, Femi Leye, Kwitee, Y-Pick, and Sax Tee. A themed tribute celebration of six legends: George Benson, Carlos Santana, Ella Fitzgerald, Grover Washington, Jr., Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis.

Red Carpet @ 18:00h
Main Event @ 18:45h
Dress Code: Black Tie

Contact: Dolapo Ajayi | +234 8023281034
Official Website: Click here

MUSON Centre 8-9 Marina, Onikan
Lagos, Lagos State
Peru Dia Internacional del jazz en Cuzco 2018

Se realizará en la ciudad del Cuzco la celebración mundial por el dia internacional del jazz 2018.
Se tendrán áreas públicas, participación de autoridades locales, y artistas que llegarán para el show.

Contact: Jose Zavala | +51994110665

Dia Internacional del jazz en Cuzco 2018 Av. Bolivar 1409
Pueblo Libre
Lima, Lima
Lima 21

Event Time: 17:00
Peru Dia Internacional del jazz en Lima: Festival de jazz 2018

Se celebra como cierre del festival de jazz en Lima 2018 el día internacional del jazz en el Parque Salazar en Miraflores.
En parque público se congregarán exponentes del jazz de Perú y del mundo haciendo gala de esta celebración mundial.

Contact: Jose Zavala | +51994110665

Dia internacional del jazz Av. Bolivar 1409
Pueblo Libre
Lima, Lima
Lima 21

Event Time: 15:00
Philippines The Minokaua Jazz (Manila Celebrates International Jazz Day 2018!)

Special concert and jam featuring Philippine jazz legends and emerging young/millennial jazz artists at The Minokaua Gastropub in Malate, Manila.

Contact: John Marin Flores | +63 9178520486

The Minokaua 1951 M. Adriatico Street
Manila, NCR

Event Time: 21:00
Philippines PIJAZZFEST

The Philippine International Jazz Festival, PIJazzfest will hold its annual celebration to coincide with International Jazzday on April 30, 2018, with three days of non-stop Jazz in various forms featuring Filipino and International artists.

Contact: Sandra Viray | +639154979909

To be confirmed
Portugal Pauta Jazz

Pauta Jazz 2018
29 Abril a 05 Maio
No próximo mês de Abril o festival Pauta Jazz regressa à cidade de Águeda!
Este ano evento prolonga-se durante uma semana com diferentes atividades, entre os dias 29 de Abril e 5 de Maio, oficinas de jazz, cinema, jam sessions, exposições e concertos integram o menu da quarta edição do festiva, que junta-se às comemorações internacionais celebrando a data 30 de Abril, Dia Internacional do Jazz.
Na edição 2018 o festival sai à rua e realiza eventos nos espaço.


Pauta Jazz 2018
29 April to 5 May
Next April the Pauta Jazz Festival returns to the city of Águeda!
This year the event will take place over the course of a week with different activities scheduled from 29 April to 5 May: workshops, film screenings, jam sessions, expositions and concerts will comprise the menu of this fourth edition of the festival, which will join the international commemorations celebrating 30 April, International Jazz Day.
The 2018 edition of the festival will take to the streets and be realized in several different spaces.

Contact: Bruno Pinho | +351 911711309
Official Website: Click here

Pauta Jazz R. Joaquim Valente de Almeida 30, 3750-154 Águeda, Portugal
Portugal Visitarte São Mateus

A little bit of jazz as we visit rural homes in the parish of São Mateus, Pico island, Azores. Street concerts and entrance to homes – come adventure with us as we celebrate Jazz Day.

Contact: Terry Costa | +963639996
Official Website: Click here

São Mateus Estrada Regional 29
Madalena, Pico - Açores

Event Time: 19:00

The freedom of creative spirit is now called JAZZ. The JAZZ DAY INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL is a reason for our planet Earth to make a complete rotation on the 30th of April in the rhythm and harmony of jazz, but for us in soul and life, this magic rotation is repeated 365 days in every year.
“OPUS 1.61”: Cristian Ciomu – keyboards, Marcel Voinea -tobe, Iulian Albu -chitar, Cornel Popescu- caval, flutes, Ilinca Zamfir – mezzovocal.

