Global Celebrations 2015

Country/Territory Event Venue
Spain Essential Jazz Quintet featuring Maite Cobos

The Itinerant Jazz Club in Alcoi, in association with the town hall, organized a concert in homage to Ella Fitzgerald, Ellis Larkins and other great masters of swing.

“El Club Itinerant Jazz d’Alcoi (colaborando con el Ayuntamiento de Alcoy) organiza un gran concierto de homenaje a Ella Fitzgerald, Ellis Larkins, y los otros gran maestros del swing.”

Contact: Mike Summers | +34635241588
Official Website: Click Here

Casa de Cultura (Centre Cultural Mario Silvestre) Alcoy
c/Pais Valenciano Alcoy
, Alicante 03801
Event Time: 20:00
Spain International Jazz Day 2015 JAZZALICANTE Homenaje a Elizabeth Vallet

The International Jazz Day 2015 will be celebrated in Alicante in honour of its founder in this city, Elizabeth Young-Vallet. This will be a Benefit Concert, free for audiences, but with the intention of donations being made for the benefit of the Josep Carreras Foundation against leucemia.

Contact: Carla Vallet | +33 750380263
Official Website: Click Here

Aula de Cultura
Avda Dr. Gadea, 1 Alicante
Alicante 03003
+34 966 012 555
Event Time: 20:30 - 22:00
Spain Jam Sala Babel – International Jazz Day 2015


For the second consecutive year, Jam Sala Babel will celebrate #JazzDay in Alicante – Spain

A encounter point of people like good music, different ages and many musicians who want playing together in different styles of music and improvisation.

Contact: Paco L'Ogro | 0034600392861
Official Website: Click Here

Calle del Comercio, 10
Alicante 03008
Event Time: 00:00 - 4:00
Spain “International Jazz Day en el Instituto de Jazz y MM de Extremadura” (Almendralejo).

From INJEX, the only one jazz school in Extremadura (Spain), celebrated the International Jazz Day throughout the week (27-30 April) from Monday to Thursday, (our “I jazz week”) with concerts, master classes, jam sessions, radio and visiting great jazzist as Arturo Serra, etc..

Contact: Narciso González; Javier del Barco; Keke Martín; Juan Luis García | 616228965

Instituto de Jazz y Música Moderna de Extremadura (Almendralejo)
Edif S.S.Base (3ªplanta)
Vistahermosa 1 - Parque de la Piedad
Almendralejo, Badajoz 06200
Event Time: 8:00
Spain Día del Vinil

Local venue JazzMan hosted a vinyl-only evening, playing jazz records brought in by patrons throughout the night.

Contact: David Toribio Hilinger | +34667618593
Official Website: Click Here

Roger de Flor, 238 Barcelona
Barcelona 08025
Event Time: 21:00 - 02:30
Spain Jam Sesion En Jazz Cultural Theatre of Bilbao

Jam session en Jazz Cultural Theatre of Bilbao, espacio para la enseñanza, investigación y difusión del jazz, dirigida por Joshua Edelman. Entrada libre hasta completar aforo.

Contact: Cristina Santolaria | +34 607 061 033
Official Website: Click Here

Jazz Cultural Theatre of Bilbao
Bilbao,, Bizkaia 48008
94 679 4040
Event Time: 21:00 - 22:00
Spain Hailey Tuck

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Women of the Autonomous City of Ceuta marked the International Jazz Day with a performance by the young American vocalist Hailey Tuck.

Contact: Isabel Rico | +3495650303
Official Website: Click Here

Teatro Auditorio Revellín
Plaza Nelson Mandela
Ceuta 51001
Event Time: 21:30 - 23:00
Spain Bernat Font Trio – Dia Internacional del Jazz a Girona

Venue presented a concert by the Bernat Font Trio, featuring Joan Motera (bass) and Martí Elias (drums), in honor of International Jazz Day.

Contact: Alix Levy
Official Website: Click Here

Sunset Jazz Club
C/ Jaume Pons i Martí, 12
Girona 17004
Event Time: 23:00 - 01:00
Spain Louis Sclavis / Benjamin Moussay

The Institut Français in Madrid hosted a duo concert featuring French artists Louis Sclavis and Benjamin Moussay.

“Concert du duo français Louis Sclavis / Benjamin Moussay à l’Institut français de Madrid”

Contact: Institut français de Madrid
Official Website: Click Here

Nicolas Peyre
C/Marques de la Ensenada, 10
Madrid 28004
Event Time: 20:00 - 21:30
Spain 25 años de Cuadernos de Jazz – En recuerdo de Raúl Mao

The magazine “Cuadernos de Jazz” held two concerts in memory of publisher Raúl Mao (1944-2013), celebrating both International Jazz Day and the magazine’s 25th anniversary. The concerts featured the Agustí Fernández – Lucía Martínez Duo and the Joachim Kühn, Ramón López, Ernesto Aurignac Trio.

Contact: Maria Antonia García | +34 913 08 03 02
Official Website: Click Here

Alburquerque, 14
Madrid 28010
+34 914 457 938 / +34 914 455 480
Event Time: 21:00 - 24:00
Spain KYRIOS Jam Session

Opening celebration of the new KYRIOS Jazz Quartet jam session at JazzVille (Madrid, Spain).

