Garanti BBVA Concerts: Alfa Mist

British musician, producer, song-writer Alfa Mist will be at Salon IKSV stage within Garanti BBVA International Jazz Day concert series. Alfa Mist thought himself to produce beats as a schoolkid in East Ham, London, then went on to discover jazz through the sampling of hip-hop of producers like Hi-tek, Madlib and J Dilla. “There’s no access to jazz where I’m from,” Alfa says. “There’s no way I would have come to it without finding those hip-hop records and wanting to understand them.” He soon built up his own network of collaborators surrounding the burgeoning London jazz scene of the mid-2010s. 2015’s Nocturne was his first solo full-length project, a collaborative endeavour showcasing his own capacity for crisp beat-making. 2017 saw th


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