Contact: Cristian Ciomu | +40 0722239304

JAZZ CLUB A.A.A. Calea Unirii nr. 64 C
Craiova, Dolj
+40 0722239304

Event Time: 19:19
Sao Tome and Principe Leve-Leve Jazz

Come and join us for an evening with traditional Sao Tomé food, our lovely resident act (Zezito Mendes) and a guest act. Dinner (buffet) or just drinks. Please book in advance [email protected] or +239 991 6552.

Contact: Anisia Mota | +239 991 6552

Praia Inhame Ecolodge Roca de Porto Alegre
Sao Tome and Principe
São Tomé and Príncipe
+239 991 6552

Event Time: 19:30
Seychelles Let’s celebrate jazz concert

A morning concert for the whole school to educate and celebrate jazz.

Contact: John Chitambo | +248 2821114

International School of Seychelles Mont Fleuri, Mahe
Victoria, Mahe

Event Time: 07:30
Sierra Leone International Jazz Day with Groovy Colours

This will be an evening of jazz music featuring the Ballanta Academy of Music’s Jazz Band, Groovy Colours. There will be other guest bands invited to perform.

Contact: Dr. Kitty Fadlu-Deen | +232 76 627811
Official Website: Click here

Bintumani Hotel Aberdeen
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Event Time: 19:30
South Africa Avzal Ismail and New Vintage

Iconic South African keyboard player with his new group New Vintage participating for the first time in the International Jazz Day celebration live from Bailey’s live music venue in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

The group also features
Andrew Roman : Bass
Nicholas Mc Readie : Drums
Nolo Ntseko : Saxes

And special guest vocalist : Lee Ann Fortuin.

New Vintage will be paying homage to the many artists that have influenced and inspired them through the years.

Contact: Avzal Ismail | +27 632137095
Official Website: Click here

Bailey's Live music venue. 61 Van Buuren road
Germiston, Gauteng
+27 0104933452

Event Time: 16:00
South Africa The Brotherhood of breath – Blue Notes Celebration

This occasion will celebrate the sound of the Blue Notes feat: Chris McGregor, Dudu Phukwana, Mongezi Feza, Nik Moyakhe, Johnny Dyani and Louis Moholo.

Contact: Nehru Mali | +27 721330436

Blue Velvet Jazz Pretoria, Gauteng
+27 721330436

Event Time: 11:04

Concierto colectivo benéfico. Celebración anual iniciada por Elizbeth Vallet en la ciudad nde Alicante (España) y nque cuenta con la participación de los más destacados músicos de jazz de la zona y músicos invitados.

Collective benefit concert. Annual celebration initiated by Elizabeth Vallet in the city of Alicante (Spain) and including the participation of the highest-profile jazz musicians from the region, as well as invited guests.

Contact: Jose A. Bornay, Carla Vallet | +34 667530179

ADDA Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante Paseo Campoamor s/n
Alicante, España

Event Time: 20:00
Spain Majorca International Jazz Day – Tribute to Bebo Valdés

As each year since 2012, Majorca celebrates with a tribute. In 2018, the centenary birthday of Bebo Valdés, we will call our day “International Latin Jazz Day.” The main event will be “Cine&Jazz” with lectures by Fernando Trueba and three film screenings featuring Bebo: “Chico y Rita,” “Street 54,” and “Miracle of Candeal.”

Contact: Oscar Pipkin | +34 699911102

Palma de Majorca Carrer del General Riera, 3
07003 Palma
Illes Balears, Spain

Event Time: 21:00
Spain Dan Barrett Quintet

World class Jazz trombonist Dan Barrett on tour over Spain celebrates the International Jazz Day performing with his quintet at the Palacio de la Música de Torrevieja

Contact: Enric Peidro | 0034686674303
Official Website: Click here

Palacio de la Musica Torrevieja Calle Unión Musical Torrevejense, 55,
Torrevieja, Alicante
965 71 23 11

Event Time: 20:00
Switzerland International Jazz Day at Fribourg Switzerland

We will be celebrating the International Jazz Day in Fribourg, Switzerland with the participation of the Atelier of Latin Jazz from Fribourg with musicians from the region. It will be an event that includes the invitation of cultural authorities and the people who like a lot the jazz in the city.

