Global Interviews
Mariano Abello, Nepal

1) Why do you celebrate International Jazz Day?
I think Jazz Day is a great initiative that brings together lots of people from around the world. I think we should be more together – sharing what we love.

2) What does jazz mean to you personally? To your community and country?
Jazz is my passion to be better every day, not just as a musician but also as a person. It is my meditation. For my community and adoptive country (I am from Spain), jazz means freedom of expression. Jazz is still a baby in Nepal, but it is growing fast and soon we will have Nepali names on the international jazz scene.

3) How can jazz help improve people’s lives?
Music improves people’s lives. Jazz has an aspect of “on the spot” creativity that I really think helps to control the brain – instead of the brain controlling you. Like meditation, I guess. Understanding jazz is not easy, but once you start to understand it, you cannot turn your ears to anything else.