Alex Cid – tenor saxophone
Carlos Heras – electric guitar
Arturo Mora – acoustic bass
Carlos Rodríguez – drums

Contact: Arturo Mora-Rioja | 0034666508011
Official Website: Click Here

C/Jesús Aprendiz 19
Madrid 28006
Event Time: 22:30 - 01:30
Spain Gustavo Diaz Jam

Clásica formación de jazz que dará cabida a todos los estilos y géneros dentro del jazz. Liderada por el joven saxofonista Gustavo Díaz, gran promesa de la escena española.
Gustavo Diaz, saxo
Chema Saiz, guitarra
Alberto Brenes, bateria y
David Ruiz, contrabajo.

Contact: Luis Peña | 34915488488
Official Website: Click Here

El Plaza Jazz Club
Martin de los Heros, 3 Madrid, Spain
Martin de los Heros, 3
Madrid 28008
Event Time: 21:30 - 23:59
Spain Ahora Jazz – Canal Extremadura Radio. International Jazz Day.

Ahora Jazz is the jazz radio show of the public radio of Extremadura (region from teh Southwest of Spain) by Javier del Barco. We celebrate this IV edition with a new special edition from Almendralejo – Instituto Jazz Extremadura (live radio) with his pupils on concerts, etc..

Contact: Javier del Barco ; Narciso González; Keke Martín; Juan Luis García | 0034 616228965

Ahora Jazz - Canal Extremadura Radio. International Jazz Day
Avda. de las Americas 1.1º
Merida, Extremadura 06800
Event Time: 23:00 - 00:00
Spain International Jazz Day in Murcia, Spain

IJD 2015 was celebrated by a concert in the famous venue La Puerta Falsa in Murcia with the internationally acclaimed singer Janice Harrington (USA). She was accompanied by renowned Norwegian saxophonist Brinck Johnsen as well as Tote Cànovas (drums) Eo Simon (piano) and Antonio Peñalver (bass).

Contact: Bernt Brinck-Johnsen | +34 639 13 10 97
Official Website: Click Here

La Puerta Falsa
Calle de San Martin de Porres 5
Murcia, Murcia 30001
+34 868 93 11 80
Event Time: 22:00 - 1:00
Spain Majorca IJD, 4th Edition: “Literature and Jazz” in honor of Billie Holiday

Organizers celebrated International Jazz Day by curating several exhibitions showcasing cinema, graphic art, literature and music by advanced students from the Superior Schools of Art, Drama and Music. The event was themed around famed vocalist Billie Holiday’s 100th birthday. 

Contact: Oscar Pipkin | + 34 699911102
Official Website: Click Here

Centro UNESCO de Baleares
Puig de Pollensa 94
Patio de La Misericordia
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands 07015
Event Time: 19:00
Spain Salamanca Jazz Day, Part 2

The group “Jazz Station” performed a concert of music with neither prejudices nor pretensions.

Contact: José Ramón Alonso de Linaje González | +34610707847

Gran Via 51
Salamanca, Castilla y Leon 37001
Event Time: 23:00 - 1:00
Spain Salamanca Jazz Day, Part 1

The Last Quarter (the house band of La Espannola) performed a concert accompanied by dozens of musicians for a big jazz party.

Víctor Moreno: Guitarra y voz.
César Tocino: Guitarra.
Chema Corvo: Acordeón/piano.
Pupi Dominguez: Contrabajo.
Pedro Quirico: Violín.

Contact: José Ramón Alonso de Linaje González | +34610707847

Gran Via 51
Salamanca, Castilla y Leon 37001
Event Time: 21:00 - 4:00
Spain #NaturaJazz 2015

Free jazz session, nature photography projection and gastronomy in a unique venue: an outdoor courtyard surrounded by palm trees in one of the most emblematic museums regarding Guanche culture (Museum of Nature and Man).

Contact: Néstor Yanes and Nuria Prieto | +34 922 20 93 18
Official Website: Click Here

Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre (Museum of Nature and Man)
Fuente Morales Street, 1
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife (Canary Islands) 38003
922 53 58 16
Event Time: 21:00 - 23:00
Spain Pep Rius Grup + Convidats

Jam Sessions every thursadys at Nova Jazz Cava, Terrassa City!

Contact: Marc Ribera Valls | 937862709
Official Website: Click Here

Nova Jazz Cava
Passatge Tete Montoliu S/N
Terrassa, Barcelona 08224
Event Time: 22:00 - 00:00
Spain Dia Internacional del Jazz presented by Sedajazz

Organizer Sedajazz presented a concert and jam session.

“Sedajazz has 20 years of experience in the world of jazz music. Sedajazz is fundamentally a way of living but it is also a complex system of human relationships, cooperation and harmony around which at least one hundred musicians evolve and grow together. Sedajazz is diversity and eclecticism.”

Contact: Fco Angel Blanco | 0034 963765655
Official Website: Click Here

Alqueria Coca, 1
Valencia, Valencia 46017
Event Time: 19:30 - 24:00