Organized by the Cultural Association Bouillon de Culture and the famous Mexican jazz musician Gerry Lopez, who is living here. They will be celebrating in the Pension Lido concert hall.

Contact: Gerry Lopez | +41 799289058
Official Website: Click here

Cafe du tunnel Grand Rue 68
Fribourg, Fribourg
+41 799289058

Event Time: 19:00
Thailand OneLove, Celebrating NIST's 25th Anniversary

Our school, NIST International School, (Bangkok, Thailand) is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The NIST community represents over 60 nationalities and even more diverse cultures and backgrounds. NISTs mission is to inspire growth, empower individual excellence, enrich lives and create endless opportunities for learners.
This year the jazz concert will celebrate this diversity by presenting songs in the English, Thai, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, etc. languages.

Contact: Chantal Gopinath

NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand 36 Sukhumvit Soi 15
Klongtoey-nua Wattana
Bangkok, Bangkok
+66 877052724

Event Time: 11:30
Togo International Jazzday / Togoville Jazz

Festival International de Jazz du Togo avec ouverture officielle par la célébration de la journée internationale du Jazz le 30 Avril 2018.


The Togo International Jazz Festival, featuring an official opening on 30 April, 2018 in honor of the celebration of International Jazz Day.

Contact: DICK Koffi Mawuto | +228 90057535

Centre Culturel Filbleu-Aréma Boulevard Du 30 Aout, Lome, Togo

Event Time: 19:00
Trinidad and Tobago UTT International Jazz Day Concert

Faculty and students perform in a variety of ensembles from the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Academy for the Performing Arts.

Contact: Aidan Chamberlain | +1 868 352 0548
Official Website: Click here

UTT Academy for the Performing Arts NAPA
Keate St
Port of Spain, POS
+1 716 581 0572

Event Time: 07:00
Turkey Garanti Caz Yeşili: Girls in Airports

The Danish band “Girls in Airports” – combining jazz, indie and urban folk into a unique expression of heart stirring melody-laden elegiac hooks and dance influenced rhythms – will be on stage at Salon IKSV.

Contact: Ersin Babaoglu
Official Website: Click here

Salon IKSV Nejat Eczacıbaşı Binası
Sadi Konuralp Caddesi No:5 Şişhane 34433 İstanbul
+ 90 (212) 334 07 00

Event Time: 21:30
Turkey Susanna Aleksandra & Matt Hall Quartet

Susanna Aleksandra is an Estonian jazz singer, lyricist and composer. Passionate for languages, she effortlessly plays with words and melodies, navigating through traditional, Nordic and Latin Jazz.

Bass player Matthew Hall, an Istanbul resident, has been performing and recording in various situations with artists such as Jimmy Cobb and Alan Parker. We can hear him on several records out of Istanbul’s jazz scene.

Susanna Aleksandra (vo), Kaan Biyikoglu (p), Matt Hall (b), Ekin Cengizkan (d).

Contact: Onder Focan | +905323347694
Official Website: Click here

Nardis Jazz Club Galata Kulesi Sokak
No. 8
Istanbul, Beyoglu

Event Time: 21:30
Ukraine Musical Laboratory: Ukraine-USA Cultural Bridge in International Jazz Day

Vadim Korsak and his “Musical Laboratory” have participated in many national and international jazz festivals, TV shows and radio programs. “Music is an international phenomena, there are no borders for it,” Vadim says. Vadim Kosak’s Musical Laboratory and Jazz Band is the full name of this group born in Kiev, Ukraine more than 20 years ago.  Vadim and his band brought up a number of excellent musicians during the last 25 years. http://musicallab2011.webs.com/

Contact: Edouard Nesvijski
Official Website: Click here

October Palace vul. Instytutska, 1
Kiev, Ukraine

Event Time: 18:00
United Arab Emirates IB1 Music Class

Focusing on jazz music for daily routine in IB1 music:
— Ear Training: Jazz Progressions
— Listening Response: Jazz chart not yet studied
— Theory/History: Specifics based on need
— Performance: Jazz Piano & Improvisation

Contact: Meredith Warren

AISA American International School in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Event Time: 08:00
United Kingdom International Jazz Day Celebrations

‘On The Edge’ @OTE_Orchestra presents its 4th year of celebrations for International Jazz Day at Starbucks Five Ways, Birmingham England, UK.

Expect high quality, live jazz from local emerging jazz musicians on the Birmingham scene.

Contact: Fiona Ord-Shrimpton | +44 7815740666
Official Website: Click here

Starbucks Five Ways Unit 1, 30 Hagley Rd
Birmingham, West Midlands
B16 8PE
+44 121 455 6562

Event Time: 13:00
United Kingdom Roasted Grooves at South Coast Roast Cafe

Roasted Grooves is an event hosted by Bob Hill from Starpoint Radio’s The Illicit Grooves Radio Show. Bob is a music journalist and Jazz broadcaster of some 25 years plus experience and will be joined by Mike Peden who writes for the music blog Orgy in Rhythm and is the compiler of a series of Japanese Jazz albums for BBE Music.
Bob and Mike will be joined by other DJS to play jazz flavoured grooves for the global leftfield.

Contact: Bob Hill | +44 07982 401 215
Official Website: Click here

South Coast Roast Cafe 24 Richmond Hill
Town Centre
44 01202 551197

Event Time: 10:00
United Kingdom The Illicit Grooves Radio Show

The Illicit Grooves Radio Show presents a Brunch 2 Lunch selection of Jazz Flavoured Grooves For The Global Leftfield #g4gl presented by Bob Hill on Starpoint Radio.
To celebrate International Jazz day 2018 the show will will play jazz from all 5 inhabited continents and explore the many sub-genres within the eclectic tapestry that is jazz.
11am-1pm (GMT)

Contact: Bob Hill | +44 07982401215
Official Website: Click here

www.starpointradio.com Rebbeck Road
Bournemouth, Dorset
+44 7982401215

Event Time: 11:00
United States AK Jazz Workshop Adult Jazz Ensemble Class

The Alaska Jazz Workshop Adult Jazz Ensemble Class meets from 7-9 p.m. weekly on Monday nights at class instructor John Damberg’s AJW studio in Anchorage, AK. We will be jamming on a mix of standard jazz and blues songs, Latin jazz, funk tunes, and original music composed by the band members. The group includes Craig Condie – alto sax, Ulla Rasilainen – tenor sax, Paul Paslay – guitar, Monica Jenicek – keys, Pete Schaab – upright bass, and Sandy Ford on Drums.

Contact: John Damberg | +1 907 332 3234
Official Website: Click here

AK Jazz Workshop studio 1600 Wolverine St.
Anchorage, AK
+1 907 332 3234

Event Time: 19:00
United States The N.W. Arkansas Jazz All-Star Youth Ensemble with Conrad Herwig

The NW Arkansas Jazz All-Stars Youth Ensemble presents an evening of Big Band Jazz with guest artist Conrad Herwig. The concert is the showcase event after 12 weeks of rehearsals with professional jazz musicians. Gifted students from schools across the region make up the band and the repertoire includes originals, standards and some tunes from Herwig’s book.

Contact: Robert Ginsburg | +1 479 571 2751
Official Website: Click here

Walton Arts Center 495 West Dickson
Fayetteville, AR
+1 479 443 9216

Event Time: 19:00
United States Pima Jazz – The Life and Musical Legacy of Russell ‘Big Chief’ Moore

Discover the fascinating career of Russell ‘Big Chief’ Moore, an influential jazz trombonist and Gila River Indian Community member. Moore performed with Lionel Hampton, Frank Sinatra, and Billie Holiday. His journey went from Gila Crossing, AZ to playing with Territorial bands in the South, Big Band’s in L.A., New York, and the Louis Armstrong All-Stars throughout the world. Enjoy images, videos, & sound clips of this important O’odham jazz musician and activist for Native American in the arts

Contact: Renee Aguilar | 602-495-0901
Official Website: Click here

Pueblo Grande Museum 4619 E Washington St
Phoenix, Arizona

Event Time: 12:00
United States Meet the Artists: Nakai & Clipman

In a special one-hour event, R. Carlos Nakai and Will Clipman will perform music from their Grammy-nominated album, Awakening the Fire. The soothing tones of the Native American flute and the rhythms of pan-global drums and percussion will create a sonic odyssey that awakens energy and inspires harmony. Experience the magic of traditional flute and ethnic drums as their sound reverberates off a thousand-year old Hohokam platform mound in an outdoor, twilight concert on the patio of the Museum.

Contact: Renee Aguilar | +1 602-495-0901
Official Website: Click here

Pueblo Grande Museum 4619 E Washington St
Phoenix, Arizona
+1 602-495-0901

Event Time: 18:30
United States International Jazz Day AZ Foundation & Global Chamber-PHX Presents

The event will celebrate jazz and is in conjunction with the mission of UNESCO and Herbie Hancock — that jazz and blues lovers come together to support this original American art form. The event showcases noted local talent, as well as national artists who will perform five hours of great jazz in all forms, from smooth to classic and Latin jazz, as well as some good old down-home American blues. Jazz music is among America’s greatest cultural achievements and exports to the global community.

Contact: Dr William Doc Jones | +1 602 524 7998
Official Website: Click here

The Mesa Arts Center 1 E Main St,
Mesa, AZ
+1 480 644 6500

Event Time: 04:00
United States Arizona Jazz at Lunch Time

You are cordially invited to Phoenix’s 7th Annual International Jazz Day Festival on the lawn of the State Capitol at the East – Westside of the Capitol Building! Come out on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 between the hours of 11am and 3pm and join us in a “JAZZ AT LUNCH TIME RALLY” Connecting Cultures using Jazz & Blues.

Contact: Dr. William Doc Jones | +1 602 524 7998
Official Website: Click here

Arizona State Capitol 1700 W Washington St
Phoenix, AZ
+1 602 926 3620

Event Time: 11:00
United States Scottsdale AZ & International Jazz Day AZ Foundation Presents

Join the City of Scottsdale & IJDAZF April 2018 as we celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month & Int’l Jazz Day. IJDAZ festival is in conjunction with (UNESCO) Int’l Jazz Day Global events that takes place every April 30th worldwide. As a part of this global celebration, Int’l Jazz Day AZ Foundation is pleased to announce Global Chamber – Phoenix as our official 2018 partner in producing Scottsdale AZ’s 1st IJD festival, with the mission to unite the state of AZ around International Jazz Day all month

Contact: Dr. William Doc Jones | +1 602 524 7998
Official Website: Click here

Scottsdale Preforming Arts Center 7380 E 2nd St,
Scottsdale, AZ
+1 480 499 8587

Event Time: 16:00
United States High Desert International Jazz Day Celebration

Our event is in collaboration with the Excelsior Charter Schools Band program. There will be guest artists, music vendors, and an evening of great music. Local jazz musicians will be performing as well as area school jazz programs.

Contact: Randolf Sears | +1 760 596 7656
Official Website: Click here

Excelsior Multi-Purpose Room 11579 5th Ave
Hesperia, California
+1 760 596 7656

Event Time: 18:00
United States International Jazz Day Jazzabration®

Join us as we celebrate Jazz & Blues Legends. Stay Tuned.

Contact: Linda Morgan | +1 562 762 6441
Official Website: Click here

Morningside UCC Fellowship Hall 8722 Crenshaw Blvd
Inglewood, California

Event Time: 00:00
United States Terence Blanchard feat. The E-Collective at Kuumbwa Jazz Center

“Music and art have the power to change hearts and souls,” expresses composer and trumpeter Terence Blanchard — a belief brought to life through the music of Blanchard and his E-Collective. This revolutionary ensemble thrives off the perfect mixture of Blanchard’s genius and the innovations of four young musical pioneers, creating layered grooves teeming with funk, R&B, and blues colors.

Contact: Bennett Jackson | +1 8314272227
Official Website: Click here

Kuumbwa Jazz Center 320-2 Cedar St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
+1 8314272227

Event Time: 19:00
United States The Joe Carter Samba Rio Trio

The Joe Carter Samba Rio Trio, a guitar-bass-drums trio led by guitarist Joe Carter, will present a free concert of music from “Both Sides of the Equator,” sometimes referred to as “the Best of Both Worlds,” featuring jazz standards and songs from the Great American songbook plus Bossa Novas, Sambas and Choros from Brazil with a few originals thrown into the mix.

Contact: Joe Carter | +1 203 371 7735

Sacred Heart University 5151 Park Ave
Fairfield, CT

Event Time: 19:00
United States Young at Heart – The Music of Neil Young

Young at Heart is an opportunity for the South Florida community to experience the music of Neil Young in an entirely new context (i.e. jazz arrangements), on a day set aside to officially celebrate Jazz music, April 30, 2018, International Jazz Day. The intergenerational Jazz concert will feature the Nicole Yarling Quartet with special guests, and the Jazz Education Community Coalition (JECC Bootcamp Ensemble), the young people she mentors.

Contact: Nicole Yarling | +1 561 866 6323

Broward Center 201 SW 5th Ave
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
+1 954 462 0222

Event Time: 08:00
United States International Jazz Day Atlanta

VA celebrates International Jazz Day.


Concert featuring vocalist Virginia Schenck at the City Winery.

Contact: Virginia Schenck | +1 404 281 2697
Official Website: Click here

City Winery Atlanta 650 North Avenue NE #201,
Atlanta, GA 30308

+1 404 946 3791

Event Time: 20:00
United States Boise Jazz Society presents the Amina Figarova Sextet

Amina Figarova: 2014, 2015 and 2016 Downbeat Critics Poll: Rising Star Composers

April 29, 2018, Riverside Hotel, Sapphire Room, Boise, Idaho-Free, Boise Community Jazz Symposium, 4 pm, Concert, 7 pm

Contact: Mike Samball | +1 208 425 3498
Official Website: Click here

Sapphire Room
Riverside Hotel
2900 W Chinden Blvd
Boise, ID 83714
United States Boise Jazz Society presents the Amina Figarova Sextet

Amina Figarova: 2014, 2015 and 2016 Downbeat Critics Poll: Rising Star Composers

April 30, 2018, Free, Jazz Education Events, 4 -6:30 pm, Boise State University, Morrison Center for the Performing Arts Recital Hall, Boise, Idaho

Contact: Mike Samball | +1 208 425 3498
Official Website: Click here

Morrison Center Recital Hall
Boise State University
2201 W Cesar Chavez Ln
Boise, ID 83725
United States A Tribute to Jazz "Where it Was Born"

Join the Neo Jazz School of Music and International Jazz Day Foundation as we present Tribute to Jazz “Where It Was Born.” As the city of New Orleans celebrates its 300th Anniversary, it gives way for us to pay homage to jazz, an original art form that was created right here in New Orleans.

Activities include: Jazz Class for Beginners, Jazz Workshop for Intermediate & Advanced, concert featuring YISRAEL with a special appearance by the Neo Jazz Collective and an after party Soul Session!

Contact: Tamah Yisrael | +1 5042985299

Tombar Life Center 1683 N. Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans, LA
+1 5042985299

Event Time: 16:00
United States Jazz on the Vine – 40's Big Band Dance

The Paso del Norte Big Band and the Frontera Jazz Combo will be playing music of the 1940’s on the patio at Sombra Antigua Winery. There will be live music from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Swing dance lesson will be available.

The winery provides an excellent environment, and fine wine, on the patio and lawn for enjoying the live jazz performance.

Contact: Mike McHale | +1 915-585-6394

Sombra Antigua Winery 430 La Vina Road
Anthony, NM
+1 915-241-4349

Event Time: 14:18
United States Jazz on the Vine – Frontera Jazz and Friends

Frontera Jazz and friends will be playing in combo format on the patio at Sombra Antigua Winery. There will be live music from 2:00 to 6:00 pm.

The winery provides an excellent environment, and fine wine, on the patio and lawn for enjoying the live jazz performance.

Contact: Mike McHale | +1 915-585-6394

Sombra Antigua Winery 430 La Vina Road
Anthony, NM
+1 915-241-4349

Event Time: 14:00
United States Shapiro Project Live at the West Las Vegas Library Celebrating International Jazz Day

Shapiro Project Live at the West Las Vegas Library Celebrating International Jazz Day.

Tuesday, May 1 at the Winchester Cutural Center, 3130 McLeod Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89121

Join us as we celebrate International Jazz Day by performing Contemporary Jazz Fusion music of Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Weather Report, as well as originals by Eugene Shapiro.

Eugene Shapiro-guitar
Boris Shapiro-drums
Brian Triola-keyboards
Alex Leon Jr.-percussion

Contact: Eugene Shapiro | 1-702-496-2898
Official Website: Click here

Winchester Cultural Center 3130 McLeod Dr.
Las Vegas, NV

Event Time: 19:00
United States Music of Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers

New York City based VPJBB (Valery Ponomarev Jazz Big Band), AKA Our Father Who Art Blakey Big Band, will play the music of the Messengers arranged by the band’s leader Valery Ponomarev, the Messenger, for a 16-piece Jazz Orchestra. In the band are some of the very best and busiest young musicians on the New York City Jazz Scene today.

Contact: Valery Ponomarev | +1 212 465 0969

Zinc Bar 82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan)
Greenwich Village
New York, N.Y.
+1 212 477 ZINC (9462)

Event Time: 22:00
United States The Chapman Roberts Broadway Jazz Festival

International Jazz Day 2018
The Chapman Roberts Broadway Jazz Festival
The Shepherd Who Watches Over The Night Flock
A Fiftieth Anniversary Concert Tribute
To Duke Ellington and Pastor John Gensel
Commemorating The World’s Longest Running Jazz Ministry
At Saint Peter’s Church New York City

The historic event includes the celebration of the 100 year legacy of the contributions and influences of African America’s Greatest Jazz Composers on Broadway, with musical and spoken tributes to Cab Calloway, Louis Jordan, Hugh Masekela, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk, Fats Waller, J.C. Johnson, Billie Holiday, Eubie Blake, Noble Sissle, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan Louis Armstrong, Billy Strayhorn performed by New York’s Brightest Broadway and Cabaret Jazz Stars.

Three Time Grammy Award Winning Broadway Choral Arranger Chapman Roberts assembles alumni of his Broadway hits such as “Bubbling Brown Sugar”, “Your Arm’s Too Short To Box With God”, “Eubie”, “Five Guys Named Moe” and “Smokey Joe’s Café.”

Longineu Parsons, Trumpet, Clyde Bullard, Bass, Ray Nacarri, Keyboards, Greg Barrett, Kendall Claggett- Percussion. Other Black Stars of The Great White Way invitees include vocalists Cynthia Scott, Dakota McCleod, Natalie Carter – Prince, Bertilla Baker, Andrea Frierson, Raun Ruffin, Tina Fabrique, Rome Neal, Al Copley, Jeffery Thompson, Alyson Williams, Byron Utley, Organist – Amina Claudine Myers, Pianists – Frank Owens, David Alan Bunn, William Foster McDaniel, Contemporary Tap Wizard Omar Edwards, and others subject to availability.

Donation $ 50

Please click on the website link below to immediately purchase tickets

Exclusive ticket availability at bpt.me/3328377

Contact: Chapman Roberts | +1 212 868 1412
Official Website: Click here

Saint Peter's Jazz Church New York City 619 Lexington Avenue,
New York, NY
+1 212 935 2200

Event Time: 19:30
United States Satchmo in the Studio

On International Jazz Day 2018, The Louis Armstrong House Museum and the Museum of the City of New York are teaming up for the first public screening of the only known film of Louis Armstrong in the studio, recording his 1959 album, Satchmo Plays King Oliver. The acquisition of the film made headlines in 2015 but it has never been shown publicly until now. Armstrong scholar Ricky Riccardi will provide commentary on the film before a special live performance by Louis Armstrong Eternity Band.

Contact: Pedro Espinoza | 718-478-8274
Official Website: Click here

Museum of the City of New York 1220 Fifth Ave at 103rd St
New York, NY

Event Time: 18:30
United States Central PA Friends of Jazz Jam Session

Our monthly Central PA Jazz Jam Session at River City Blues Club is on International Jazz Day this year. All aspiring jazz musicians are welcome to sit in – no cover charge – food and drink available – free parking.

Contact: Steve Rudolph | +1 717 540 1010
Official Website: Click here

River City Blues Club 819 S Cameron St
Harrisburg, PA

Event Time: 19:00
United States Peaks Jazz Festival

Hosted every year by Caleb Chapman and his Soundhouse, the Peaks Jazz Festival brings in world renowned artists to teach clinics during the day and perform with the student musicians in the program at night. This year we are going to have Rashawn Ross and Tom “Bones” Malone.

Contact: Evan Wharton | +1 801 946 7540

Utah Cultural Event Center 1355 West 3100 South UT
West Valley, UT
+1 801 965 5100

Event Time: 09:00
United States Chili Cookoff

Live Jazz & Chili! A fun community event hosted at Yorktown High School in Arlington, VA.

Contact: Brian Bersh

Yorktown High School 5200 Yorktown Blvd
Arlington, VA

Event Time: 12:00
United States Virginia Commonwealth University Small Jazz Ensembles Concert

VCU’s five Small Jazz Ensembles perform a concert of classic, modern, and original compositions.

Contact: Antonio Garcia | 0018048270699
Official Website: Click here

W.E. Singleton Center 922 Park Avenue
Box 842004
Richmond, VA

Event Time: 20:00
United States University of Vermont Jazz Ensemble ft. Michael Philip Mossman

University Jazz Ensemble featuring guest artist composer/arranger and trumpeter Michael Philip Mossman. Alexander Stewart, director. Free and open to the public.

Contact: Andrea Aquino | +1-802-656-3040
Official Website: Click here

Music Building Recital Hall 384 S. Prospect St.
Burlington, VT 05401

Event Time: 19:30
United States University of Vermont Chromaticats & Jazz Vocal Ensemble

Tom Cleary & Amber deLaurentis Cleary, directors. Free and open to the public.

Contact: Andrea Aquino | 802-656-3040
Official Website: Click here

Music Building Recital Hall 384 South Prospect St.
Burlington, VT

Event Time: 19:30
United States University of Vermont Nonet & Post-Bop Ensemble

Ray Vega, director. Free and open to the public.

Contact: Andrea Aquino | 802-656-3040
Official Website: Click here

Music Building Recital Hall 384 South Prospect St.
Burlington, VT

Event Time: 19:30
United States International Jazz Day Celebration at Greenlake

Multiple performances by young jazz musicians from Roosevelt High School and Eckstein Middle School to commemorate International Jazz Day. This event is sponsored by Green Lake Community Center and Roosevelt Jazz Boosters.

Contact: Patti Colescott | +1 206 661 0176

Green Lake Community Center 7201 Green Lake Dr. N.
Seattle, WA
+1 206 684 8070

Event Time: 12:00
United States Jazz at West Virginia University!

West Virginia University jazz students host a weekly jam session at the Morgantown Brewing Company and we are celebrating International Jazz Day at our jam!

Contact: Jared Sims | +1-304-293-4549

Morgantown Brewing Company 1291 University Avenue
Morgantown, WV

Event Time: 09:00
Venezuela Eric Vis Atman & Amigos VII

Este año apostamos a la unión de nuestro país (Venezuela), buscando que esta celebración sea puente directo en amalgama con otras entidades. Eric Vis Atman & amigos (Grupo de trabajo) en paralelo desde su creación ha venido realizando junto con la UNESCO rindiendo tributo a este hermoso genero universal, manteniendo los preceptos como forma artística capaz de promover la cultura en general.


This year we place a wager on the union of our country (Venezuela), looking for our event to serve as a bridge in combination with other entities. Eric Vis Atman and friends (the working group) have, since the beginning, paid tribute along with UNESCO to this beautiful universal genre, holding fast to its precepts as an artistic form capable of promoting culture in general.

Contact: Eric Vis Atman | +58 4146435335

Teatro Baralt Calle 95, Maracaibo, Zulia
Maracaibo, Zulia
+58 4146435335

Event Time: 19:11
Zambia Jazz for peace and harmony

Basically we’re planning on having a jam session on the 30th of April as Afro RED. We’re also planning on having guest artists and musicians within the country and if resources allow we could invite artists from neighbouring countries. We intend to make it bigger than the previous events.

Contact: David Kasochi | +260 977266501

Latitude °15 35 Leopard's Lane, Kabulonga
+260 977668856

Event Time: 20:00
Zambia Jazz Day for Peace and Harmony

We have decided to make the event bigger this year by inviting more artists and bands. Actually a lot of them have expressed willingness to be part of this great event. We’re basically going to have performances by a minimum of six (6) acts.

Contact: David Kasochi | +260 977266501

Athens Sports Café & Grill 207 Kasangula Road
Lusaka, Lusaka

Event Time: 18:00